Baby Soft Toys to Make – Rabbit

Baby soft toy - rabbit

Baby soft toy – rabbit

I made this baby soft toy – rabbit when I visited my grand daughter last week.  Time had been short and I hadn’t had time to make her anything but I didn’t want to turn up empty handed so I looked for a simple soft toy pattern.  I found a wonderful simple pattern with template for a rabbit soft toy.

I’ve made it in a teddy bear wincyette which is really soft to the touch.  Obviously I should have made a teddy bear, but I had left myself too short of time to manage that:  another thing to add to my to do list!

Tips for making soft toy patterns

When you are making soft toys the simplest ones to make are those that just have a front and a back – it gets more complicated once you start making toys that are three dimensional and have gussets and legs and things.  The beauty of these toys is that you can use your imagination and draw any shape – just make sure that you don’t have any parts of the shape (like legs)  that are very thin as they are more difficult to turn right side out once you’ve sewn the pattern pieces together.

Clip the seam allowances

Clip the seam allowances

Always clip the seam allowance

So in broad principle you need to cut two shapes of whatever toy pattern you’re making.  Cut them out together from folded fabric so that you have a front and a back – as opposed to two fronts or two backs.  With right sides together sew around most of the edge, leaving a gap of several inches so that you can turn the toy right side out.  There are bound to be lots of curves in your animal shape, so make sure that you clip into the seam allowance – I tend to make snips about every 1/4″ or so.  This will make the curves more natural looking when you turn the shape right side out.

Once you have the toy right side out, fill it with stuffing and slip stitch across the gap.  This really is a terribly simple toy to make.  You could also make it with lavender mixed in the stuffing as a gift for an adult.



Cut the template in paper

Cut the template in paper

The pattern that I used came from

She has an interesting blog with plenty of other tutorials for baby sewing on it.

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