Big T Quilt Block – Free Big Block Pattern

Big T quilt block

Big T quilt block

I have made the Big T quilt block as an 18″ square.  There are quite a few blocks named T but this is a particularly pretty one in my view.  It is a very simple block to make and looks more difficult than it is.

Cutting requirements for the Big T quilt block

6.1/2″ squares:  one blue

6.7/8″ squares:  two blue, two white

3.7/8″ squares:  four blue, four white

3.1/2″ by 6.1/2″ rectangles:  four white

Make the half square triangle units

Make half square triangles

Make half square triangles

You need to make half square triangles with both the 3.7/8″ and the 6.7/8″ squares.  Place a blue and a white square with right sides together and mark a line along the diagonal.  Sew a 1/4″ seam either side of the marked line and cut along the line.

This gives you a pair of half square triangles.  They are either 3.1/2″ square or 6.1/2″ square.  Press the seams towards the blue and trim the two corners where the fabric sticks out.

Big T quilt block layout

Big T quilt block layout

Make the Big T quilt block

The layout for this block is so simple that I’ll show you the full layout without any steps on the way.

Place the 6.1/2″ blue square in the middle with a white rectangle on each edge.

In each corner place a large blue/white half square triangle with the white on the outside forming the corner of the block.

Outside each white rectangle place two small half square triangles.  Place these so that the two white triangles side by side form a larger white triangle pointing in towards the middle.

In order to sew the block together, first sew the small half square triangles together in pairs and sew this pair to the white rectangle inside it.  You now have three rows of patchwork pieces which are simple to sew together.  Sew the rows to each other to complete the Big T quilt block.

Basic Big T quilt design

Basic Big T quilt design

Quilt Ideas

For the basic quilt idea I have shown nine blocks sewn together in three rows of three.  Considering how easy the block is to make, I think that the quilt looks satisfyingly complicated.  It’s a good one to impress non-quilters!

Alternate quilt design

Alternate quilt design

For an alternate design I have used a block made using half square triangles.  For these I made half square triangles from 9.7/8″ squares.

I think that this is one of the rare occasions when I actually prefer the basic quilt design to the alternate.

Here’s the video:

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