Twin star quilt block

Twin star quilt block

Do you worry about making star quilt blocks because of all the seams meeting in one place? The twin star quilt block is one of those blocks that gives the impression of a star but is easy to put together because you don’t have all those seams meeting in the middle.  It would look good with any colours but I have chosen to make it in Christmas fabrics because I wanted to use it as a table centre.

Cutting requirements for the twin star quilt block

five 6.1/2″ gold squares

two 6.7/8″ green squares

one 7.1/4″ square in both red and gold

Making the twin star quilt block

Twin star quilt block layout

Twin star quilt block layout

Cut the two 7.1/4″ squares along both diagonals to give four triangles each of red and gold.  Cut the two green squares along one diagonal to give four triangles.   Lay the patchwork pieces out in three rows of three with the gold squares in the middle and in each corner.  The remaining four squares are made of one green triangle, one red triangle and one gold triangle.  Sew the red and gold triangles together first and then sew them to a green triangle.

Sew the squares together across each row and then sew the rows together to complete the twin star quilt block.  This is an 18″ block.

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