Ocean waves medallion quilt

Ocean waves medallion quilt

I began by following Fabric Freedom’s suggested pattern for the Ocean Waves fabric range, but then I abandoned it for a simplified version more suitable for beginner quilters – and just as pretty.  The finished quilt is 50″ square and I have used 1/4 yard each of pink sashing, pink shells, crimson star fabric with 1/2 yard of the other six fabrics.

The central medallion is made with blue boat fabric.  Then I have alternated the frames with 2.1/2″ light fabric followed by 3.1/2″ dark fabric.  Each frame has a crimson star square in the four corners and I have used different colours for the sashing fabrics.  Although I am showcasing the ocean waves fabric, the pattern could be used to showcase any of your favourite fabrics.

Cutting requirements:

blue boat:  one 10.1/2″ square, four 3.1/2″ by 10.1/2″ rectangles (two horizontal and two vertical), four 3.1/2″ squares

pink sashing 1.1/2″ wide:  two 10.1/2″ long, two 12.1/2″, eight 3.1/2″ long, two 18.1/2″, two 20.1/2″

pink shell 2.1/2″ wide:  four 20.1/2″ long

crimson star:  eight 2.1/2″ squares, eight 3.1/2″ squares

blue fish 3.1/2″ wide:  four 26.1/2″ long

blue sashing 1.1/2″ wide:  two 24.1/2″ long, two 26.1/2″ long, two 32.1/2″, two 34.1/2″ long

green swirls 2.1/2″ wide:  four 34.1/2″ long

white sashing 1.1/2″ wide:  two 38.1/2″ long, two 40.1/2″ long

white border 2.1/2″ wide:  two 46.1/2″ long, two 50.1/2″ long

blue stars 3.1/2″ wide:  four 40.1/2″ long

Making the ocean waves medallion

Sew sashing to the central square

Sew sashing to the central square

Add the next frame to the medallion

Add the next frame to the medallion

Cut a 10.1/2″ blue boat square for the middle.  Sew 10.1/2″ pink sashing strips to the top and bottom and 12.1/2″ pink sashing strips to the sides.  Add four 10.1/2″ by 3.1/2″ rectangles, one on each side of the central square, with four 3.1/2″ squares in the corners.  Place a 3.1/2″ by 1.1/2″ pink strip between all of these patchwork pieces.



Cut both vertical and horizontal strips

Cut both vertical and horizontal strips

Two of these rectangles need to be cut across the fabric to give horizontal strips so that the boats remain upright.  The other two need to be cut down the fabric to give vertical strips, again keeping the boats upright.




Sew pink sashing around the medallion

Sew pink sashing around the medallion

Sew the blue and pink fabrics together to make one row each across the top and bottom and one column down each side.  Sew these together and then add two 18.1/2″ pink strips across the top and bottom, two 20.1/2″ pink strips down the sides.




Sewing the frames to the ocean waves quilt medallion

The first frame to the medallion

The first frame to the medallion

For the first frame outside the medallion I have used a light fabric, the pink shells, in 2.1/2″ widths.  You will need four of these.  Two of them can be sewn to the top and bottom of the medallion.  Sew a 2.1/2″ crimson star square to each end of the other two strips and then sew these to the sides of the medallion.



Add blue sashing

Add blue sashing

The next round of sashing is blue, just to ring the changes.  Still 1.1/2″ strips.  You will need two at 24.1/2″ long for the top and bottom and two at 26.1/2″ long for the sides.  Note that I am not putting crimson star squares in the sashing.




The second frame for the medallion

The second frame for the medallion

For the second frame I have chosen a dark fabric again, the blue fish fabric.  Cut four strips 3.1/2″ wide by 26.1/2″ long.  Sew two to the top and bottom of the quilt.  Sew a 3.1/2″ crimson star to both ends of the remaining two strips and sew these to the sides of the quilt.  Although this fabric does have a direction, I have chosen to cut all the strips in the same direction so that the fish are swimming in all directions around the quilt.



Another frame of blue sashing

Another frame of blue sashing

Follow the fish with another round of blue 1.1/2″ sashing – two at 32.1/2″ long for the top and bottom and two at 34.1/2″ long for the sides.




Green swirls for the next frame

Green swirls for the next frame

Time for another 2.1/2″ light frame.  There is a blue swirls fabric in the range, but I found that when I had too many blue fabrics in the frames they tended to blend together.  That is why I have chosen the green swirls for this frame.  Cut four at 34.1/2″ long.  Sew two to the top and bottom of the quilt and sew a 2.1/2″ crimson star square to each end of the other two swirls strips.  Sew these to the sides.



Cream sashing

Cream sashing

Having used both the pink and the blue fabrics for two sashings each, I have changed to a cream coloured fabric for the next round of sashing.  Still using 1.1/2″ width, cut two lengths of 38.1/2″ for the top and bottom and two lengths of 40.1/2″ for the sides.




Final frame of blue stars

Final frame of blue stars

For the final frame of dark fabric I chose the blue stars.  Cut four 3.1/2″ lengths of 40.1/2″.  Sew two of these to the top and bottom of the quilt and sew a 3.1/2″ crimson star square to both ends of the remaining two strips.  Sew these to the sides of the quilt.




Border for the ocean waves medallion quilt

Border for the ocean waves medallion quilt

Border for the ocean waves medallion quilt

The border is made using 2.1/2″ strips of the cream fabric.  Cut two strips 46.1/2″ long for the top and bottom of the medallion quilt and two strips 50.1/2″ long for the sides.

The ocean waves medallion quilt top is now complete and ready for layering, quilting and binding.  Full details of these steps can be found towards the bottom of the beginner quilting section.

If you would like to buy the quilt kit, you can see the options here.

If you would like to buy from the whole range of ocean waves fabrics, click here.


Here’s the video:


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  1. Many Many Thanks for all you patterns I’ve enjoyed them all. You certainly have the knack for making what looks complicated easy and do-able. This latest one is just the ticket for a few special pieces that I have in my ‘Stash’ that aren’t enough to a big project but can be used for a feature. I’m also thinking it would be suitable for a Quilt As You Go ? again many thanks and ditto on the new website format – so much easier to read…..Cheers.

    • Thanks, Kay. Isn’t it satisfying when you see something that’s just right for a particular fabric? Not sure about the quilt as you go – be interested to hear how you get on with that. Glad you like the new format – it’s easier to write posts as well as to read.

  2. Lovely thank you and I am thrilled to read your having lots of fun,I went to listen to a speaker last week,very interesting,called Janet Keenan she did a lovely talk,has a blog called lemon tree quilts,and she had 21 quilt tops waiting to finish and some had been waiting a few years ,so don’t feel bad ,enjoy your day ,when I am stuck I always look on your site and your help is there thank you Liz

  3. Cecilia Alcantar says:

    My goodness, the sound did come through after I spent time adjusting my computer. Disregard my comments regarding the video sound. I am most grateful to you for your motivating invitation to quilt for all beginners like me.
    Thanks again, and I hope the rain has stopped.
    Cecilia Alcantar

    • Thanks, Cecilia. Glad you got the sound working okay. Yes, the rain has stopped (for now), but I did manage to finish a quilt so that was good.

  4. Hilary Adams says:

    Hi Rose always lovely to receive your email – meant to email you so many times to say so. Recently retired, I have at last been able to indulge in my first love – patchwork, quilting and embroidery. I have been running workshops at Zigzags quilt shop in Newport Shropshire and often go to your website and emails for inspiration. Get in touch when you’re ready to sell the website!!
    Many thanks Hilary Adams

    • Thanks, Hilary. Glad you find the website helpful. No, I have no plans to sell the business – I am having too much fun!

  5. Margaret says:

    A beautiful quilt Rose, I have seen this boat fabric made into a tote bag.

  6. colette white says:

    I love this quilt I need to do one for my son with a skiing theme, once I find the right fabric this one is gorgeous though so I might have to make 2

  7. Hello Rose
    I want to congrate you on the great improvement in your webpage and the helpful print-out option.
    Regarding the UFO – unfinished objects. Perhaps there is a guild or group making quilts for charity cases or for sales where the money goes towards helping others. They would probably love your UFO’s.
    I too have a lot of UFO’s and joined the Popular Patchwork Magazine Website where there is a UFO “club” which is very encouraging and so far 2 of my UFO’s are completed and one is on the way.
    Anyway we love you for the information and help you give us so willingly and perhaps your “karma” is to teach and not to worry about finishing things! God Bless!

    • Thanks for your kind comments, Fay. That’s a really good idea – giving UFO’s to a group for charity. I didn’t know about the Popular Patchwork club – now that sounds like a really good idea. There is also a similar sounding forum on http://www.quiltingboard.com/.

  8. Rose, I always appreciate your videos. You explain everything so that even I can understand.
    this is on my to do list. Have a son-in-law that loves nature. Right up his alley> Thanks so much .Janis

  9. I love the colors and the layout! I look forward to seeing your art each week! Thanks for the inspiration!

  10. Thank you for all your tutorials, Rose (especially all the measurements, etc). I am not a boat or fish person, but I love these materials!
    I look forward to your videos – I think even me as a beginner could cope with this one.

  11. You keep coming up with something quite unexpected. Beautiful fabric with colors so bright and cheerful. You’ve scored another winner. Thanks for sharing.

  12. What a striking quilt. I like the way your fabric choices are so beautifully coordinated.

  13. MaryAnn says:


  14. Martha Gomez says:

    Hello Rose, I just love coming here because you always have great quilts to teach us and to show us and they are all beautiful!! I would like to make this a wall quilt I guess maybe with less borders but the real question is how do I hang it up on the wall? What do I have to do to the quilt to hang it and what do I hang it up on? sorry for this question but I just don’t know how. I would love to switch them off the wall and put this up for the summer, make one for winter, a star, well you get the idea. Thanks for your help and please continue sharing with us.
    (if this got posted twice, sorry my computer is acting up)

  15. Pauline says:

    This is beautiful. How do you come up with all these wonderful ideas. I want to do so many of your quilts but it takes me so long to finish one. I do look forward to Friday’s.

  16. Julie Woods says:

    Very refreshing looking quilt. The fabrics are beautiful. Again you did yourself proud. Thanks. Julie.

  17. Very pretty, thank you for shareing.

  18. Your quilts are always so beautiful. This one doesn’t fail you one bit. One question: what do you do with all your works? Some very lucky recipients, I imagine, or a worthy charity for your overflow. Thank you for always sharing these with us.
    Luv, Linda

    • Thanks, Linda. Glad you like the pattern – I just love the ocean waves fabric. My problem is finishing quilts – I have mountains of them that cannot be given away or sold until they are finished. I need a deadline like a craft fair to make me keep at it!

      • This is beautiful. i have finally learned to deprive myself of reading or movies or tv till i have x amount done on a project. this “new rule” i imposed upon myself allowed me to complete 35 lap quilts this winter for donation to nursing homes. the tops had been languishing in totes for 2 years.

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