albany quilt block in traditional colours

Albany quilt block in traditional colours

The Albany quilt block is classified as a nine patch and is one of those designs that keeps showing different patterns the more you look at it.

I have made it here as a 16″ block.

You will need to cut:

2.1/2″ squares – eight white, four pink, four blue

2.7/8″ squares – eight each in pink/white, eight each in pink/blue, eight each in blue/white.

albany quilt block

Albany quilt block


Traditionally the block is made in the colours above, but I made it first in white with plain and patterned blue.  It looks gorgeous, but the photos would be no help to you as they merge together in the photo so I made it again in colours with a better contrast.



Making the quilt block

making half square triangles

Making half square triangles


Use the 2.7/8″ squares to make half square triangles in the ratios listed above.  Place two squares with right sides together and mark a line along the diagonal.  Sew a 1/4″ seam either side of the marked line and cut along the line to produce two half square triangle units.



albany quilt block layout

Albany quilt block layout


Lay the squares out in eight rows of eight squares.  I find that it’s easiest to try and place the squares that make larger shapes first – for example the three squares that make a larger triangle in each corner and the various diamond shapes made using four half square triangles.



albany quilt block top four rows

Albany quilt block top four rows

Albany quilt block bottom four rows

Albany quilt block bottom four rows

The top four rows are shown on the left.  I think it’s probably more easy for you to see the placement of the squares from this.  As this quilt block is symmetrical, the bottom rows (on the right) are the same as the first four rows, just the other way up.  sew the squares together across each row and then sew the rows together to complete the albany quilt block.


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