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Thanks for subscribing to the Ludlow Quilt and Sew newsletter.  After the initial welcome emails, you should hear from me every Friday with a link to a new project.  I hope that you’ll enjoy browsing through them.

The basic instructions on how to make a quilt are contained in the beginner quilting section, so I don’t repeat them with each project.

If you have any queries or would like to see a particular project, do let me know:

Best Wishes


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  1. Susan Pearson says:

    Thank you!

  2. Linda L Gindlesperger says:

    Rose, I came across your Stained Glass Batik quilt on you tube while looking for a quilt pattern to use to show off pansy fabric I have been collecting over the years. The Pansy was my mom’s favorite flower. I think this pattern will work well for this. I can’t wait to get your newsletter. Thank you
    Linda in the U.S.

  3. Sandy Grimes says:

    Thank you for letting me join your group. I watched you video on making a stain glass quilt and found it very helpful. I look forward to learn a great deal from you

  4. Jeannette Diablo says:

    Thank you so much for this stain-glass effected 🙂 I am looking forward watching/learning more of your designs 🙂 I am from British Columbia, Canada.

  5. Phyllis McGonigle says:

    Hi Rose I have always wanted to make a quilt ,so I am looking forward to going through your tutorials.Total beginner here so hopefully will not be too long and I can get started.

  6. Sheryl Mahnke says:

    Hi Rose. I’m looking for the pattern. There’s an Angel in my cabin.

  7. Sara Carey says:

    Thank you Rose.
    I will sort out a fabric order soon.
    I’m really looking forward to getting started. I had booked a course locally but it fell through so have decided that go it alone, as its something I’ve wanted to do for ages.
    Watch this space for more questions!

  8. Sara Carey says:

    Hi Rose
    I wondered if you could advise. I’m looking at your pattern for the “Morning Star Quilt block”. I am a complete beginner and am confused about the fabric requirements. How does a “fat square” compare against the 1/2 yds that you offer?
    Are 2 fat squares roughly equivalent to your 1/2 yd?
    Once I have this sorted in my head will be sending you an order for cutting board & fabric etc to get started.
    Love the site Rose, you deserve the business for providing such a wealth of information freely to all.

    Thank you

    • Hi Sara. Many thanks for the order. You are absolutely right – two fat squares (quarters) are equivalent to 1/2 yard. Good luck with the quilting – I hope that it gives you as much pleasure as it does me.

  9. thank u for letting me join your group looking forward in learning a new craft –margaret beare

  10. I just wanted to thank you Rose for the amazing quilt designs you have on your site. There is something for everyone and all explained so clearly. I love your YouTube tutorials as well, Marion.

  11. Vicky Basterra says:

    Hi Rose , I found your site by accident , and have now joined , and am looking forward to my first Mail on Friday , and as I am a complete beginner , this will be my first try at this hobby , and as I live on my own , and am a widow of 80 years , I do hope I haven’t left it too late , but the old saying goes , it’s never too late to learn , I think I might start with a cushion , so will I be able to adapt the square pattern to a cushion ?

  12. Jeri Niksich says:

    Just want to Thank you so much Rose for all of your free tutorials, also thank you for putting together fabric bundles for the tutorials. I recently ordered a kit for one of your tutorials, it not only came with good quality fabric and the instructions and the instructions were in a plastic page cover to enclose in my quilt pattern binder. I really appreciate your patterns being beginner friendly. Keep them coming I so look forward to see them

    • Hi Jeri. I’m glad you were happy with the quilt kit – thanks for the order. I do try and keep the patterns simple – I think that tackling a quilt one small step at a time makes it seem more easy.

  13. Debra McEwen says:

    Thank you for adding me. Looking forward to receiving the Friday newsletter. Found you by a link on Facebook and so glad I did. Debra

  14. A very happy new year Rose to you and your family. Thank you so much for sharing your love of quilts with us, giving us inspiration and knowledge to aspire us to create beautiful works of art. I wish you success and happiness for 2016 and many years to follow. Sue ?

  15. Patricia Puissesseau says:

    Merci Rose pour votre site, je suis débutante et j’espère grâce à vous apprendre beaucoup. Patricia
    Rose thank you for your site, I am a beginner and I hope you learn a lot through

  16. Just found this site as I was looking for the Bento Box quilt pattern. I love what I have seen and am looking forward to Fridays. Thank you so much.

  17. Antjie Husselmann says:

    Thanks for let me join jour webside I would like to learn about bargello quilts they are beautifull

  18. Joyce Ellis says:

    Thank you so much for sharing your skills! I’m looking forward to your receiving newsletters. I enjoyed your site very much.

  19. Just attended a one day quilter`s workshop, enjoyed every minute . Finished the quilt of at home and pleased with it. A friend has just brought me a fat quarter, can`t wait to start. Currently looking at the beginner’s patterns, think I will start with a Shoofly block pattern. What do you think?

    • Hi Chris. You certainly have launched yourself into quilting – good luck with your new hobby of quilting. Shoofly is a great pattern to start with – it’s simple but pretty and introduces you to sewing triangles.

  20. Hi Rose ,have just joined and am a beginner quilter,I am very interested in the Cathedral window pattern would love to see a tutorial on it ,I am deaf so the videos don`t help me as much as I would like but are helpful .looking forward to your first newsletter ,sincerely Joyce :):)

  21. Rose, I have been enjoying your videos for some time now, but I think this is the first time I visited your website–shame on me! I love your work!

    • Thanks, Carol. I think the written patterns give more in the way of measurements and things than I can give on the videos. Glad you like them.

  22. Thanks 🙂

  23. I just found your page and it’s wonderful. Have Quilted in the past and am just picking it back up. Looks like I’ll learn a lot from here, thanks Sandy

  24. I have really enjoyed your tutorials. I like that you offer such good advice to beginning quilters, like me. Thanks

  25. Please, I am interested in your patchwork, I am keen in sewing patchwork for pillowcases and I would like to ask if you can send me more patterns and for patchwork if it okay with you. Thank you

  26. Lynda England says:

    Hi Rose…..I have been debating on making a qayg quilt and just finished watching your video .I really like your method of joining the blocks together with the back seam sewn first… I am going to use this method of construction in my next project …….thankyou!

    • Hi Lynda. Thanks for your comments. There are so many different ways of making quilt as you go quilts that you can usually find one to suit whichever project you are working on. I’m glad that you like this one.

  27. Rose,
    I am interested in the Owl Baby Quilt Panel and also the coordinating fabric. How much would the panel and the coordinating fabric cost, plus shipping to the USA? Also, how much do you charge for the Owl Baby Quilt Kit, plus shipping?

    Please let me know at your earliest convenience.

    Many thanks,

    Deanna Limon
    Columbus, Texas, USA
    (I emailed you on 16 OCT 2013 inquiring about the owl fabric.)

  28. karin wijaya says:

    Rose, i am a beginner at quilting.
    Please let me know how to start at this artwork

  29. What a great on-line store. Speedy delivery too. Will use again.

  30. Recently moved house and changed my email address – I have missed your weekly newsletter. So glad to be back on board now. (Australia)

  31. Margaret Watters says:

    This is to confirm my email address.I look forward to your newsletter.
    Margaret Watters.

  32. margaret says:

    Thanks for the material, very quick service, looking forward to using the fabric, thanks again for the very quick service.

  33. Rose……I love all the quilt patterns…thank you… there written tutorials for the QAYG with sashing/cornerstone and the QAYG for the finishing of the quilt and be done…I like to have a downloadable page to have to refer to…thanks and am enjoying your blog!!

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