In the December 2012 issue of British Patchwork and Quilting Magazine I was nominated asStar Threaducator of the Month.  What an amazing honour!

Threaducation Star P&Q

Threaducation Star P&Q

Marcus Leat’s nomination:

This website has been my saviour at times.  Rose provides free video tutorials, patterns and ‘beginners quilting’ tips.  When I have been stuck, I have gone to her site and found a solution.  I am sure she does this in her own time and is always updating with new content.  As well as simple patterns to follow, Rose will adapt classic designs, add an edge and make her quilts unique.  As well as providing free advice, Rose seems a very genuine and nice all round person.


You are such a talented lady….I am so glad I came across you some years ago just touring around the websites in quilting. I look forward every time you send something….I am sure I have saved most of them in a folder to look at or to give me inspiration to start something new. Your videos are awesome, I always learn something new.

Maggie from British Columbia

Many thanks for the really informative newsletters you are sending out.  As a new quilter I find them really helpful and the website easy to use.
Yvonne in New Zealand

Keep up the good work.  I so look forward to receiving your email.  Full of tips and projects with possible problems ironed out – just what we who are relatively new to patchwork and quilting need.
Fay from Glasgow

Thank you so much for the patterns and tips.  I absolutely LOVE your website.  You are doing a great service to those of us that use your patterns for charity.
Maxine from Independence

I just received your newsletter and wanted to say thank you so much.  I love the ribbon quilt and have printed it off.  I will make it up.  I also liked the one with numbers on it.  What a clever idea.
Beverley from Australia

I have been wanting to tell you how much I have enjoyed your website.  I have done Seminole pattern strips a number of times.  Thanks for your reminders on how to do this particular pattern effectively.  Your comments are delightful, pictures and instructions clearly presented.
Doris from Colorado



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  1. unsure if you can help me I saw a video or quilt pattern I think of Rose Smith I would like to find again. All I can remember is their was floral fabric and fabric with writing on it and as well as I can remember there were single small squares or a four patch block running diagonal in the pattern. I know that is not much to work with but I hope someone can help me.

    • Hi Diana. I think the quilt you mean is called Renaissance. I am in New York at the moment so can’t give you the link but if you type Renaissance into the search box at the top of the page I hope it will bring you the pattern you want.

  2. Vickie Pein says:

    Dearest Rose, thank you so much for sharing your fine talent of teaching. I love your detailed method of machine quilting instruction. It’s very engaging and I find myself visualizing doing it along as you go. I look forward to following your videos in the future and highly recommend others to do the same.
    ~Vickie Pein
    Missouri, USA

  3. Hi Rose, I thought I was going mad as I am having the same trouble with my long arm quilting. I do have the surestitch with my machine, Janome 1600P, but have the same problem of breaking thread and missed stitches. I have tried different needles and tension but when I think I have solved the problem it starts again. I too, have sent for Inspira quilting needles hoping that will help solve the problem. Will let you know how I get on. What tension is your machine set at? I am all self taught when it comes to quilting and have been enjoying your videos and tutorials.

    • Hi June. I was told by the shop where I bought Minnie that tension should be between 2 and 4. Mine is currently set to slightly higher than 4. Yesterday I spent the whole afternoon quilting without any problems – but I know that as you say, the problems could start again. I hope the needles help you – I feel that they made a difference for me, but it seems to be a combination of lots of factors. You could try a different thread – someone told me that different threads suit different machines, although I have to say that it didn’t make any noticeable difference when I changed back to Aurifil from the King Tut that the shop had recommended. I’d be interested to hear if the needles make a difference.

  4. Jess Peak says:

    Thank you for the great step by step tutorials on the wonderful quilts and blocks you make. I have a question regarding borders and am seeking some help. I have joined my narrow first border with a 45deg angle. Do you follow the same principal when the second border is 5 1/2″ wide? Many thanks if you can assist. Jess

    • Hi Jess. You are being very thorough! Yes, if you have used a mitred corner for your first border then I would definitely recommend continuing with mitred corners for any more borders.

  5. Cecilia Alcantar says:

    Just to say how thankful I am to have you to guide me along the way as a beginner quilter.
    Really like how well you seem to know patterns that won’t overwhelm us by showing us how we CAN easily accomplish an otherwise difficult looking pattern.
    Because of your encouragement I really like quilting!! Cecilia

  6. Sue Dunstall says:

    Hello Rose

    Just to thank you for my Beginner’s Kit, received today. An ex-pat English woman, here in deepest rural France, I’m really looking forward to getting stuck in. Quite a big quilting community here, with one local lady who does the most beautiful and delicate hand quilting I’ve ever seen – true works of art. She’s helped me to cut out a cushion cover, which I’m hand-piecing at the moment, though she must despair at my hand stitching which is just not that great! Have already made two of your pin cushions, and as it’s a wet and miserable afternoon (it’s not called Aquitaine for nothing) I’m going to stuff and button this afternoon. Thanks again Rose. xx

    • Hi Sue. Glad your parcel arrived safely. How lucky you are to have a big quilting community around you – quilters are usually very generous at helping beginners, so I’m sure you’ll get lots of help. It’s also wet and miserable here in Shropshire today – still it could be worse!

  7. Thank you Rose for your wonderful site,which I have just found because I have many friends on a yahoo group site who also quilt, and i decided that I want to make a quilt for my bed, I have never attempted anything like this before and classes are out of the question I just cannot afford them so I am hoping that I will be able to construct one bit by bit by following your you tube videos and your website. I have you on face book as well and loved the layer cake one you posted today do you think this would be a good one for a total novice like me and where do I get the fabrics from or do I just buy fat quarters which I would have to buy bit by bit.

    • Thank you, Edwina. Lovely comments and I’m glad that you feel my website is helping you. Yes, I do think that the layer cake quilt pattern is suitable for beginners. You could use fat quarters instead, but then you would have some leftover fabric in each fat quarter. I think that buying a layer cake would be more economic, and of course the squares are ready cut for you. Most quilt shops sell layer cakes – try on the internet if there isn’t a shop near you.

  8. Thank you for the useful videoes. I look forward to your newsletter on Fridays. I was so excited about your Jane Austen quilt. Being a fan of miss Austen’s novels I just have to make one. Actually I must admit that I am embaressed to say that I did not know that she made quilts. So I am glad you had the tutorial about the quilt.

    • Hi Lill. Don’t worry – I didn’t know she was a quilter until recently. Apparently that particular quilt was a joint project with her mother and sister. rose

  9. Thank you Rose for your great videos, I use them time and time again to learn how to do things that are not explained anywhere else. I am currently starting a quilt as you go seaside quilt for a friend who has a holiday cottage and I am using your method. You seem a tireless and energetic quilter, long may it continue. Christina

  10. Rose, I find your Web Sits so helpful, I am 50 kms from the nearest craft shop so lessons are not an option for me to attend, while the ladies at the shop are helpful when I go in there. I find myself turning to your website to find when ever I have a query or am stumped as what to do. I love my quilting and am teaching myself with your help. thankyou

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