Beginner quilting workshop

Following many requests, I am going to begin offering quilting workshops.  Please email me if you are interested.

The aim of this workshop is to build confidence for beginner quilters.  During the day we will work on a very simple lap quilt, looking at all the steps involved in making a quilt.

The cost will be £20 for the day, from 10:00 am to 4.00pm with a break for lunch (please bring your own lunch).

No previous experience is necessary.  You can bring your own fabric or buy some when you arrive.   If you are interested in attending this quilting workshop, please email me on rose@ludlowquiltandsew.co.uk.

Future quilting workshops

I would also like to offer further workshops at a later date which will focus on a particular quilt, so if you are interested in this and would like to request a particular quilt for a workshop, then do please email me:  rose@ludlowquiltandsew.co.uk.

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  1. Hi Rose
    I would be interested in your workshop if you could let me know when you may be holding them I would be grateful. Many thanks.

    • Hi Helen. I’m afraid that I don’t have any workshops planned at the moment. I’m still trying to sort out my father’s house and haven’t had the time to even think about further activities this year yet.

  2. Ingrid Baker says:

    How I wish I could be at your workshop! Just what I need. As I live “downunder” in Tasmania it can not be possible – I will be there in spirit!

  3. Doreen Auger says:

    Hi Rose, I have signed up for this workshop, and am just wondering when you will be giving details of the exact location, as I will be away from home for much of the time between now and the 17th. Likewise what will we need to bring with us. Being a complete beginner sorry if this query seems a bit basic.

  4. Ella Wilson says:

    Hi Rose I just want to wish for you all the very best for your workshop I hope you wll video all your projects so as the people how cant come will be able to do your workshop as well and feel as though they are with you you could may be sell it a little more than your normal one.I wish I could be there with you but distance makes it hard for me, I know your classes will be choc a block with eager pupils god bless and good wishes.

    • Thanks, Ella. You are kind. I’m really looking forward to the first workshop – it’ll be good to meet up with some of the beginner quilters who email me. One day I’ll get up to your part of the world and come visit!

  5. Rose that is a wonderful plan you have ,and you are the very one to do a work shop ,you make everything seem so simple.
    I wish I could come over and take lessons too, but Kentucky is too far away.
    I love this season quilt .

  6. Hello Rose – Wow – wish I lived near to you – I would love to come to your workshops – you make it all seem so simple.

    Well done on this quilt – I love it.

  7. Rose, this is so exciting! I would come from New Jersey if you would do a class on free motion quilting techniques. I would probably come no matter what. I’m tentatively planning a trip to England in October/ November so it would be a dream to learn from you in a live class!

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