This is me, Rose Smith.  Thank you for visiting the Ludlow Quilt and Sew website.  I hope that this this will be where you open the door to mastering a whole new craft.  You’ll see from my testimonials page that I’ve helped people from all over the world learn how to quilt and sew, and I’m also here to help you.

I live in Ludlow, home of good food and the laid back way of life.  Ludlow is regarded by many as one of the best towns in England in which to live because of its traditional food markets, wonderful food producers, Michelin starred restaurants and, not least, its historic setting and breath taking countryside.  It was the first town in England to obtain Slow City status which describes us Ludlow dwellers pretty well!  Most of all, for me, it’s an endless source of inspiration.

Rose Smith

Rose Smith

I began a love for sewing over forty years ago, making clothes for myself and the children, gifts, bags, curtains, cushions – anything for the home.  Then I discovered quilting.  Now I incorporate quilting techniques into many of my sewing projects, and that has opened up a whole new world for me.

Since my three children all left home I’ve been free to indulge my passion for sewing and quilting with wild abandon.  The children’s bedrooms have slowly disappeared beneath piles of fabric, quilts and UFO’s (unfinished objects).  I’m having so much fun!

It is this love of quilting and sewing that I wish to share with you.  You don’t have to become as obsessed as I am, but I do warn you, it’s so enjoyable and rewarding that it’s difficult not to get hooked.

Do browse the website.  I promise you’ll find plent of quilting ideas, from making everyday items to crafting something really special.

Best Wishes


Rose A Smith, EzineArticles Basic Author


  1. Buttsie weatherhead says:

    I would love to make a patchwork quit for our supersize bed in mainly a red colour can you help me

  • Melissa Ellen Green says:

    Dear Rose, I stumbled upon your videos on YouTube when I was learning embroidery–I loved your work so much, I really think you drew me to quilting, because I’m pursuing it avidly now, in addition to embroidery. You are a wonderful teacher, and your quilts are beautiful. Thank you for the gift of yourself.

    • Thank you so much, Melissa. Quilting has given me an enormous amount of pleasure over the years, and I’m delighted if I can share some of that pleasure with others.

      • Hannah Torrance says:

        Dear Rose,

        I have always thought of quilting as far too difficult. However, you have given me a little cause for hope with your wonderful website! My father recently died and I wanted to make a quilt using his hankerchiefs and duvet cover cut in to squares (he was from Pennsylvania and all the ‘women-folk’ including my grandmother quilted together but I never learnt), I know he loved quilts. I have totally fallen in love with the idea of your Summer Star quilt. Can it be made up to a 60″ quilt by adding a larger border (or will that unbalance everything, probably a silly question) to fit a kingsize bed?

        Thank you again for your wonderful resource. Hannah

      • Hi Hannah. I hope you’ll come to love quilting as much as I do.

  • Shannon says:

    Hi Rose, I was wondering if you could tell me how you pieced together your piano key cornerstones? I can’t figure it out for the life of me but then again I am a beginner quilter. I will be doing this on my fourth quilt (the BrightNights Bargello pattern king size). I’m going all in on this one and plan to quilt it on my domestic! 🙂 thanks, Shannon

  • sheila lymn says:

    Hi Rose from a lovely sunny East Leake ,
    I do hope you enjoyed your holiday back in your home land and hope the wedding went well ,
    Safe journey back to us ,love and hugs Sheila xxx
    Bridesmaid photo perhaps ???

  • Hi Rose,
    Thank you for your fantastic tutorials. I found the one on FMQ really inspiring.
    I have an unrelated question which I hope you can help me with. I have bought some fabric by the yard and don’t know whether to wash it or not. I have got a scrappy top ready to back with this fabric but worry that they will react differently come the day the quilt is washed as one piece.
    What is your advice on pre washing fabrics?
    King regards,

    • Hi Linda. Thanks for your kind words. Prewashing: a thorny issue. Personally, I don’t prewash any of my fabrics. I feel that these days fabrics are far less likely to shrink and I find new unwashed fabric more easy to work with. Having said that, I know many quilters who won’t start a project until they have prewashed everything. I suppose that the best advice that I can give is to treat all the fabrics the same – either wash them all or don’t wash any of them. I’m not sure if that will help given that you have already made the top, but it’s the best I can offer.

  • Suzanne Dicker says:

    Dear Rose,

    I just bought your new book on how to make a medallion quilt. It’s very clear and well laid out like all your tutorials. I’m looking forward to following this pattern but have one question. It doesn’t say anywhere in the book what the size of the quilt will be. It says you need a 75″ square of batting so should I assume the quilt will be a 71″ square? http://www.amazon.com/dp/1493667963/ref=pe_385040_30332190_TE_M3T1_ST1_dp_1

    • Hi Suzanne. Thanks for buying my book. I can’t believe that I have been so stupid as to forget to give the full quilt measurements! My apologies. The finished size of the quilt is 72″ square. I will have to change the files for the book – thanks for pointing it out to me.

  • Mary Blackledge Corroo says:

    Hi Rose from sunny Arizona USA. I’m a big fan of your quilting tutorials. Your voice and manner are pleasant and relaxing. That makes what you’re trying to explain easier for me to understand. Thank you so much for taking the time to help me and so many others!

  • Hi Rose it’s me your e,mail friend , I have just introduced my friend Jan to your site and she couldn’t believe she received a letter and Tea cosy patt back so quickly and addressed to her .She said your instructions looked so clear and helpful
    thank you bye for now love and hugs Sheila xx

  • Ellie Hortin says:

    Hi there,

    I was wondering if you ever do classes? I would love to learn to quilt, and as my mum lives about 8 miles out of Ludlow (near Hopton Bank), I could stay with her if you did do a class. I live in Glasgow – so it would be a bit of a hike!


    • Hi Ellie. I don’t have any classes planned at the moment, but I’d be quite happy to do a workshop when you are next in the area. We could choose a project that you would like to make. Certainly would be a trek for you, but Hopton Bank is a beautiful area.

  • Cecilia Alcantar says:

    Dear Rose,
    I’ve thought of a few quilting humor one liners and here they are.
    .A hearty bowl of a freshly made homespun quilt, adds a pep to your step!
    .Falling in love with quilting is no laughing matter!
    .A quilter never gets bored!
    .A quilter never speeds @ the border just slows down around the block!
    Enjoy ! 7/28/13 Cecilia Alcantar,Dallas Tx.

  • Dear Rose,
    I started the French Braid Quilt & when it came time to put the braids together, I realized that one braid had 12 & the other had 10! By using 11 fabrics, I can’t figure out how to make them come out even?? Maybe I’m just having a “senile moment” but I just can’t figure it how to do it. I have made a few of your quilts with no problems & didn’t anticipate any with this one! Surprise! Please help! Thanks. Sandra

    • Hi Sandra. I had to go back to the pattern and try and decide what you are doing. You should be adding one strip of each fabric on each side of the braid, so it doesn’t matter how many fabrics you have – they are always the same length as each other. That’s for each side of the braid and then for the length of the braid, as long as you have used the same number of fabrics for each braid they will also be the same length as each other. Do you want to email me a photo so that I might have more idea of what you’re doing? rose@ludlowquiltandsew.co.uk.

  • Thank you for yet another tutorial. I really like your new web page.
    Ludlow sounds a dream place to live. My w.i. Is planning a trip from Cheshire to Ludlow in the summer, so I will be able to see it for myself.

  • irena mangone says:

    Love your tutorials thank you

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