Windblown Square Quilt Pattern

Windblown square quilt

For the Windblown Square quilt I decided to use simple four patch quilt blocks.  I chose three blocks which all have a white diamond forming in the middle of the block.  Obviously one of them was the windblown square quilt block.  Altogether I used … [Continue reading]

Butterfly Coloured Trapunto Wall Hanging

Butterfly coloured trapunto wall hanging

I made the butterfly coloured trapunto wall hanging to show you how easy it is to colour your trapunto. The idea of trapunto is that you place extra wadding behind some of the shapes in order to make them stand proud from the quilt.  It looks very … [Continue reading]

London Underground Quilt Pattern

London Underground quilt

The London Underground quilt pattern is based on the fabric used in the seating on a lot of the carriages.  While sitting there waiting to reach my destination I couldn't help noticing what a good quilt design the seating would make. The … [Continue reading]

Travel Jewellery Roll Pattern

Travel jewellery roll

This travel jewellery roll pattern was requested a long time ago and I feel ashamed that it has taken me this long to make one, but here it is at last.  I think that the problem is that I don't wear much jewellery myself so the pattern took a while … [Continue reading]

Roman Pavements Quilt Pattern

Roman pavements quilt

The Roman Pavements quilt pattern arises of course from my recent visit to Rome.  It is not based on designs that I saw there, but rather on two blocks which both have 'Roman' in their name.  I've used nine blocks which are 18" square finished size - … [Continue reading]

Visiting Rome – Italy – Photos

Visiting Rome

Visiting Rome was a real treat.  It's an enchanting city and I'm very aware that there is much more to it than I managed to see - after all they say that Rome wasn't built in a day! Rome was founded in 735 BC.  You must know the legend of … [Continue reading]

Sewing Curved Seams – Drunkards Path Cushion

Drunkards path cushion cover

Sewing curved seams worries many quilters, but it really only takes a bit of care.  You need to sew the seam slowly and adjust the fabric as you go.  I find this easier than coping with lots of pins all along the seam. This Drunkards Path cushion … [Continue reading]

Oslo Norwegian Quilt – Free Pattern

Oslo Norwegian quilt

I made the Oslo Norwegian quilt based on my recent travels.  The block for the central part of the quilt comes from a floor tile design that I saw in Oslo Cathedral.  It measures 76" square. I wanted to brighten up the design and make it fresh … [Continue reading]

Wedge Shaped Cushion Cover Tutorial

Wedge shaped cushion cover

Recently I was asked for an article on making a wedge shaped cushion cover.  Most cushions we cover are square, rectangular or round, so this was a good opportunity to look at making covers for cushions of irregular shape.  I bought a wedge of foam … [Continue reading]

Friendship Bouquet Wall Hanging Pattern

Friendship bouquet wall hanging

The Friendship Bouquet quilt block was a request.  It is such a pretty block that I decided to make four of them to form a wall hanging.  At first glance it looks quite a complicated block, but as usual it is far more simple when you look at it in … [Continue reading]