Prague – Czech Republic – Photos

Prague Castle

When I visited Prague Patchwork, I also had several wonderful days to explore Prague itself.  This photo is actually the Basilica within the Palace complex rather than the Palace itself.  The palace complex lies on a hill dominating the Prague … [Continue reading]

Irish Chain Star Quilt Pattern

Irish chain star quilt

My Irish chain star quilt was intended to be more of an Irish chain but I kept adding extra elements so I'm not sure if it still qualifies as an Irish chain quilt.  All three blocks are very simple to make.  I've used two batik fabrics and I'm really … [Continue reading]

Prague Patchwork 2019 – Photos

Prague Patchwork 2019

Prague Patchwork 2019 followed the Sitges quilt festival by just a couple of weeks.  I was delighted to be able to visit both of them - even if it was a hectic couple of weeks.  I've wanted to visit Prague Patchwork for many years, so it was a real … [Continue reading]

Michigan Beauty Quilt Pattern

Michigan Beauty quilt

I've made the Michigan Beauty quilt using the block of the same name and an alternate block of my own design which I tried to make as much the reverse of it as I could.  My plan was to make an interesting quilt with plenty to look at.  The first … [Continue reading]

Sagrada Familia Temple – Barcelona – Photos

Sagrada Familia

I visited the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona during my Spanish trip to visit the Sitges Quilt Show.  I'm ashamed to say that when I first saw it I thought that all the cranes and builders were doing restoration work.  In fact the building is still … [Continue reading]

Interlocking Squares Quilt Pattern

Interlocking squares

For this Interlocking Squares quilt I have begun with the interlocking squares quilt block and then surrounded it with Millwheel quilt blocks.  I've used pink and blue which are not my usual colour choices and have decided that I should be more … [Continue reading]

Sitges International Patchwork Festival 2018

Sitges patchwork festival

The Sitges International Patchwork Festival is an annual event and I have often thought about visiting it - this year I actually made it!  Sitges is a delightful fishing town just along the coast from Barcelona in Spain.  The buildings were all white … [Continue reading]

Log Cabin Stained Glass Quilt Pattern

Log cabin stained glass quilt

For my log cabin stained glass quilt pattern I have combined two of my favourite quilt techniques.  The quilt measures 36" square, using nine blocks which are 10.1/2" square finished size.  A square in square block forms the central block with some … [Continue reading]

Southwark Cathedral – London – Photos

Southwark Cathedral

I visited Southwark Cathedral when I went to meet my newest grand daughter.  I had a while to wait for my train back to Birmingham and the Cathedral is very close to one of the stations that I went through (London Bridge).  It also stands next to the … [Continue reading]

Pinwheel Snail Trail Quilt Pattern

Pinwheel snail trail quilt

This pinwheel snail trail quilt pattern was quite easy to make and I love the way the design has turned out.  It's another of those patterns than look quite complex but are quite easy to make. The quilt measures 40" square so it would make a good … [Continue reading]