Abbey Cwm Hir Hall – Wales – Photos

Abbey Cwm Hir Hall

I'm sure that Abbey Cwm Hir Hall is wonderful at any time of the year, but at Christmas it is truly spectacular.  The reception area is fascinating, with lots of old signs such as this Singer advert.  We saw vintage bikes hanging from the ceilings, … [Continue reading]

Pineapple Quilt Pattern – Courthouse Steps

Pineqpple quilt

In order to make this Pineapple Quilt I have used all the easy options.  The pineapple sections are folded squares, so minimum sewing.  I have used the courthouse steps quilt block which I always find quicker than making a traditional log cabin quilt … [Continue reading]

Lapworth Geology Museum – Birmingham – Photos

Lapworth Geology Museum

My visit to the Lapworth Geology Museum was an unexpected treat.  It's run by the University of Birmingham and was absolutely fascinating.  It's also free to visit!  The Museum is set within the University and there is a lot of building work going on … [Continue reading]

Medallion Bethlehem Star Quilt Pattern

Bethlehem Star quilt pattern

Using the Bethlehem Star quilt block for this week's quilt seemed appropriate for this time of year - and it is a lovely block.  I have used it as the central medallion and then surrounded it with a circle of smaller stars.  I love the way it has … [Continue reading]

Liverpool – Merseyside – Photos

Liverpool memories

Liverpool is a photographer's dream, but I have chosen this photo because the symbolism moved me so much.  A bombed out church has been left as it must have been at the end of the war and the sculpture in front of it shows a German and an English … [Continue reading]

Bluebirds Flying Quilt – Free Pattern

Bluebirds flying quilt

The name of the Bluebirds Flying quilt block attracted me, thinking of all the birds migrating to warmer climates at this time of year - it's also a very pretty block!  I have teamed it with a simple alternate block to make this lovely fresh looking … [Continue reading]

National Memorial Arboretum – Alrewas – Photos

National Memorial Arboretum

I visited the National Memorial Arboretum in Alrewas earlier this year.  This was officially opened in May 2001 and is a moving tribute to our armed services.  This is the official description of it: A spiritually uplifting place which honours the … [Continue reading]

Curved Log Cabin Quilt Pattern

Curved log cabin quilt

My curved log cabin quilt pattern has turned out really well - well I think so, anyway!  I've used the basic log cabin quilt block but with different sized logs.  This means that the red square which began in the middle of the block actually ends up … [Continue reading]

Warwick Castle – Photos

Warwick Castle

Warwick Castle is one of those places that I had always intended to visit but as it's nearby I hadn't quite managed a trip there until recently.  After all, it has been there since 1068 so I felt that it was likely to be around for a while yet.  What … [Continue reading]

Budapest Quilt Pattern – Floor Tile Design

Budapest quilt

The Budapest quilt design is based on floor tiles that I saw on my recent visit to Hungary.  You can find a link to the photos from that trip at the bottom of the page.  The quilt measures 67" square, using nine 15" blocks with three borders. For … [Continue reading]