Sitges International Patchwork Festival 2018

Sitges patchwork festival

The Sitges International Patchwork Festival is an annual event and I have often thought about visiting it - this year I actually made it!  Sitges is a delightful fishing town just along the coast from Barcelona in Spain.  The buildings were all white … [Continue reading]

Log Cabin Stained Glass Quilt Pattern

Log cabin stained glass quilt

For my log cabin stained glass quilt pattern I have combined two of my favourite quilt techniques.  The quilt measures 36" square, using nine blocks which are 10.1/2" square finished size.  A square in square block forms the central block with some … [Continue reading]

Southwark Cathedral – London – Photos

Southwark Cathedral

I visited Southwark Cathedral when I went to meet my newest grand daughter.  I had a while to wait for my train back to Birmingham and the Cathedral is very close to one of the stations that I went through (London Bridge).  It also stands next to the … [Continue reading]

Pinwheel Snail Trail Quilt Pattern

Pinwheel snail trail quilt

This pinwheel snail trail quilt pattern was quite easy to make and I love the way the design has turned out.  It's another of those patterns than look quite complex but are quite easy to make. The quilt measures 40" square so it would make a good … [Continue reading]

Jewellery Quarter – Birmingham – Photos

Jewellery Quarter

The Jewellery Quarter in Birmingham has always fascinated me.  This sculpture outside the station shows an enlarged watch mechanism and is very appropriate.  The Jewellery Quarter has been around for a long, long time.  A survey in 1553 named  one of … [Continue reading]

Flying Geese Quilt Pattern

Flying geese quilt

For this flying geese quilt pattern I have used a different technique from my usual method.  The flying geese are quite large and so it was simplest to just sew three triangles together.  I've used them to encircle a central area, creating a quilt … [Continue reading]

CHSI Stitches Trade Show 2019

CHSI stitches trade show

  The CHSI Stitches trade show 2019 took place at the NEC in Birmingham last week.  If you haven't heard of it before it's because the show is for trade only.  This show lets all the suppliers within the sewing and knitting industry … [Continue reading]

Attic Windows Quilt Pattern

Attic windows quilt

I've made the attic windows quilt pattern using fabric patterns to represent the view outside the window.  You've probably seen the quilts where a picture is built up outside the window, but for this pattern I just wanted to show you the basic … [Continue reading]

Botanical Gardens – Tenerife – Photos

Botanical Gardens Tenerife

The Botanical Gardens in Puerto de la Cruz, Tenerife, are stunning.  They were set up in 1788 by order of King Carlos III of Spain.  He wanted tropical plants from his overseas territories for his palace in Madrid.  These plants needed somewhere to … [Continue reading]

Rolling Star Quilt Pattern -My Variation

Rolling star quilt

I had the Rolling Star quilt block in mind when I began this quilt design, but then I changed it so much that it's probably no longer correct to call it a rolling star.  Do tell me if you can think of a better name!  I'm really pleased with the … [Continue reading]