Coffin Works – Birmingham – Photos

Coffin Works Birmingham

  I have been meaning to visit the Coffin Works in Birmingham for a long time and I finally made the trip recently.  It's situated in the Jewellery Quarter and is a delightfully quirky place to visit.  They didn't actually make coffins … [Continue reading]

Spool and Bobbin Quilt – Free Pattern

Spool and Bobbin Quilt

I have used the spool and bobbin quilt block along with the Belle's Favourite block for this quilt and I think that it gives a lovely quilt.  The quilt measures 40" square, a good size for a lap quilt and I have used 3/4 yard each of purple, lilac … [Continue reading]

Work in Progress July 2018

Blue star quilt

My work in progress is at a wonderful stage at the moment - some quilts are still just tops only, some have been layered, some quilted, some bound and some just waiting for a hanging sleeve or something else minor. Now that I have given myself … [Continue reading]

Piano Keys Star Quilt Free Pattern

Piano Keys Star quilt

When I designed the Piano Keys Star quilt my original intention was to place a piano keys border around each block.  However as I went along I decided to use the piano keys sections as sashing rather than complete borders around each block. I had … [Continue reading]

Washington DC – America – Photos

Reflecting pool Washington

I took the train to Washington DC from Philadelphia.  It's an amazing city and I thoroughly enjoyed my visit.  The grid system for the streets makes it so easy to find your way around.  I didn't realise until I was just leaving that the numbering … [Continue reading]

Church Tile Quilt – Free Pattern

Church Tile Quilt

My design for the Church Tile quilt is based on a panel behind the altar in a church that I visited last weekend.  It's an incredibly quick quilt to make, using mostly squares only.  I don't have a photo of the panel itself - I didn't take my phone … [Continue reading]

Bath – Somerset – Photos

Bath Abbey

My visit to Bath last weekend was great fun.  I haven't finished showing you my American photos yet, but they will have to wait till next week. Bath is a city in Somerset, renowned for its Roman Baths.  I didn't visit these but I gather that they … [Continue reading]

Photo Quilt Cushion Cover Pattern

Photo quilt cushion cover

I've used this photo quilt cushion cover pattern as an opportunity to show you how to transfer photos to fabric.  You can use this technique for individual photos or text prints, or you can make a memory quilt using all your favourite photos.  The … [Continue reading]

Philadelphia – America – Photos

Philadelphia City Hall

For my Philadelphia visit I travelled by train from New York.  It was a very short visit so there must be large areas that I haven't seen, but I did at least have a lovely walk round the historic area.  Philadelphia was founded by an Englishman, … [Continue reading]

New York Flooring Quilt Pattern

New York flooring quilt

My New York flooring quilt is based on a design of tiles that I saw in a New York diner.  I have of course changed the design quite a bit, but that was the basis for the design.  There were many, many more quilt inspirations during my American … [Continue reading]