Photo Quilt Cushion Cover Pattern

Photo quilt cushion cover

I've used this photo quilt cushion cover pattern as an opportunity to show you how to transfer photos to fabric.  You can use this technique for individual photos or text prints, or you can make a memory quilt using all your favourite photos.  The … [Continue reading]

Philadelphia – America – Photos

Philadelphia City Hall

For my Philadelphia visit I travelled by train from New York.  It was a very short visit so there must be large areas that I haven't seen, but I did at least have a lovely walk round the historic area.  Philadelphia was founded by an Englishman, … [Continue reading]

New York Flooring Quilt Pattern

New York flooring quilt

My New York flooring quilt is based on a design of tiles that I saw in a New York diner.  I have of course changed the design quite a bit, but that was the basis for the design.  There were many, many more quilt inspirations during my American … [Continue reading]

New York – America – Photos

New York skyline

My trip to New York was a wonderful experience.  I also took in Philadelphia and Washington, but I'll keep those photos for another time.  The flight that I had booked was cancelled so I had to go a day early - what a hardship!  I'm starting with an … [Continue reading]

Special Occasion Clutch Bag Pattern

Special occasion clutch bag

I made this special occasion clutch bag as I have another wedding on the horizon.  My plan is to make this butterfly bow bag to match my outfit.  It's my second son Tom, who is getting married in September. I have used silk so that I can use both … [Continue reading]

Columbian Star Quilt Pattern

Columbian star quilt

The Columbian Star quilt block is the centrepiece of this quilt pattern.  I have tried to use elements from this block in the surrounding blocks.  The nine blocks are all huge - 30" square finished size - giving an enormous 94" square quilt.  This … [Continue reading]

Sunflower Wall Hanging Pattern

Sunflower wall hanging

I made the Sunflower Wall Hanging partly because it's pretty and very appropriate for the time of year and partly to show you how easy it is to keep adding frames of triangles to a central square.  Below I have given details of two methods for … [Continue reading]

Butterfly Star Quilt – Free Pattern

Butterfly star quilt

For the Butterfly Star quilt my aim was to find a design where the butterflies and stars appeared to be floating randomly within the quilt.  In order to achieve this I made the butterflies and stars off centre so that when I rotated the blocks they … [Continue reading]

Himley Hall – Dudley – Photos

Himley Hall

I visited Himley Hall by accident - I was on my way somewhere else and noticed the signs so I dropped in and had a wonderful morning looking around.  The magnolia trees surrounding the hall were absolutely magnificent.  They were in full bloom and … [Continue reading]

Fabric Yoyo Lion Toy Pattern

Fabric yoyo lion

My fabric yoyo lion is a sweetie.  I had seen fabric yoyo toys before now without ever working out just how they are made.  In fact it's very easy to make them.  It took me a bit longer to make than I had anticipated, but it certainly wasn't … [Continue reading]