New Waterwheel Quilt – Free Pattern

New waterwheel quilt

The New Waterwheel quilt is far larger than I had intended it to be.  It ended up measuring 85" by 112", large enough for a king size bed with some left over either to drape down the sides to wrap around the pillow.  The blocks are large and very … [Continue reading]

Waddesdon Manor – Aylesbury – Photos

Waddesdon Manor

Waddesdon Manor is another delightful National Trust property.  It was built in the late nineteenth century for Baron Ferdinand de Rothschild.  He wanted somewhere to display his arts and sculptures - and of course to entertain his friends.  Although … [Continue reading]

Diamonds Are Forever Quilt Pattern

Diamonds are Forever quilt

My Diamonds are Forever quilt has been named in honour of my son's wedding this weekend.  I have used two different quilt blocks with various colour variations to provide diamonds in both the overall quilt design and in some of the blocks.  Please … [Continue reading]

Orange Peel Quilt – Free Pattern

Orange peel quilt

I have made my orange peel quilt using applique - so much quicker than sewing lots of curved seams!  The thing that I love about orange peel quilts is the way circles form in the design.  There's always something more to see when you look at the … [Continue reading]

St Tiggywinkles Hospital – Photos

St Tiggywinkles Hospital

When I visited St Tiggywinkles Hospital I was utterly enchanted - even if I didn't see a single live hedgehog!  The sweeties in the photo are actually stuffed toys for sale in their shop. St Tiggywinkles was opened by Sue and Les Stocker with … [Continue reading]

Candy Stripe Binding Courthouse Steps Quilt

Candy stripe binding

In this quilt pattern I have used candy stripe binding to make a simple quilt into something that bit different.  I used seven fabrics within the quilt and then used all seven of them in the binding.  Each quilt block is  14" square finished size.  … [Continue reading]

Bletchley Park – Bucks UK – Photos

Bletchley Park

My visit to Bletchley Park was absolutely fascinating - but it also destroyed some of my illusions.  As I'm sure you know, Bletchley Park was the home of our code breaking efforts during the war.  It has now been preserved as a heritage site and is … [Continue reading]

Christmas Star Tree Quilt – Free Pattern

Christmas star quilt

The Christmas star tree quilt pattern is my nod to Christmas in July - well I've only missed July by a few days.  The quilt measures 40" square and I have used 1 yard of red fabric , 1.1/4 yards of gold and 1/4 yard each of green and brown.  You can … [Continue reading]

Coffin Works – Birmingham – Photos

Coffin Works Birmingham

  I have been meaning to visit the Coffin Works in Birmingham for a long time and I finally made the trip recently.  It's situated in the Jewellery Quarter and is a delightfully quirky place to visit.  They didn't actually make coffins … [Continue reading]

Spool and Bobbin Quilt – Free Pattern

Spool and Bobbin Quilt

I have used the spool and bobbin quilt block along with the Belle's Favourite block for this quilt and I think that it gives a lovely quilt.  The quilt measures 40" square, a good size for a lap quilt and I have used 3/4 yard each of purple, lilac … [Continue reading]