Interlocking chevron quilt

Interlocking chevron quilt


The interlocking chevron quilt block is lovely because it creates the illusion of depth with the chevrons crossing over each other.  I’ve made it here as a 57″ square quilt using four rows of four 12″ blocks – two rows of green chevrons and two of blue chevrons, with all of them having a light brown chevron interlocking.  I have used about 2 yards of white, 1.1/4 yards of brown, 1 yard of green and 3/4 yard of blue fabric.

Cutting requirements for each chevron quilt block

four 3.1/2″ white squares

two 3.7/8″ squares each of brown and white and two each of blue (or green) and white

two 4.1/4″ squares each of white and blue (or green) and two each of brown and white

four 3.7/8″ squares of brown and of blue (or green)

Making the chevron quilt block

Make half square triangles

Make half square triangles

The first 3.7/8″ squares listed are used to make half square triangles.  Place two squares with right sides together and mark a line along the diagonal.  Sew a 1/4″ seam either side of the marked line and cut along the line to produce two half square triangles.  These are both 3.1/2″ squares.  Put these aside so that they don’t get mixed up with the half square triangles used in the next step which are slightly larger.



Place the half square triangles with a plain square

Place the half square triangles with a plain square

Make quarter square triangles

Make quarter square triangles

The 4.1/4″ squares are used to make quarter square triangles.  Place two of them with right sides together and make half square triangles as above.  These will be 3.7/8″ squares.  Place these right sides together with a plain 3.7/8″ square and mark a line along the diagonal – that’s the opposite diagonal from the seam.  Sew a seam 1/4″ either side of the line and cut the line to produce two quarter square triangles.  These are 3.1/2″ squares.  The two squares are not the same as each other so you will use one of them in the chevron quilt block and put one aside to be used in the quilt border.  For each quilt block you need two squares made using a plain blue square with a brown/white half square triangle, and two squares made using a plain brown square with a blue/white half square triangle.

Chevron quilt block layout

Chevron quilt block layout

Lay the squares out in four rows of four.  There’s a 3.1/2″ white square in each corner, four blue/white half square triangles and four brown/white half square triangles in the middle two columns and the quarter square triangles on the sides of the quilt block.  Check the photo carefully to be sure that you place the quarter square triangles correctly.  Sew the squares together across each row and then sew the rows together.  Make eight blue blocks and eight green blocks.


Making up the chevron quilt

Completed chevron quilt block

Completed chevron quilt block

Two blocks sewn together

Two blocks sewn together

Sew the chevron blocks together in fours – two blue rows and two green rows.  Sew the rows together alternating blue, green, blue, green.  At this stage the quilt top measures 48.1/2″ square.



The chevron quilt border

Add a 2" green quilt border

Add a 2″ green quilt border

For the first border cut five 2″ lengths of green fabric.  Make up two lengths of 48.1/2″ for the top and bottom and two lengths of 51.1/2″ for the sides.

For the second border, sew together lengths of the quarter square triangles put aside when you made the quarter square triangles for the quilt blocks.


Use the quarter square triangles for the border

Use the quarter square triangles for the border

You should have enough for four lengths of sixteen quarter square triangles.  You actually need seventeen for each side of the quilt, so sew a 3.1/2″ square somewhere along each length.  Sew one length to the top and one to the bottom of the quilt.  Sew a white 3.1/2″ square to each end of the remaining two lengths as cornerstones and then sew these to the sides of the quilt.

That’s the quilt top complete and ready for layering, quilting and binding.


Here’s the video:



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  1. Reberta says:

    Dear, wonderful Rose, I’m so glad I asked about your precuts designs and so doubly glad you responded so quickly and directed me to the jelly rolls patterns. I have already chosen two to try very soon. They are the Clear Cut Dark Quilt (love the black background) and the Interlocking Chevron Quilt. Can’t thank you enough.

  2. I think these chevrons would make a fabulous border, but 12″ is too wide. I’m quilt math challenged, so I was wondering if you know what dimensions for the blocks would be needed to make a 6″ block to make a 6″ border??

    • Hi Laura. It would be quite fiddly to make this quilt block into a border: you would need to use 1.1/2″ plain squares, 1.7/8″ squares for the half square triangles and 2.1/4″ squares for the quarter square triangles. Best of luck with it.

  3. Rose,
    I hope this week is going much better for you than last week. This chevron pattern is so fascinating and easy. I’m going to start working on it very soon. Thank you for all your time sharing great patterns with us.

    • Hi Linda. Yes, thanks, my week has been heaps better! I’m glad you like the chevron quilt. Someone suggested that it could be done in team colours for someone who supports a particular team, which I thought was a great idea. Rose

  4. Pat Elder says:

    Thanks Rose!
    Your demonstrations are always so clear and encouraging.

  5. Bonnie Jenkins says:

    Hi Rose,
    Another beautiful quilt. Thank you so much for the detailed materials and sewing techniques you provide. Do you store the quilt patterns you show each week in the ‘Free quilt and sew patterns’ section of your site ?
    Thank you

    • Thanks, Bonnie. I’m glad you like them. The quilt patterns are always available – you can visit the pattern section any time that you like. Rose

  6. sandra barber says:

    thanx for picture and design, it reminds me a bit of double wedding ring, I will definately have a go at this one. x

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