Noughts and crosses board

Noughts and cross board


August is the time for days out and trips to the seaside.  Do you have children, grandchildren (maybe your partner even!) who need entertaining during long car trips?  It’s very easy to make games with felt – the bits stick stick to each other and are less likely to get lost.  If any pieces do get lost, you can always just cut another one.


Make the felt boards for the games

Zigzag the squares in a different colour

Zigzag the squares in a different colour

Divide the sudoku board into sixteen

Divde the sudoku board into sixteen

My favourite is a reversible noughts and crosses/sudoku board.  I sew them back to back to make the board a little stronger – and there are less bits to get lost that way.  Cut two rectangles about 12″ by 9″.  Divide one into three rows of three for noughts and crosses and the other into four rows of four for sudoku.  Mark the lines with zigzag lines in a contrating colour.


Make the numbers for the games

Cut the numbers in felt

Cut the numbers in felt


Pin the two pieces of felt together and zigzag round the edges.  Choose a third piece of felt – a colour that will show well on both the colours that you have already used.  Draw lines showing the height of the numbers that you want to make and draw the shapes of the numbers.


Sudoku board

Sudoku board


You will need four each of numbers 1,  2. 3, 4 for the sudoku and about half a dozen noughts and crosses.  Cut them out and start to play!

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