Christmas bows quilt

Christmas bows quilt

Well, Christmas in July passed me by again this year, but I felt that I must get a Christmas quilt pattern in before the end of August.  I have used green Christmas fabric but the other two fabrics (red and white) were just normal fabrics.  The quilt is 48″ square and I will probably choose to use it as a tablecloth – it’s very festive looking.

The red is intended to show the Christmas bows on a present and the white stars were just a bonus that appeared when I sewed the quilt blocks together.  I made four blocks and sewed them together in two pairs.

I have used 1/2 yard of red fabric, 3/4 yard of green and 1.1/2 yards of white.  For the red you will need the full 18″ so you might be better buying a little more than half a yard just to be safe.

Cutting requirements for the Christmas quilt

3.7/8″ squares:  sixteen squares each in red and green, sixteen squares each in red and white, twenty four squares each in green and white (this last for the border)

3.1/2″ squares:  thirty two green, thirty two white, sixteen red

For the border:  twenty four 3.7/8″ squares each in green and white

forty eight 2″ by 2.1/2″ strips in white, twenty four 2″ by 2.1/2″ stripe in red

four white strips 2″ by 36.1/2″

Making each Christmas bows quilt block

Make half square triangles

Make half square triangles

Use the 3.7/8″ squares to make half square triangles.  Place two squares with right sides together and mark a line along one of the diagonals.  Sew a 1/4″ seam either side of the line and cut along the line.  It doesn’t matter what you use to mark the line in the fabric as that line is cut anyway.




Christmas bows quilt block layout

Christmas bows quilt block layout

Lay the squares out in six rows of six squares.  There’s a green/red half square triangle in each corner (not all facing the same way) and on each corner there is a green square on one side and a red/white half square triangle on the other side.  There are two white squares in the middle of each edge of the quilt block.  Four half square triangle units in the centre of the block are arranged to form a pinwheel.  To place the remaining squares, just check the photo.




Sew the squares across each row

Sew the squares across each row

Sew the blocks together

Sew the blocks together

Sew the squares together across each row and then sew the rows together to complete the Christmas bows quilt block.  Make four of these blocks – they are 18″ blocks – and sew them together in two rows of two blocks.  This is when those lovely stars appear!




Christmas quilt border

Christmas tree quilt block

Christmas tree quilt block

I decided to use a simplified Christmas tree for the border, to continue the festive theme.  For each block I used two green/white half square triangle units placed so that the greens form a larger green triangle.  The base of the tree is made using white and red strips 2″ by 2.1/2″.  These are placed so that the 2″ edge is vertical and the 2.1/2″ edge is horizontal, going across the width of the block.

Sew the two triangles together in one row and the three strips together in another row and then sew the two rows together.


Christmas tree quilt border

Christmas tree quilt border

Make twenty four of these Christmas tree quilt blocks and sew them together in four rows of six blocks each.  Sew a 2″ white strip 36.1/2″ long across the top of the border strip.  Sew one of these strips to the top of the quilt and one to the bottom.





White squares for cornerstones

White squares for cornerstones

Cut four 6.1/2″ white squares for the cornerstones.  Sew one of these to each end of the two remaining border strips and sew one strip to each side.  The Christmas quilt top is now complete and ready for layering, quilting and binding.  Full details of these steps can be found towards the bottom of the beginner quilting page.



Here’s the video:

DIY mobile phone stand

DIY mobile phone stand

On the subject of Christmas gifts, I have added a pattern for making a stand for a mobile phone to the gifts page.  You can take a look at the handmade gift here.


I love hearing from you, so do leave a comment below.  Or you can share this page now that I’ve worked out how to place the share buttons below!  Takes me a while, but I often get there in the end!


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  1. What a beautiful table cloth. I just love it. Thank you, Rose.

  2. I agree with everyone else. A tablecloth for Christmas is a great idea and I can see one in pretty spring colours too. Keep them coming Rose. How did your class go?

    • Hi Jennie. Thanks for commenting. I agree – you could make it in different seasonal colours. The class went well – I enjoyed it and I hope the ladies did as well!

  3. I love your patterns and videos Rose and now have 50 safely stored in my computer. Your Log Cabin instructions were by far the easiest for a beginner like me to follow, do you ever sleep?

    • Thanks for your kind comments, Annmaree. Glad you found the log cabin instructions helpful. I just think that I am so lucky to be able to quilt every day!

  4. ohh!!! thank you for the early Christmas present gorgeous!!

  5. Another beautiful project Rose, I can’t wait to start it 🙂 Thank you.

  6. Love this pattern Rose, thanks for sending it.

  7. Love this pattern Rose,I think it will look great on the Christmas table.Thanks so much for another sure fire winner.[My family think I am so clever,all thanks to you]

  8. You are amazing!!! Lovely, really lovely, yet again another thing i want to make! 🙂 Thank you again for all your great creative ideas!

  9. Nola Strang says:

    Amazing!!!! You are a wonderful designer and you always make it easy, Thank you so much Rose!!

  10. I love this quilt . It is so pretty .
    Rose you do a great job .

  11. This is beautiful. Love the table cloth idea.

  12. Thanks Rose for sending the pattern, I love it! Christmas is not that far away! Like the idea of a tablecloth for this quilt!

  13. This is a wonderful idea! Thank you for this nice block.

  14. Great easy pattern thank you for sharing it with us. Christmas is just around the corner.

  15. Hi Rose,

    I love the pattern! I have lots of Christmas fabric and I missed Christmas in July too 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

    • Thanks, Tineke. Glad you like it. I only used one Christmas fabric, which saved me having to buy any new fabric for the tablecloth.

  16. I love your clear instructions, you make even the fussiest things so “do-able.”

  17. Rose, Another one of your projects that I must do. Thanks. Linda

  18. You have done it again with another lovely idea but this time with Christmas in mind. I will make mine into a Christmas table cloth which will make a nice change from the normal table cloths.
    Thank you Rose

  19. Love this pattern its beautiful.

  20. This is so pretty and festive. I especially love the Christmas tree border.

  21. Another lovely quilt pattern, thank you so much for sharing all your wonderful ideas.

  22. I love it Rose!

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