Very often the size of quilt you make is pre determined by who you are making it for – there’s no point making aking size quilt as a gift for a newborn baby.

However, having decided that you want to make for example a single bed quilt, you then have to decide whether you just want to cover the bed, or have an overhang on each side.  Do you want the quilt to be long enough to tuck under the pillow and fold back on itself?

I felt that the easiest way to list quilt sizes was to give you bed sizes and then you can add side overhangs (about 10″ each side is the average) or pillow tucks (add about 20″ on the quilt length).  In point of fact, of course, my quilts often up a different size from the planned one because when the blocks come together I decide that a particular border would look just right, or putting sashing in would improve the look.  That’s the beauty of quilting – every quilt is different and you can make your quilt to whatever size, shape or colour that you wish.

Crib quilt:  this is normally around 36″ square.  this is one that you can wrap baby in, put on the floor for her to lie on or cover her up when she is in the crib.

Cot quilt:  around 28″ by 52″.  there is some variation in cot sizes but this covers the more standard ones.

General everything quilt:  one to use as a throw, to wrap around yourself on a cold winter’s evening, for a picnic.  This quilt can obviously be any size but 60″ square is a great size because you can use so many different blocks to get the same size quilt.  Each row could be fifteen blocks at 4″, twelve blocks at 5″, ten blocks at 6″ or 6 blocks at 10″, five blocks at 12″, four blocks at 15″.  Plenty of choice for you there!

UK Bed Sizes

Single:                              36″ by 75″

Double                             54″ by 75″

King                                  60″ by 78″

Super King                      72″ by 78″

US Bed Sizes

Twin                                 36″ by 75″

Double                              54″ by 75″

Queen                               60″ by 80″

Eastern King                    76″ by 80″

California King                72″ by 84″

Dual King                          78″ by 80″


If any of you have different bed sizes in your country, do let me know and I’ll add them to the list.

Spain Bed Sizes

I have been given these as the bed sizes in Spain in cms:

90cms, 105cms, 120cms, 135cms, 140cms, 145cms – these will be the bed widths.


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  1. Good morning. I will be a grandma in august. Baby quilt underway. I want to make a single bed quilt like an old parquet floor, what size should I make the oblong block? Thanks in advance

    • Hi Fiona. How lovely to become a grandmother. I’m afraid that I don’t have a parquet style pattern. I’m guessing that you could make the oblongs any size as long as they are all the same as each other.

  2. You just saved my bacon, so to speak, thank you.

  3. jacqueline howe says:

    Hi Rose. Thanks for these bed size guides.
    I’ve been trying to work out how to make bigger (without ruining it) the cot quilt i made for grandson a while ago. But now I’ve decided to leave it as is (as an heirloom, i hope) but make a single bed quilt instead. This is a right out of my comfort zone as i am make home furnishings and bags. I often need to use a walking foot so I should be ok, fingers crossed lol Thanks again really useful, regards Jacky.

    • Hi Jacky. I’m glad you found the sizes helpful. In general, if you want to make a quilt bigger the easiest way is to add a few borders to it. If you’re used to sewing, you shouldn’t have a problem with quilting.

  4. Francesca Dunn says:

    Thank you for this information. My quilts seem to have a life of their own, as you say – when you look at the laid out quilt to begin putting the panels together there is the I thinks a border will look good. Suddenly the sensible everyday quilt has become an 8ft monster quilt!

    • Hi Francesca. I know that feeling so well. In a way I envy those quilters who have the self discipline to stick to a design and quilt size!

  5. Thank you

  6. Hi, your sizes are a god send! I am just beginning my first ever patchwork bed throw – king size! If all goes well I may even try a little quilting!!! X

  7. Thank you, I have now managed to get cot and crib quilt sizes through your website. Very useful.

  8. thank you so much from Joyce in west yorkshire

  9. Laura Nicholls says:

    Hi Rose

    Thank you so much for these details they are really useful. I have just been asked to make a quilt for each of my nephews and they just said it was a normal single bed, I only have kingsize beds. Now thanks to your information I will know what I am working to. I love the website and all your quilts they are so clever, may be one day I’ll be able to do the owl and the pussycat but at the moment I just stick to the normal 9-patch block. Glad you like your new home.



  10. Thankyou. This was v helpful

  11. Angela Wallace says:

    Hi how much wadding would I need for a double bed thank you!?

    • Hi Angela. The size of the wadding depends on the size of the quilt top that you are making – it is generally about 2″ larger all round than the quilt top. The quilt top can vary so much depending on what quilt blocks you are using, whether you are planning an overhang and things like that, so I’m sorry that I can’t be more precise.

  12. Vivo en España y los tamaños de las camas son en cms.- 90 cms., 105, 120.135, 140. 145cms.

    Me gustaria que las incluyera en la tabla de medidas..creo que para el resto de Europa a excepcion del Reino Unido son en cms.

    un saludo

    muchas gracias


    • Thank you so much, Molly. I have added these sizes to the page. In fact the UK is also metric, but many of us still think in terms of feet and inches.

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