Quilting How To

This Quilting How To page really covers a lot of general ideas connected with different aspects of quilting.  These articles include specific sections like making binding strips or ideas for quilt borders, but also general interest quilting articles.  I have grouped these articles as best I can but sometimes I get carried away and write articles that are related to quilting and sewing but don’t fit into any particular section.  Please just indulge me on this!

Quilting terminology – a good place to start

Quilting humour – never far away

Quilts for Sale

Metric conversion chart

How to cut fabric straight

Basic Sewing – Slipstitch sewing

Inset Y seams

How to sew a hem

How to sew a french seam

Learn How to sew a rolled hem

How to sew on a button

How to sew partial seams

See How to sew curved seams

How to hang wall hangings

How to sew silk

4 ways to make half square triangles

How to make half rectangle triangles

Choosing a sewing machine

Golden rectangle for quilting

Paper piecing quilt blocks

Quilt as you go

Quilt as you go without sashing 

Quilt as you go with sashing

Try Quilt as you go with sashing front and back

Quilt as you go fun and done    

Quilt as you go in rows  

 Machine sewn quilt as you go

Quilt as you go – quilting between blocks

Quilt as you go in sections

Quilt Binding

Flange quilt binding

Candy stripe quilt binding

Two colour quilt binding

Self binding quilts

Quilt binding octagon corners

Quilt binding inside corners

How to make bias binding

Continuous bias binding

Scallop quilt binding

How to use a bias tape maker

Quilt borders

Pyramid quilt border   

Diamond quilt border   

Piano keys quilt border

Church windows quilt border

First method of mitring quilt border corners

Second method of mitring quilt border corners



Newsletters 2013

Newsletters 2011/12

Newsletters 2009/10

Types of fabric




Cotton lawn

Speed piecing

Flying geese

Log cabin

Basic sewing stitches

Running stitch

Satin stitch

Blanket stitch

 Natural dyes

Turkey red

Indigo and woad

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  1. Rose
    I have been receiving your emails for quite a while but due to an email problem I lost that address. Can I please get them under my new address?

    • Hi Marilyn. I’ve added your new address to the list. You may receive a confirmation email with a link that you’ll need to click on to confirm that you want to be on the list.

  2. Janice Iwaniak says:

    Dear Rose, I have not received your email for the last 2/3 weeks? Hope you are OK and not snowed in or frozen. Wish I could send you some of our excess Australian heat. Love seeing your photos around Brum.I lived there for about 5 years some 40+ years ago and still have family there. Cheers, Janice

    • Hi Janice. So sorry to hear that my emails to you haven’t been arriving. I’ve checked and for some reason the system has unsubscribed you. I have added your email address back to the list and you may receive an email asking you to confirm by clicking on the link. Let me know if you don’t hear from me next Friday.

  3. Tracy Patrick says:

    Hi Rose
    could you please let me know the colours that you used in the hour glass block from April 7 2014, I know this is a long time ago but any suggestions would be great, it is the perfect colours to do for a quilt for my son and his new wife for their bedroom

  4. Joan Spiller says:

    Hi Rose: I have enjoyed making your stained glass quilt. I enlarged it to be queen-sized. A couple of questions: When attaching the sashing to the 2nd row, will the sashing be attached to the left hand block, (as it will be turned around)? Do the blocks need to be squared up first? Thank you very much. Joan Spiller

    • Hi Joan. My apologies for the delay in replying. You need to have sashing between all the blocks – the safest option is probably to lay them out in the way that you’ll be sewing them together and then check where you need sashing. It’s always a good idea to square the blocks up before you sew them together.

  5. Debbie Gibson says:

    Hey hi- I just came across you website and it is really awesome. Your instructions are very clear and easy to follow. You are very generous in sharing your vast knowledge of quilting and quilt blocs. I’m going to be recommending your website to my quilting friends and at our local guild. Your information is great for both experienced and beginner quilters. Kudos to you!!

  6. Hi Rose, I have been following you for long time and I love all that you do on your quilts, I don’t think there is one I don’t like, lol, but I have a question for you plz? I just purchased a Santa Clause panel, (which has 6 sqs) I am having a hard time how to get the measurements to make the attic window look, I have left messages for 3 different quilt subscriber that I belong to and NO such luck with either of them, so I am trying with you, can you help me plz;)

    • Oh well, I suppose it’s better to be last resort than not at all! Nobody can give you any help without being told the size of the squares in your panel. If you let me know that, then I can suggest measurements for the attic windows.

  7. Hi Rose, Just to let you know I’ve really enjoyed your patterns in the Online Quilt magazine. I’ve made your charm pack quilt with 3 part sashing, which inspired me to make a second floral sashed quilt. I’ve also just completed your Batik charm quilt for my nephew for Christmas. Thanks sew much!. Alison

  8. Jan Steadman says:

    Hi Rose, I find your website very interesting and informative and look forward to your emails so,thank you for that. I wondered if there was a simple method of calculating the amount of fabric required for a project? I have made quite a few smallish things, cushion covers, place mats and a table cloth but would like to move on to bigger things and want to be sure that I get enough fabric to finish the projects. Kind regards, keep quilting! Jan

  9. Please remove my email address as I won’t be able to recieve anything from this website. I’m going to be travelling and will not have access. Thank you!

  10. I came across your website while cruising a web page of a mag I think; doing so much cruising I can’t remember which one. I wanted to tell you how very helpful your site & news letter is going to be for me; I’m new to quilting. Your videos are the best part for me; as I learn best by watching the process first. I have marked you on my fav page & will use you constantly; i also signed up for your news letter; keep those videos coming you are brillant! Your Canadian Fan!!

    • Thank you, Linda, for your very kind comments. Pleasure to have you on board. I’m pleased you like the videos – sometimes it’s easier to demonstrate something rather than describe it with words only.

  11. Chris Wicker says:

    Hi Rose, I think your website is brilliant and so helpful. I am quite new to quilting and have just finished some cushion covers which I am really proud of although there are a few mistakes on them. I am going to attempt a single sampler quilt in different shades of blue and white. Could you tell me please should I wash all the fabric first as I would like the quilt to be washable after its finished. Thanks, regards Chris

    • Thanks for your kind comment, Chris. Good luck with the sampler quilt. Whether to prewash: many quilters recommend prewashing always. I don’t because I feel that good quality fabrics don’t shrink these days, but it is very much a matter of personal choice. I always wash my quilts when I have finished them.

  12. Kay Chavez says:

    Hello Rose,
    Thank you for your wonderful breakdown on the quilt blocks. I was looking for a “Contact Us” option to inquire about copyright and printing off block info or using your direct link. I am taking on the Block-of-the-Month for our quilt guild next fiscal year and wondered if it would be okay to either print out / use you link for that purpose for our participating members? I am going with a 12″ block theme – “Sew Many Choices” using blocks with “Choice” in the name. I was surprised to see that Mrs. Bryan’s Choice popped right up – much less in the right size.
    Foothill Quilters Guild, Auburn, CA, USA.

    • Hi Kay. You are more than welcome to use my quilt block pattern – as long as you credit my website for it. I’m glad that my pattern was the right size. I’ll have a think and see if I can come up with any other quilt blocks with ‘choice’ in the name. Good luck with your block of the month.

  13. irena mangone says:

    Love your tutorials am in sunny Queensland Australia. you have been a great help in my learning to make quilts

  14. Joan Howard says:

    Dear Rose,
    Easter greetings and blessings to you and all your family. It will be so nice to have them all home at once.
    Hope you weather has improved slightly, we are not quite so hot any more as we are now well into autumn and so far this weekend has been very wet – hooray. We are desperate for the rain as all the farm dams have started to drop fast and will not see the local farmers [well by our standards ranches really] through the winter to come.
    Fond wishes

    • Hi Joan. Thanks for your kind wishes. We are having sunny but cold days at the moment, which suit me fine. Have a lovely Easter. Rose

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