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New York skyline

New York skyline

My trip to New York was a wonderful experience.  I also took in Philadelphia and Washington, but I’ll keep those photos for another time.  The flight that I had booked was cancelled so I had to go a day early – what a hardship!  I’m starting with an image of the Observation Tower at Ground Zero – after all the New York skyline has always been amazing and this is obviously a new addition to the skyline.

I’m not going to try and show you photos of places like Times Square because my photos can’t compete with all the wonderful images that professional photographers produce.  Instead I’ll try and bring you some of the less well known places, or of quirky things that I saw.

Inside the 911 museum

Inside the 911 museum

Ground Zero

I visited the museum at Ground Zero.  Last time I was in New York I just visited the area without going inside the museum.  However I was really pleased to see inside the museum this time.  It was a very moving experience.

The quote ‘No day shall erase you from the memory of time’ is  from Virgil and what appears to be blue tiling behind it is in fact thousands of blue cards.  Each one of them is a different shade of blue.

Fashion district entrance

Fashion district entrance

New York fashion district

Obviously I had to take a wander around the fashion district and these sculptures seemed very appropriate at the entrance to the area.  The tailor at his sewing machine and the needle through the button were very striking.

Along 7th Avenue the pavements are decorated with a walk of fame with plaques giving brief outlines of some of the major designers and their work.  I found them really interesting.

Highline New York

Highline New York

New York Highline

What a wonderful idea this is!  A disused high level train track has been turned into a 1.1/2 mile walk high above street level.

What is this tree?

What is this tree?

The walk is just beside the tracks and the entire length has been planted with flowerbeds, shrubs and trees.  It’s a real oasis in a very busy city.

The tree shown was not one I had ever seen before – in the top right hand part of the photo there is a huge white flower.  So if anybody knows what the tree is I would be really interested to know.

Union Jack sweet

Union Jack sweet

Sweets in the bus terminal

In the Port Authority bus terminal there were sweeties everywhere.  That’s not as weird as it sounds!

The terminal is hosting an exhibition and a popup shop devoted to the work of Laurence Jenkell.  These sculptured candies are everywhere, with each one designed around the flag of a different country.  Obviously I had to take a photo of the Union Jack sweet.

Candy Stars and Stripes

Candy Stars and Stripes

In the popup shop there were many more items made from that candy shape which is her trademark.  This flag is made from red, white and blue sweet shapes.

Sewing machine on rock

Sewing machine on rock

Another sewing machine

This sewing machine sculpture appeared on a street corner which I passed on my way back to my hotel.

There was nothing with it to explain it, so I can’t tell you why it’s there, but it certainly grabbed my attention.

Bronx zoo

Family of baboons

Family of baboons

Towards the end of my holiday I needed something calm and restful as I was exhausted.  The Bronx Zoo fitted the bill beautifully.  This family of baboons looked very calm and peaceful – especially the one on the right lying along the trunk of the tree.  If you’re ever near the zoo, it is well worth a visit and it’s much cheaper on Wednesdays.



This cheeky monkey was a complete contrast to the baboons.  Hasn’t he got a pretty face?

I’m sorry that I can’t remember which type of monkey he is.

Thanks for visiting my blog.

I hope to see you again soon.



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  1. Barbara Grossman says:

    Delighted to hear about your visit to the U S and see your pictures Very interesting. You always have such informative communications.

    • Thanks, Barbara. There’s more to come – I’m just looking through my Philadelphia photos ready for another article.

  2. Colleen McKinlay says:

    So enjoyed all those interesting sights in New York. Very curious about that very old and rusted sewing machine. How strange and yet there must be a story or reason for it to be there. Great photos. Thanks so much for sharing.

    • Hi Colleen. Like you, I would love to have found out more about that sculpture. I found it by accident one evening when returning to my hotel in North Bergen.

  3. Mimi F. says:

    Although I now live in New Jersey, I still consider New York City my home – born there and lived there for 53 years. I’m very pleased that you found so much of interest. Your offbeat photos were great (never mind the professionals).
    Always enjoy your travel stories, as well as your quilts. Thanks Rose.

    • Hi Mimi. How lucky you are to live so close to New York. It’s a lovely city that gave me a wonderful holiday.

  4. elizacross2003 says:

    Hi Rose ,Once again you have designed a unique quilt and in my favorite colours. I have 1 more meter of binding to complete my 1st and last King size quilt (I just have a small Singer machine)s have to decide what colours and pattern for a signature quilt for my Sisters 50th anniversary quilt.
    Love you pics It’s been 10 years since I was in New York NY. but I didn’t get to the Fashion district It’s imposable to see everything so hope there’s a Next Time.

    • Hi Eliza. You’re very brave making a king size quilt. I usually use quilt as you go for them. As you say, it’s impossible to see all of New York in one trip – or any big city. There are still huge areas of London that I haven’t visited.

  5. Barbara Stokes says:

    Great NYC pics Rose. One of my favourite cities? Love the quilt design.
    Your tree is not a Magnolia. I will check with my green-fingered sister here in NZ.

    • Thanks, Barbara. I’m sure we’d all love to hear more about the tree – it really was an eyecatching plant.

  6. Valerie, California, USA says:

    I agree with Judy. The flower looks to be a magnolia..wonderful scent. We had an enormous Magnolia tree in our back yard and my mother had blooms in the house all the time.
    Thanks for posting the pics of the “off beat” areas of NY. I’m a California native and have never made it east of the Mississippi River (it’s a big country with so much to see), sad to say. You hit a few of my bucket list destinations; New York, Washington DC (Smithsonian and monuments), Can’t wait to see the rest of your pics.

    • Hi Valerie. I’m pleased to learn what the flower was – it was so attractive. As you say, America is such a large country that it would be impossible to explore all of it. We only had a short time in Washington so walked past the Smithsonian but didn’t have time to go in. It was very, very hot when we were there.

  7. Hooray! So glad you enjoyed your visit to America. You certainly made the most of your time there and I appreciate you sharing it with us. Lovely photos.

    • Hi June. My trip was wonderful but exhausting. I think I’m over my jetlag now and starting to sleep normal hours!

  8. I’m guessing the tree is a magnolia tree. The leaves are large enough and in the right array, but the leaves don’t look waxy in the photo which makes me question my identification. However, the flower looks right.

    Thanks for your post. It’s always interesting to look at my country from the observations of people visiting from other places.