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Himley Hall

Himley Hall

I visited Himley Hall by accident – I was on my way somewhere else and noticed the signs so I dropped in and had a wonderful morning looking around.  The magnolia trees surrounding the hall were absolutely magnificent.  They were in full bloom and really stunning.

The hall is 18th century and it is set in 180 acres of parkland designed by Capability Brown.  Obviously I didn’t get to explore all of it!  It used to be home to the Earls of Dudley but now is used for weddings and special events.  There were a couple of exhibitions on the day that I visited and they were really interesting.

Winter birdlife

Winter birdlife

Himley Hall Art Exhibitions

The first exhibition that I came across was the wildlife art of David Spencer.  This bird was beautifully represented – almost ready to fly off the canvas.  David is based in Staffordshire but his works cover wildlife from all over the world.

Ladybird by David Spencer

Ladybird by David Spencer

This ladybird makes a beautiful picture – this is the sort of content that would look great in a quilt.

It was behind glass so I apologise for the reflection of myself taking the photo.

Sydney Opera House in lego

Sydney Opera House in lego

Lego Exhibition

Lego was something that my children never really played with much.  However this exhibition definitely changed my view of lego projects.  I would never have dreamed that something so intricate could be made from lego bricks.

Yoda in lego

Yoda in lego

Yoda was even more striking.  What a beautifully made project.  There were quite a few Star Wars projects on display and the intricacy was really impressive.

Still waters run deep

Still waters run deep

Outside Himley Hall

The parkland was magnificent and I’m sure I’ll be going back to Himley Hall for longer walks.  On this occasion I restricted myself to a walk round the lake.

What struck me about this little inlet was how still the water was.  The reflection of the trees was crystal clear.  Once again my thoughts turned to quilts – what a lovely landscape quilt this would make.  One day when time allows ….

Thanks for visiting my blog.

I hope to see you again soon.


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  1. elizacross2003 says:

    Happy 64th Birthday Rose. I hope you have a WONDERFUL day. Love the Butterfly/Star quilt so simple but on my to do list , I again enjoyed your photos it must be great to be able to visit so many lovely sites.

    • Thanks, Eliza. Glad you like the quilt pattern. Yes, I am very lucky to have so many places to explore. Living in the Midlands helps – so many more places within easy driving distance.

  2. Irena Mangone says:

    Firstly. a very Happy birthday, Rose. And many more to come

    Love your stars and butterfly. Quilt

    I really enjoyed visiting various National trust homes when i was in England so much history and the gardens are magnificent.

    • Thanks, Irena. That’s what I love about the National Trust properties – there’s plenty to see indoors and also some beautiful walks outdoors.

  3. Jayne P says:

    My memory of Himley Hall was taking the children, many years ago, to a wonderful firework display. Perhaps it is time for another visit.

    • hi Jayne. Apparently on some evenings they do guided tours of the interior of the hall. I will definitely be returning to see more of the place.

  4. Barbara Grossman says:

    Thank you for your sharing. Such rich enlightening. A nice picture. Were the Dudleys neighbors with the Spencer’s.
    The names seem to be related in an article I read about Princess Diana’s family.
    Best wishes

    • Hi Barbara. I think that the Earls of Dudley were very active in the royal court so they probably all met up in London. I’ve just looked them up and apparently the Dudley name was first enobled in 1341. It seems to be a very complicated family line, with the earldom being split into two somewhere along the line. But they do seem to be broadly based around Staffordshire, whereas I tend to think of the Spencers as coming from further east.

  5. Carole Manuel says:

    Looks absolutely lovely, Rose. I miss this sort of outing as there’s nothing quite like it in Cyprus. However, I was recently in England for my great-neice’s wedding and the reception venue was a stunning old manor house on The Wirral. I enjoyed the surroundings almost as much as I enjoyed the wedding. Happily the sun shone all day, the only day it did out of our 2 week stay!!

    • Hi Carole. Ah but you have the weather! Actually I agree with you that we’re spoiled for choice in the UK – so much history and two wonderful organisations (National Trust and English Heritage) to preserve them for us. So glad that you enjoyed your trip to England. I haven’t explored much around the Liverpool area – it’s obviously time that I did!