Multi Coloured Hawaiian Applique Wall Hanging

Palm tree Hawaiian applique

Palm tree Hawaiian applique

The multi coloured Hawaiian applique wall hanging comes as a result of my recent visit to the Canary Islands.  I was fascinated by the variety of palm trees.  I’ve made Hawaiian applique before, but always in one colour only.  I decided to experiment and see easy or difficult it would be to use several colours in the applique.  Cutting out the applique was slightly more difficult when I had to cut across the seam lines, but apart from that my experiment worked well.  I’ve ended up with yellow in the middle for the sand, then brown for the tree trunks surrounded by green for the palm leaves.

Cutting requirements for the multi coloured Hawaiian applique wall hanging

28″ square of sky blue fabric

3.1/2″ squares:  one yellow, one each in two different browns

9.1/2″ by 3.1/2″ rectangles:  one each in two different browns

4.1/2″ by 9.1/2″ rectangles:  one each in two different greens

17.1/2″ by 4.1/2″ rectangles:  one each in two different greens

8.1/4″ square of paper

1/2 yard of Mistyfuse or similar double sided fusible interfacing

There are full instructions for drawing the template below, but if you wish to use mine you can download it here.

Mark out a triangle

Mark out a triangle

Make the template

I began with a sheet of A4 paper which happens to be 8.1/4″ wide.  Mark a line 8.1/4″ from the top to create a square.  Mark the diagonal line.  I’ve shaded the bottom section and the top triangle which won’t be needed so that you can see the triangle to be used for the template.

Mark a point 4″ from the left corner on the bottom line of the triangle.  Draw another point 6″ from the left corner on the diagonal line.  These marks show where the brown ends and the green begins when you draw the palm trees.

This template will mark out half of the palm trees because the fabric will be folded when it is cut.

Draw the palm trees

Draw the palm trees

Mark a small triangle in the bottom left corner of the triangle.  This will give you a small star in the finished applique.

Begin with the diagonal edge and draw a line about 3/4″ from the line as far as the 6″ marker.  This is the trunk of the palm tree.  Then branch out and add three palm tree leaves along the rest of the diagonal line, finishing with a line into the corner.  On the bottom edge of the triangle (showing as the right hand edge in the second photo) draw a line for the tree trunk to the 4″ marker point and then add three leaves and a point at the top.  Cut out the template.

Add the brown for the trunks

Add the brown for the trunks

Make the square for applique

Begin with a yellow square (the sand).  Sew a brown square to the top and bottom followed by a brown rectangle to each side.

Add the green

Add the green

Now add a 9.1/2″ green rectangle to the top and bottom followed by a longer green rectangle to each side.

Press all the seam allowances away from the yellow square.  The square measures 17.1/2″ square at this stage.

Add the interfacing

Add the interfacing

Press a layer of double sided fusible interfacing to the back of this square.  I use Mistyfuse, but you can use whatever you prefer.  The important thing is that it’s fusible on both sides as this will mean you can press the final shape to the background square to hold it in place.

Fold the applique square

Fold the applique square

Cut out the template

Begin by folding the applique square in half once and then in half again.

Place this square so that the yellow square is in the bottom left corner.  The bottom and left hand edges will be folded while the top and right hand edges are raw edges.  This step is really important to make sure that your applique comes out as one piece rather than several disjointed pieces.

Pin the template to the fabric

Pin the template to the fabric

Fold the top left corner down to the bottom right corner to form a triangle.  Carefully place the paper template on top of this triangle and pin in place.

Cut around the template

Cut around the template

Using a sharp pair of scissors cut round the template.  This takes a bit of effort when you are cutting across the seam allowances – there are a lot of layers of fabric at these points.  However, the result is well worth the effort!

Applique section

Applique section

Complete the multi coloured Hawaiian applique top

Unpin the template and carefully unfold the multi coloured Hawaiian applique.  Fold the blue background face in half twice so that you have fold lines and can locate the centre where the two folds cross.  Place the applique shape on top of the blue background square and smooth gently.  Make sure that the small star in the middle is placed on the centre of the blue square.

Press carefully, beginning in the middle and pressing along each palm tree.  This will hold the applique in place until you are ready to sew round all the edges to hold the palm trees in place securely.  Layer, quilt and bind as for any quilt.

I am so pleased that I managed to make a project using multi coloured Hawaiian applique and I hope that this has given you lots of ideas for similar projects of your own.

Here’s the video:



Last week I promised you some photos from my trip to Fuerteventura.  I wrote a separate article and you can see it by clicking here or on the photo.

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  1. Hi Rose
    You definitely find inspiration everywhere. Nice wallhanging
    Thank you.
    Bet you could do with being back in the Canaries now as the weather is
    supposed to get very cold for the coming week.

    • Too right, Mary! They are certainly giving dire warnings for the weather this week – doesn’t spring feel slow to arrive this year!

  2. elizacross2003 says:

    Oh Rose how clever of you. I made a turtle Hawaiian quilt square (well pillow size) I used a multi coloured green fabric on a white on white Hawaiian print -It was hand applique -no fusible and stitched & unstitched many times. I decided to hand quilt it but the background fabric has very heavy white dye and the needle does not want to slide through easily so I finally decided to machine shadow stitch it It’s-still in my UFO pile. I love your Photos of your Canary trip, always look forward to your travels. I will be off to Hawaii in 10 days -I can’t wait -(and fabric stores are just waiting for me)

    • Hi Eliza. I’m green with envy – I hope you have a wonderful time in Hawaii. Those white on white fabrics can be difficult to quilt. I haven’t quilted my wall hanging yet but I thought that I would use a small zigzag or blanket stitch to outline the design. The advantage of using fusible interfacing is that it’s so much easier to position the applique – and you have a bit more time before you have to secure it with stitching.

  3. Sandra Barnett says:

    Oh Rose,
    How clever of you. You did a great job of explaining it also. This is so unique. I may have to try this when I am brave.
    Our weather has been cloudy and rainy but we did have one nice day,Wednesday, the temp got up to 70 Now it is 37. Hope Spring is on the way.
    Hope you have a great time at your festival tomorrow. Have a great weekend and Happy Quilting

    • Hi Sandra. It’s definitely worth a try – great fun to make. I’ve just looked out my window and there’s no frost on the car this morning, so perhaps we will have a better day today. Like you, I’m longing for spring.

  4. Louise Johnson says:

    Very clever. Nicely done!

  5. Hi Rose, another quilt and a new (to me) technique. Thank you for all you do for us. Also I can’t wait to see your interpretation of the wall in Fuerteventura. ?

    • Hi Sue. I used to use a large piece of paper folded for the template, but I had a lightbulb moment when I realised that I only needed one triangle of paper – it’s only the fabric that needs folding.

  6. Hi Rose, very well explained and unlike some of the American sites you only use as many word as are necessary. This is a fun design and I will have a go a something similar. Thank you for passing on your skill in such a peasant way.

  7. Pamela Giannetto says:

    That is such a great idea. I love Hawaiian applique but never found a fabric that exactly matched the colors I wanted. Will definitely try this.

    • Hi Pamela. This is definitely one way of introducing several of your favourite colours into a Hawaiian applique quilt.

  8. Debra Friendly says:

    Rose – Very interesting how you pulled this together. In North America, our standard paper is
    not A4. It is 8-1/2 x 11, I’m pretty sure that just means we would do an 8-1/2 inch square for the template rather than 8-1/4 inch.

    • Hi Debra. Absolutely right – the square could be anywhere around that measurement. I just used the width of the paper to save having to trim edges.

  9. Gwendy Burtz says:

    How very clever!!!! thanks for sharing this! I enjoy your e-mails. :>)