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My flying visit to Fuerteventura was an attempt to escape the winter here in Birmingham for a few days.  I hadn’t realised that Fuerteventura actually means strong winds and I certainly came across those.  However it was still way warmer than home and a lovely relaxing holiday.  I walked miles and miles and ate lots of fish so I felt that it was a healthy holiday as well as being warm and sunny.

The plants were wonderful – many exotic tropical plants that I hadn’t come across before.  So big and bright and colourful.  I saw my favourite flower, the Bird of Paradise, but didn’t take photos as I’m sure I have showed them to you in the past.  The Canaries are islands in the Atlantic to the west of Africa.  They belong to Spain and the whole area is very volcanic.

Church in Antigua

Church in Antigua

Fuerteventura sightseeing

I tried to visit the interior of the island as well as the coast.  This pretty little church was in a town called Antigua.  They pronounced it Antigwa, rather than the way the Caribbean island is pronounced.

Many different palm trees

Many different palm trees

The church was set beside a square filled with palm trees and that was a real eye opener for me.  I had always thought that all palm trees looked broadly similar to each other.  What struck me in this square was how much the palm trees varied.

That prompted the project that I’m bringing you tomorrow – a multi coloured palm tree Hawaiian applique that I hope gives the feeling of the variations in palm trees.

Salt flats

Salt flats

Fuerteventura salt flats

A few miles from my hotel – and yes I walked it – were some salt flats.  It was actually a museum rather than a commercial setup, located in a village called Las Salinas del Carmen.  Now I had always assumed that you took sea water and dried it to produce salt.  It’s much more technical than that.

The raw salt from here is a pink colour as it contains natural iodine and is highly regarded for this reason.

Salt crystals forming

Salt crystals forming

The sea water comes in through one main channel and then it gradually moves from pool to pool being gently heated until it reached the optimum temperature for evaporation.  These pools are raked regularly so that the salt doesn’t form a solid crust.

Church interior

Church interior

The church in this village was beautiful in its simplicity.  It just radiated peace and tranquility.

Skeleton in the salt flats

Skeleton in the salt flats

Another lovely feature in the salt flats was this enormous skeleton.  It was situated right on the shoreline.

Unfortunately I couldn’t find anything to tell me more about it.

Overall the museum is fascinating and well worth a visit if you’re ever in Fuerteventura.

Top of a wall

Top of a wall

Fuerteventura quilt inspiration

Naturally I was on the lookout for quilt inspiration and there certainly was plenty of that.

This detail at the top of a wall would make a great quilt design – I just have to work out how to translate it into a doable project.

And of course the vegetation.  Both the palm trees and the cactus plants would all make wonderful quilts.

All in all a lovely holiday providing some much needed winter sun.

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  1. Sandra Barnett says:

    Thank you for sharing I love when you take me along on your adventures. You are always looking at things with the eyes of a quilter. I am beginning to do that also. Loved the wall hanging that you made from your inspirations Will try to make one when I am feeling braver. Have a great weekend and Happy Quilting.

    • Thanks, Sandra. I find that it’s second nature to look for quilt designs – it’s fun deciding how to turn something like a wall into a quilt.

  2. Rose Johnson says:

    Thanks for sharing
    Quite enjoyable sharing your holiday.
    Rose Johnson
    Ocean Grove

  3. Grin – Do I see a quilt block coming with the ‘top of the wall’?

    • Hi Judy. Oh most definitely – it was opposite a restaurant and I spent most of the meal deciding how the quilt could be made.

  4. Yes a definitely beautiful Quilt pattern Rose.I’m so glad you posted that picture. I’m glad you got to enjoy a little off time. I agree the church looks very peaceful. Thank you for sharing so much with us. I love your blog site.
    Have a great day,
    June in TEXAS

  5. Jenny McIntyre says:

    So pleased for you, You certainly deserve a break, doing all these blogs and also making the quilts.

    • Thanks, Jenny. That’s a kind thing to say. I know that I’m very lucky to be able to take the number of holidays that I do – even if it involves many late nights of work before and after the trip!

  6. Fantastic! Lucky you getting away from the grey damp of England and appreciate you sharing it on here. Almost Spring here. I look forward to see your creative interpretations of the patterns you observed on your holiday.

    • Hi June. Yes, it was lovely to get away to somewhere where the sun had some warmth in it! I bet Portugal is appearing more and more attractive to you at this time of year.

  7. Carol Tambourine says:

    Lovely post. The little church reminds me of the one in Livinstonia in Malawi. Stained glass and applique quilt??

    • Hi Carol. We used to go to Malawi for holidays sometimes when I was a child. I remember the beauty of the countryside – I don’t know if it is, but I remember it as being a lot more green than Zambia. I don’t think that I ever made it to Livinstonia. Great idea for a quilt of the church.