Reversible Butchers Apron – Free Pattern

Reversible butchers apron

Reversible butchers apron

I’ve made the reversible buthers apron as two distinct aprons in different colour pairings.  Then I sewed the two sections together.  This meant that I had no hand sewing to do and the neck loop and waist ties were all sewn in at the same time.

I used a straight central section so that I wouldn’t have to worry about matching up the seams from the chevrons on either side.

The butchers apron is 24″ wide and 33″ long.  I have used 3/4 yard each of black and blue with 1/2 yard each of red and white.

The reverse

The reverse

Cutting requirements for the butchers apron

Black and blue fabrics:  cut eight 2.1/2″ strips across the width of fabric, three 1.1/2″ strips cut across the width of fabric.

Red and white fabrics:  cut seven 2.1/2″ strips across the width of fabric.

Make panels of three strips

Make panels of three strips

Make the butchers apron front – right side

Sew together 2.1/2″ strips of black and red.  You need to make three panels of black, red, black and two panels of red, black, red.

One length of 35"

One length of 35″

Cut one of the panels into a 35″ length.  This will form the middle of the apron front.

You should now have four panels left – two of each type.  Use one of each type for each side of the apron.  Cut these into 20″ lengths, making eight panels altogether.

Cut a triangle from each end

Cut a triangle from each end

For the right hand side of the butchers apron,  take the top right corner of one panel and fold it down to the bottom edge. Take the bottom left corner of the panel and fold it up to the top edge.

Cut these two triangles off along the fold lines.  Repeat to make four panels – two of each type.

Alternate the strips

Alternate the strips

Lay these down the right hand side of the central strip.  Begin with a black/red/black and alternate the panels down the length so that the black and red strips alternate all the way down.

Sew the panels together and sew the resulting panel to the right hand side of the central strip.

Make the butchers apron left side

Fold triangles for the left side

Fold triangles for the left side

The panels on the left hand side need to be cut to the same sort of shape, but the triangles are folded in a different way.

On the left hand side of the panel, fold the top left corner down to the bottom edge.  On the right hand side, fold the bottom right corner up to the top edge.

Cut along the fold lines as before and repeat with the remaining three panels.  Make up a panel of alternating strips and sew this to the left hand side of the central strip.

Straighten the hemline

Straighten the hemline

Trim the sides of the apron front to straight lines – unless you are a more careful sewer than I am and your apron sides are already straight!

You also need to cut across the bottom to make a straight hemline.  I know that this seems a little wasteful of fabric, but I feel that this is the most simple way to make this apron

Cut across the hemline

Cut across the hemline

I find that the easiest way to trim the hem is to fold the apron front in half along the length and then when you cut across the width you can be sure that the hemline on the two sides will be even.

Use black and blue for the ties

Use black and blue for the ties

Make the ties

For the ties I have used one 1.1/2″ strip each of black and blue so that the ties will look correct no matter which way you wear the apron.

Sew along the length

Sew along the length

Sew a blue and a black strip together down the length.  Fold in half along the seam line.  You now have a strip 1.1/4″ wide which is black one side and blue the other side.  Fold under a 1/4″ hem in both the black and the blue to hide the raw edges and pin.

Topstitch along both sides of the strip.  Repeat with all the strips so that you end up with one for the neck and two for the waist ties.

Decide on the neck loop length

Decide on the neck loop length

I held the black apron against me to judge how long to make the neck loop.  I’ve said 30″ in the video, but that was actually a bit long.  I would probably have obtained a better fit with about 25″.  Measure what size you need for your neck loop – it needs to be short enough to hold the apron in place but long enough to fit easily over your head when you put the apron on.

Make the second apron front

Repeat the entire process with a different pair of colours – I have used blue and white which are perhaps more appropriate for a butchers apron.

Pin the ties in place

Pin the ties in place

Assemble the butchers apron

Lay the black apron with right side up.  Pin the ties in place.

The neck loop is placed either side of the central strip and the waist ties are placed at the corner – where my hand shows in the photo.

Remember to pin the ties with black side down.

Place the blue apron on top

Place the blue apron on top

Place the blue and white apron on top with right side down, matching all the edges and corners.  Pin.

Sew all round the edge of the apron leaving a gap of about 6″ so that you can turn the project right side out.

Leave a gap in the side

Leave a gap in the side

Pull the apron right side out through the gap.  Push all the edges and corners out and pin.  Turn under a small seam and pin to close the gap.

Top stitch all the way round the perimeter of the apron.  Apart from holding all the edges in place, this also closes the gap so that you don’t need to hand sew it.

Me modelling the apron

Me modelling the apron

The only way that I could think of to model the apron for you was to wear it in front of the mirror.

That completes the butchers apron pattern.  I hope that you’ll find it a useful pattern either for yourself or to make as a gift.

Here’s the video:

I seem to have spent another week working non stop – I really must try and get out more!  The photo that I would like to share with you is from when I went to the Safari Park with my daughter.  The baby rhino was absolutely gorgeous – running all over the place making mock charges at blades of grass.


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  1. What a good idea – a reversible apron. I’ve seen butchers aprons before but never reversible ones. Great if you need a quick change if you have a mishap while cooking. You wore the perfect top to compliment the colors in the apron. It almost made the combo look like a pretty dress.

    • Hi Claire. The colour of the top was co incidental – I hadn’t intended to match the apron! In fact in real life it’s far more of a contrast than shows up in the photo.

  2. Doesn’t she wear it well cheers Pauline

  3. Carole Yoxall says:

    Great pattern Rose, love it being reversible. I think it would also look great in Christmas material, lovely project Thank You xx

    • Hi Carole. You’re right – it would look great in Christmas colours. I think I’ll have to think about making a chef’s hat to match.

  4. Sandra Barnett says:

    Oh Rose,
    Great pattern. Can be made for Christmas or birthday gifts. Don’t know if I will be making one yet but it is already on my to do list.
    Enjoy your game and I hope your team wins. Love looking at animals.
    Have a graeat weekend and Happy Quilting

    • Hi Sandra. it’s a quick project so great if you’re stuck for a present at short notice. I’m happy with either team winning this afternoon – just looking forward to the atmosphere at Twickenham.

  5. Sue Neale says:

    Sorry about the partial comment Rose – my cat tapped my screen and sent it to you ?. I was going to say thank you for a lovely, zingy, fresh pattern. Will definitely be making at least one before Christmas. Also next time you go baby rhino viewing, can you please put one in your pocket to take home – then we can have pictures of his/her development. All the best and thanks again for all of the patterns you provide.

    • Hi Sue. Your cat obviously wanted you to pay attention to it and not to the screen! The rhino was gorgeous – so playful. We spent ages just sitting watching her with such pleasure.

  6. Jenny McIntyre says:

    Thank you for the helpful tips and advice.

  7. Debra (Canada) says:

    Perfect pattern to use up 2-1/2 inch strips left from jelly rolls and it will be a scrappy apron.

  8. Jenny Holding says:

    Lovely idea and beautifully modeled! Many thanks…as every Friday!

  9. Sue Duquemin says:

    Hi Rose I just love the apron pattern and will be making some for Christmas presents. Many thanks


    • Thanks, Sue. They make great Christmas presents because you can personalise the apron with colours special to the recipient.

  10. Thank you so much for the pattern Rose – lovely idea for a gift. I just love the pictures of the Safari Park – what a treat. Enjoy the match on Saturday.

    • Thanks, Monica. The Safari Park used to open only for the summer – I’m so glad that it is now open all year round.

  11. Colleen McKinlay says:

    Great apron Rose. Will definitely make a couple as Christmas gifts for friends. Thanks so much for a fantastic project. The blue and white is so fresh looking. I am very partial to the chef fabric since my son is an executive chef in Toronto. Must make one for him. A great BBQ apron for summer cooking. Have a great weekend.

    • Hi Colleen. Glad you liked the apron pattern. It must be rather daunting having a chef for a son – does it make you nervous of cooking for him? The apron goes together quickly enough that you could make several quite easily.

      • Colleen McKinlay says:

        As to cooking for a chef son. Actually I love cooking for him when he does come home to Vancouve because he still loves his Mom’s home made meals….roast beef and yorkies, stew and dumplings, home made soups and bake goods etc. Then he cooks for us and his meals are amazing. He is head chef of 6th top restaurant in Canada so as you can imagine we are extremely well fed when he does cook for the family.

  12. Thanks for this pattern Rose. I recently made the oven gloves from your pattern so I can now make an apron to match! These practical patterns are great ..thank you so much!

    • Thanks, Lynda. It’s amazing how many things we can make for the kitchen using patchwork. I’ve just bought a new toaster and my old toaster cover doesn’t fit it, so that’s another thing for me to make!