Bells Christmas Wall Hanging Pattern

Bells Christmas wall hanging

Bells Christmas wall hanging

I’ve made the Bells Christmas Wall Hanging mainly so that I could show you an unusual way of placing a border on a quilt block.  I first came across this technique at a quilt show many years ago and I’ve always liked the idea.  This idea would only be suitable for a wall hanging, not for a quilt which would need washing now and then.

The wall hanging is very simple – just two blocks of bells and two blocks of holly.  I’ve put them together to give a slightly circular design.

Cutting requirements for the Bells Christmas wall hanging

Red fabric:  one length 1.1/2″ by 20″, two 2.1/2″ lengths cut across the width of fabric

Green fabric:  one length 3″ by 20″

Gold fabric:  one length 5″ by 20″

White fabric:  four 10″ squares

One red paper napkin

Cut out the templates

Cut out the templates

Make the applique shapes

You probably have your own bells and holly templates, but if you wish you can download my templates here.

First of all I backed the fabric strips with Mistyfuse, a backing fusible on both sides.  You can use whatever backing you prefer for applique.  Then I cut out four bells, four holly leaves and eight red circles.

Position the applique on the white squares

Position the applique on the white squares

Make the blocks

I placed two bells on each of two white squares and two holly leaves on the remaining two white squares.

Place them so that the shapes overall form a more or less circular shape.  Add the red circles as berries on the holly leaves and as ringers on the bells.

When you’re happy with the blocks, press the applique shapes to fuse them to the white squares.  Sew the blocks together in two pairs and then sew the pairs to each other.

Place paper napkin strips on the seamlines

Place paper napkin strips on the seamlines

Add the block borders

Cut four 1″ strips from the paper napkin.  Place these along the seamlines so that they will form a border round each block.

Using red thread, reduce your stitch length to about 1.5 and sew the strips in place along the seamlines.

Sponge the paper strips

Sponge the paper strips

Now take a damp sponge and gently rub the red strips.

Most of the paper will be rubbed away – just be careful that you don’t rub too hard and remove too much paper.  Leave to dry.

Add the border

Add the border

Add the border

For the border I used simple 2.1/2″ red strips.  You’ll need two lengths of 19.1/2″ for the top and bottom with two lengths of 23.1/2″ for the sides.

Bells Christmas wall hanging conclusions

To my embarrassment, the colour ran from the paper on to the white background.  I think that my sponge was too wet – try and keep yours damp only.  I also think that I should have used three ply napkins.  The only red ones that I could find in my local shop were two ply.

Yellow napkin on grey

Yellow napkin on grey

Here you can see a yellow napkin on grey fabric making a grid.  For this one I placed a complete napkin on the fabric and then sewed a grid of lines and sponged off the excess paper.

The technique is particularly appropriate for Christmas because if you use a white napkin on red or green fabric you can give the illusion of snow.

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Here’s the video:


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  1. Suitably festive design and very cleverly done!

  2. Carol Tambourine says:

    The white on red sounds good.

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