Thrifty Quilt Block Pattern and Tutorial

Thrifty quilt block

Thrifty quilt block

The Thrifty quilt block is incredibly easy to make, but I rather like the three dimensional effect.  To me it looks as though there is a large pink square behind the brown squares.  It’s a traditional nine patch block that is attributed to the Kansas City Star company.  I’ve made it here as a 12″ square finished size.

Cutting requirements for the thrifty quilt block

2.1/2″ squares:  eight pink, eight white

4.1/2″ squares:  four brown, one pink

Thrifty quilt block layout

Thrifty quilt block layout

Make the thrifty quilt block

Lay the patchwork pieces out in a series of nine patch units and plain squares.

In each corner place a four patch unit made with two pink and two white 2.1/2″ squares.  Make sure that the pink squares always lie along the diagonals, with the white squares in the other positions.

Place a 4.1/2″ square in the middle with a brown square on each edge of the central square.

Sew the 4 patch units first

Sew the 4 patch units first

Sew the small squares together within each four patch unit.

This makes all the squares the same size, so that you now have three rows of three squares.  Sew the squares together across each row and then sew the rows to each other to complete the thrifty quilt block.

Basic quilt idea

Basic quilt idea

Thrifty quilt design suggestions

For the basic quilt idea I have shown sixteen blocks sewn together in four rows of four.  Interestingly, it now looks as though the pink and white squares are the main block, rather than the brown and pink squares.

Alternate quilt design

Alternate quilt design

In order to break the blocks up a bit, I then tried adding a large pinwheel as an alternate block.

I like this design far better – lots more to look at within the quilt.

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Here’s the video:

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  1. Both equally attractive. Lovely shade of pink you have there!

  2. Valerie, California, USA says:

    I agree with you Rose. The second sample is more eye appealing as you get much more movement. Simple design, yet very good looking. Thanks Rose.

    • Hi Valerie. Some people prefer the more straightforward designs, but I prefer having more interest in the design. It’s probably one of the easiest blocks to make.