Quilted Over-Trousers – Useful Sewing Project

My quilted over-trousers

My quilted over-trousers

I’ve made my quilted over-trousers in readiness for a trip to Norway later this year.  They could also be useful here if we have a cold winter in the UK.

They are intended to be worn over my jeans – like a coat but for the legs.  I could have made my own quilted fabric, but it was actually much cheaper (and easier) to buy the ready quilted stuff.  As I wasn’t sure how they would turn out, I didn’t want to spend too much time on this project.

I bought two metres of fabric only – no zips or buttons.

Cut the pattern pieces

Cut the pattern pieces

The Quilted Over-Trousers Pattern

A good rummage among my patterns produced a very old pattern that suited my needs.  It’s Style 3811 but any pattern with loose trousers would have been fine.

What I was looking for was simplicity rather than fashion so I ignored darts and waist closures.

With the fabric doubled over I cut the back and the front. Then I cut the waistband on a single layer of fabric.

Sewing the quilted fabric

Sew a sample seam

Sew a sample seam

As the fabric is quite thick I did wonder whether I would need to put the walking foot on the sewing machine, but I tried a sample seam and decided that my normal sewing foot would cope well.

Before I unpinned the pattern pieces I marked B or F on them to denote back and front.  The pieces are very similar looking so it would have been easy to confuse them otherwise.

Make the quilted over-trousers

Sew the inside leg seams first

Sew the inside leg seams first

The first seams that I sewed were the inside legs, sewing front to back on each side.

Then I would have sewn the U shaped bit from front waist to back waist, but I realised that I needed to finish each seam before I began the next seam so I serged those two seams.

Next I sewed the two sections together along the U shape.

Sewing the two outer leg seams should have been the next easy step.  However I was feeling complacent at how well the project was going so I managed to sew the wrong two seams.  Hold the two pieces together and check that you are making a trouser shape before you actually sew them.

The final steps

Wearing my quilted over-trousers

Wearing my quilted over-trousers

When I tried the trousers on I realised that I didn’t need a waistband.  I had intended to add a waistband with a wide elastic band inside it, but these quilted over- trousers are going to sit on top of my jeans without needing any elastic.  What I hadn’t considered was that the waist needs to be wide enough to be pulled over the hips.  If I had done that, then an elasticated waistband would have been useful.  As it is, I shall really have to tug to get these trousers on when I’m wearing jeans.

So instead of a waistband I just turned under a hem around the waist and at the end of the legs.  The whole project (even with unpicking) took a few hours only.  I’m thrilled with my quilted over-trousers – they are just what I had envisioned and I hope they’ll keep me nice and warm during my Norwegian trip.

Here’s the video:

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  1. Hi Rose – what a clever idea. I hope it is not too cold in Norway. I went in February and found it wasn’t very cold at all. Not even up in the Arctic Circle on the Russian border. I had some lined trousers and then a pair of waterproofs and that was enough. It will have gone now but I did make a snow angel in the Arctic just for fun. Mittens and a beanie type hat are a good idea and make sure you keep your tootsies dry and warm. Apart from that just have a wonderful time.
    All best Janny x

    • Hi Janny. Thanks so much for the tips. Delighted to hear that it wasn’t too cold for you – November weather should be similar to February, I would have thought. This will be somewhere completely different from my usual trips and I’m really looking forward to it.

  2. What a great idea! Comfy and warm, and a very creative way of sewing them up. Enjoy your trip!