Making a Quilted Door Curtain

My new bedroom door

My new bedroom door

I’ve been making a quilted door curtain recently.  This probably sounds a strange thing to need to make, but when I moved in to this house I found many odd things.

One of them was that when I open my bedroom door it covers both the light switch and the radiator.  The door was hinged on the left in the photo.  If I had changed it to be hinged on the right then it would have bumped into the bed when it opened.

In order to switch the light on I had to partially close the door and reach behind it.  Probably not that much effort, but oh so irritating.  So that’s why I’ve been making a quilted door curtain.  I’ve removed the door altogether.

Strips of fabric

Strips of fabric

Making a quilted door curtain

The width of a door isn’t that much less than the width of fabric which meant that the actual quilt was simple to make.  All that I needed to do was just cut strips of fabric across the width and sew them all to each other.

I have some elephant fabric that is ideal for a row quilt.  I cut strips of each of the two different colours and used a matching plain fabric between the rows.  The door curtain will be visible from both sides, so I made two quilts exactly the same as each other.  Layering them took a little extra effort in order to be sure that they matched up with each other.  Usually my backing is larger than the quilt top, but in this case the two layers were exactly the same size.  Then I quilted and bound them to make a normal quilt.

Add curtain tape

Add curtain tape

Turning it into a curtain

When I’d finished the quilt all I needed to do was sew some curtain tape across the top on one side.  It really was that simple!  Now I have removed the door and have a quilted curtain across the doorway – and I can reach my light switch easily.

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  1. What were the builders thinking when they installed the radiator and light switch/ I doubt I could live with a curtain instead of a door but have to salute you on your great problem solving. And an extremely attractive result indeed.

    • Hi June. The man I bought the house from was a DIY freak and there were many strange things in the house. I can only cope with the curtain because I live on my own – I can see that it would be a problem in a family home.

  2. Carol Tambourine says:

    That is brilliant. I think I will make one to go across my front door for the winter. I had better get a move on, it already feels like winter here in Liverpool.

    • Great idea, Carol. It would definitely be an extra layer of insulation. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for a decent September as August hasn’t been terribly special.

  3. Lola Howard says:

    Love that idea . Rose you are a genius .

  4. We did something similar while waiting for enough cash to continue buying building materials when we built our home. The hardest part is teaching children to respect the closed curtain as the same as a closed door. If you decide on a more ‘solid’ solution look at bi-fold doors or a sliding door that uses barn-door style hinges. Those are a variation on a pocket door.

    • Hi Judy. I can see the problem with privacy. As I live on my own, I just need a bit of privacy when I have guests staying but not in the normal course of the day. Thanks for the bi fold doors suggestion – I had considered that but chose the quilt curtain instead.

  5. Valerie, California, USA says:

    Very ingenious Rose. I love the idea. I think I’ll do this to my sewing room. I hate that I have unusable wall space when my door is open. Now I will be able to hang some small quilts and not have them hidden.

    • Hi Valerie. I’m thrilled with the result – as you say, doors can take up quite a bit of wall space when they’re open. I did consider a bi fold door, but I’m much more happy with my curtain.

  6. Pat Birch says:

    Where there’s a will there’s a way! Good idea.

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