Bright Jewel Quilt – Free Pattern

Bright jewel quilt

Bright jewel quilt

I’ve made the Bright Jewel quilt using my variation on the quilt block of that name, together with an alternative block using more red to create that red diamond frame around the middle.

The quilt measures 49″ square and I have used 1 yard of red, 3/4 yard each of light blue and white, 1/2 yard of medium blue (turquoise actually) and 1/4 yard of dark blue fabric.  I have used nine blocks which are all 15″ square finished size.

You can buy these fabrics at a discount in this week’s special offer.

Completed quilt blocks

Completed quilt blocks

Cutting requirements for the bright jewel quilt

3.1/2″ squares:  thirty two white, seventeen red

3.7/8″ squares:  thirty six each in turquoise and white, eighteen each in red and dark blue

6.1/2″ by 3.1/2″ rectangles:  thirty six light blue

For the border you will need to cut five 2.1/2″ strips of red across the width of fabric.

Make half square triangles

Make half square triangles

Make the half square triangle units

Use the 3.7/8″ squares to make half square triangles in the colour combinations listed above.  Place two squares with right sides together and mark a line along the diagonal.

Sew a 1/4″ seam either side of the marked line and cut along the line.  This will produce two half square triangle units which are now 3.1/2″ squares.  Press the seam allowances towards the darker fabric and trim the two corners where the triangle tips stick out.

Make the four patch units

Make the four patch units

Make the four patch units

There are four 4-patch units in each block.  Place a red/dark blue half square triangle diagonally opposite a white square.  Add two turquoise/white half square triangles diagonally opposite each other.

Note that the red triangle is on the outside of the four patch unit and the two turquoise triangles are also on the outside.  The white square with two white triangles forms a rosebud shape.   Make twenty of these for the bright jewel quilt block and eight more for the alternate block.

Bright jewel quilt block layout

Bright jewel quilt block layout

Make the bright jewel quilt block

Place a four patch unit in each corner of the block.  Rotate them so that the red triangle is always on the outside, forming the corners of the block.

Lay a light blue rectangle between each pair of four patch units with a red square in the middle of the block.

Partially sewn block

Partially sewn block

Sew the squares together within each four patch unit first.  Then sew the pieces together across each of the three rows.  Finally sew the rows to each other to complete the block.

The block is now 15.1/2″ square and you need to make five.

Alternate block layout

Alternate block layout

Make the alternate block

The alternate block is almost the same as the first block.  I have made one change only and that is to exchange two of the white squares for red squares.

Basically two of the four patch units are the same as for the bright jewel block and two of them have a red square instead of a white square.

Sew the squares together in the same way as above.  The block now measures 15.1/2″ square and you need to make four of them.

Row one

Row one

Assemble the quilt

Sew the blocks together in three rows of three.  In row one place a bright jewel block at each end with an alternate block in the middle.

Place the alternate block so that the extra red squares are towards the bottom of the block.

Row two

Row two

In row two the alternate blocks are at each end with a jewel block in the middle.

Notice that the extra red squares are towards the right of the first block and towards the left of the third block.

Row three

Row three

For row three the blocks are placed so that there’s an alternate block in the middle with a jewel block on either side of it.  This time the extra red squares are towards the top of the block.

Sew the blocks together across each row and then sew the rows to each other.

Add the quilt border

Add the quilt border

Add the quilt border

Use 2.1/2″ strips of red for the border.  I did this so that the border would blend into the red triangles around the edges.  You’ll need two lengths of 45.1/2″ for the top and bottom and two lengths of 49.1/2″ for the sides.

That completes the bright jewel quilt top.  It is now ready for layering, quilting and binding.  Full details of these steps can be found in the beginner quilting section.

Here’s the video:

Revolution square, Havana

Revolution square, Havana

As you may know, I went on my travels again last week.  My daughter and I went to Cuba.  We stayed a few days in Havana and a few days on Varadero by the beach.  We had the most wonderful time.  Havana was absolutely fascinating.  Samantha has an app on her phone that could tell her how far she walked.  Apparently on the first day we walked over 14 km.  No wonder we felt exhausted.

Havana Cathedral

Havana Cathedral

The Cathedral was truly beautiful and I found several quilt ideas in there – the stained glass windows were very unusual.

In Varadero the sea was so warm that it was a real pleasure to go swimming and snorkelling every day – such a change from the rather chilly waters around the UK!

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  1. Gwendy Burtz says:

    very pretty!!

  2. Lynda K says:

    Thanks Rose. The material and pattern arrived today and the fabric is lovely. Can’t wait to get started!

  3. Sandra Barnett says:

    Oh Rose,
    Thank you for the great pattern. Have 3 going right now one in the machine and two others on the cutting table. I will add this one to the list.
    Glad you had a great time in your travels to Cuba. I enjoy traveling with you as this is the only way I will get there. Weather has not been too bad we had a bit of rain and maybe we will for the next few days. I hope not I feel better when the sun is shining.
    Have a great weekend Catch up on your sleep, and Happy Quilting.

    • Hi Sandra. You sound like me with several projects on the go at the same time. Glad you seem to be feeling a little better – I agree that sunshine definitely helps with that.

  4. Colleen McKinlay says:

    Hello Rose,
    So enjoy your travel updates to Cuba and the quilt design is lovely. Trips with daughters are always fun. We are having wonderful weather here on Vancouver Island on the West Coast of Canada. Suppose to be a hot weekend. Similar to the UK. After a rainy past few weeks..this is heaven. Have a great weekend.

    • Hi Colleen. It’s always great to see and feel the sunshine, isn’t it. Glad your weather has improved.

  5. Anne Hardman says:

    Hello Rose, First of all thank you for having me in this group and thank you for your generosity in sharing. I enjoy browsing and looking at your crafts. Lovely quilts too. Love the Bright Jewel Quilt. What a beautiful design.

    Cuba is a place I would love to visit, perhaps one day soon.

    • Hi Anne. I hope that you get as much pleasure from your quilting as I do. I’m definitely pleased that I was able to visit Cuba – so much to see there.

  6. Margaret says:

    Just lovely, and on my birthday too. So, one I shall have to make, many thanks Rose. Warmest wishes, Margaret

  7. Hi Rose, Your Bright Jewel quilt was aptly named – it’s beautiful!

    I was happy to read that you had a wonderful time in Cuba. I can see why you would be jet lagged since it’s close to a nine hour flight from the U.K. Good that you had great weather. It’s another rainy and bleak 55 degrees here.

    • Hi Claire. I still haven’t had a decent night’s sleep since I returned to the UK, but it was well worth it. So sorry to hear that your weather’s not good. We have a heatwave here in the UK and I’m loving every minute of it.

  8. Valoriea Loresch says:

    Awesome quilt and trip, live so close to Cuba and my landlord is Cuban would love to travel to see it all.

    • Hi Valoriea. If you live near Cuba then your climate is probably similar, even if the places to see are different. It’s a lovely part of the world.

  9. Hello Rose,

    Thanks for the lovely quilt pattern and for the photos of your holiday – with the heat we have here in the UK today (Friday) I expect you feel as if you were back in Cuba!


    • Hi Diana. Oh yes – we are baking here in Birmingham as well. One big difference is that the beach isn’t 100 yards away!

  10. patricia winne says:

    Thank you. This is a beautiful design. I can wait to get started on this one.