Friendship Quilt – Free Pattern

Friendship quilt

Friendship quilt

The Friendship quilt block has always been one of my favourites.  I have changed the colours slightly to use it in this quilt and teamed it with a large half square triangle for the alternate block.

The quilt measures 58″ square and I have used nine blocks which are 18″ square finished size.  I have used 1/2 yard of white, 3/4 yard of yellow, 1.1/4 yards of red and 2.1/4 yards of black fabric.  The black is rather a pretty Ebor fabric with vibrant coloured pins so I have used bright fabrics to match that colouring.

You can buy these fabrics at a discount in this week’s special offer.

Completed quilt blocks

Completed quilt blocks

Cutting requirements for the friendship quilt

3.1/2″ squares:  twenty black, twenty yellow, forty white

3.7/8″ squares:  forty black, forty yellow

6.1/2″ squares:  five red

18.7/8″ squares:  two black, two red

For the border you will need to cut six 2.1/2″ strips of black across the width of fabric.

Make half square triangles

Make half square triangles

Make the half square triangle units

Use the 3.7/8″ squares to make half square triangles.  Place a black and a yellow square with right sides together and mark a line along the diagonal.  Sew a 1/4″ seam either side of the marked line and cut along the line.  This will produce two half square triangle units which are now 3.12″ squares.  Press the seam allowances towards the black and trim the two corners where fabric sticks out.

Central area

Central area

Make the friendship quilt block

The central area of this block is very simple.  Begin with a 6.1/2″ red square.  On each edge of this square place two half square triangles.  Place each pair so that the two black triangles together form a larger black triangle pointing towards the red square.  Now add a yellow square in each corner.

Friendship quilt block layout

Friendship quilt block layout

Lay out the outer frame next.  Outside each pair of half square triangles place another pair of half square triangles.  This time place them so that the two yellow triangles together form a larger yellow triangle pointing towards the red square.  You can see that the black now forms a V shape on each edge of the square.  Place a white square on either side of the half square triangles.  Add a black square in each corner.

Partially sewn block

Partially sewn block

Sewing the friendship quilt block

The top two and bottom two rows are simple to sew together:  just sew the squares across the rows.

For the middle section you need to sew the half square triangles together vertically first.  Then you can sew the pairs together to form a four patch unit either side of the red square.  Now you can sew the pieces together across this middle section.

Sew the rows together to complete the block.  You need to make five of these.

Sew the triangles together

Sew the triangles together

Alternate quilt block

Fold the 18.7/8″ squares in half along one diagonal.  Press to create a fold line and then cut along the line to make two triangles from each square.

Sew a black and a red triangle together along the longest edge to make a large half square triangle block.  Make four of these.

Assemble the Friendship quilt

Rows one and three

Rows one and three

Sew the blocks together in three rows of three.

Lay the blocks out for rows one and three with a friendship block in the middle and a half square triangle on each side of it.  Note that the half square triangle is placed so that the black is beside the friendship block, with the red triangle on the outside, forming the corner of the quilt.

For row two simply sew together three friendship quilt blocks in a row.

Sew the blocks together across each row and then sew the rows to each other.

Add the quilt border

Add the quilt border

Add the quilt border

For the border I have used 2.1/2″ strips of black fabric to frame the quilt.  You’ll need two lengths of 54.1/2″ for the top and bottom, with two lengths of 58.1/2″ for the sides.

That completes the Friendship quilt top.  It is now ready for layering, quilting and binding.  Full details of these steps can be found in the beginner quilting section.

Here’s the video:


Winners' enclosure

Winners’ enclosure

Last week I visited the British Stitch and Quilt show at Uttoxeter Racecourse.  I just had to show you this delightful topiary horse and jockey in the Winners’ Enclosure.  Isn’t it clever!  (It’s on the right towards the back of the photo).

Best in show

Best in show

The quilts were of course as gorgeous as ever.  This beauty was judged best in show, and deservedly so.

Teapot quilt

Teapot quilt

This one took my fancy because I drink tea by the gallon so the sight of all these different teapots made me chuckle.

It’s always great seeing the work of other quilters, isn’t it?

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  1. Elizabeth Groves says:

    Hi Rose, Well It is Easter Monday here in Sydney and we have had a beautiful Autumn weekend. I loved the Friendship Quilt and have decided to go through my stash to find ‘Spring type colours’ to make a happy quilt for Winter! Love your travel photos so keep them coming. Hope you have had a great Easter and safe journey to see your daughter, Regards Elizabeth

    • Thanks, Elizabeth. Glad you’ve had a lovely weekend in Sydney – probably warmer than our weekend in Birmingham, although we’ve had quite a lot of sunshine here. Lovely day with my daughter helping her get things straight in her new flat.

  2. Hi Rose,
    I was away for the weekend and spent today ( Easter) with my 2 nephews, their spouses and their family. Yesterday the temperatures were in the high 50’s and today in the mid 80’s. The only signs of spring I’ve seen so far are forsythia bushes.

    I loved your quilt and enjoyed the pictures of the topiary and the beautiful quilts. Hope you had a happy Easter.

    • Hi Claire. Sounds like a lovely weekend with your nephews. What a huge difference in temperatures from one day to the next. I love forsythia because it is such a bright signal of spring – in fact I have a friend growing a cutting for me so that I can have my own display next spring. Hope you enjoy the rest of Easter weekend – we have another bank holiday today (Monday) although I know that not every country has that.

  3. Rosemary harding says:

    Hi rose
    Thank you for your lovely quilt you have done.
    I loved the topiary, and the quilts from the show. I have the same one of the teapots quilt and want to sale it.
    Have a great Easter, He is alive Hallelujah
    Lots of love in Jesus Rosemary ?

  4. wish you could do log cabin full size quilt of cross

  5. Sandra Barnett says:

    Oh Rose,
    Another great quilt. Don’t see how you come up with such great ideas every week, but I thank you for doing it. Love the pictures of the quilts and the topiary. Someone was very talented.
    Hope you have a great Easter weekend with your daughter. Happy Easter and Happy Quilting.

  6. Lola Howard says:

    Rose , what can I say but Beautiful , your quilt and the picture you posted. Loved everything.
    Hope you have a Blessed Easter week-end.
    Be safe traveling .

  7. Irena Mangone says:

    Thank you for your bright and cheerful quilt. That’s another on my to do list. Love the teapot quilt. Have a lovely Easter.

    • Thanks, Irena. Hope you have a wonderful Easter now you’re back down under. The teapot quilt seems to have been very popular.

  8. Elizajane says:

    Happy Easter Rose. Love your Friendship quilt and Teapot picture, I have material (Beautiful boarder print) set aside for a teacup and teapot quilt but only 1 cup made so far, So I’m inspired to see the variety they used. Just need more days and concentration. Unlike my fellow Canadian from Vancouver,we in the east (Ontario Canada) are just beginning to see the tips of Tulips So Quilt or Garden ???ol

    • Hi Elizajane. Good luck with the teacup quilt. If you have the weather, definitely Garden – it’s so nice to be able to get out in the sunshine after a long winter. I’m surprised at the variation between Vancouver and Ontario.

  9. Ann Cook says:

    Thank you Rose, I really like this pattern, hope to have a go pretty soon. Happy Easter to you.

  10. Rose, Thank you for such the nice quilt pattern. I laughed when I saw the topiary
    it took a lot of work to get that shape.
    Thank you also for posting pictures of quilts teapot is my favourite.
    Have a lovely week-end in London.
    Happy Easter!

    • Thanks, Mary. Yes, I thought that the topiary was particularly clever – and appropriate! Glad you liked the teapot quilt.

  11. doetexas says:

    HI, Rose!
    I love the friendship quilt! It is a version of the friendship block that I’ve not seen before. I think having found your website with you being in England (what I’ve always known where you live as) or the U.K. as it’s called these days; I think this has really expanded my knowledge about quilting and quilts!
    Those two pictures you posted are beautiful, you know I’ve seen several quilts of different kinds of patterns of tea and coffee cups, but the teapots quilt is the first I’ve Seen!
    Thank you, Rose! I really appreciate all the information you’veshared and will share in the future, you never know when something you share is special or important to someone.
    Your friend, Doe

    • Thanks, Doe. That is so true – different things can have special meanings in so many different ways. I’ve always considered that I come from the UK, rather than England specifically. I suppose it’s like the difference between you saying you’re from Texas or the USA.

  12. gwen mullings says:

    Another lovely quilt to inspire us Rose, happy Easter and an enjoyable time with your family. Gwen x

  13. Gwendy Burtz says:

    Hi Rose, sure enjoy getting your e-mails with all your pretty quilts. I really like this block. Would like to make one for a friend with cancer and put a heart in the center.
    Thanks, Gwendy

  14. Dear Rose – another colourful and exciting quilt. Such strong, bright colours it would definitely make a statement wherever it was put.

    Love the teapot quilt.

    all best Janny

    • Hi Janny. My first action in the morning is to reach for the kettle and the teapot, so I thought it was a lovely quilt.

  15. Colleen McKinlay says:

    I so enjoy your travel info or pictures and local quilt shows etc. that accompany your quilt patterns. Always an interesting place or event to learn about. Thank you Rose. Love that teapot quilt. I have a small collection of teapots and have always wanted to make a teacup or teapot quilt. Must look for a pattern. You have inspired me once again.
    The cherry blossoms are beautiful in Vancouver once again this Spring, along with Forcythia, tulips and daffodils. Looking forward to blooms on my lilac, cherry and apple trees. There is something magical about spring.????We have had a very rainy spring so far. Hoping for some sunshine this weekend.
    Wishing you a lovely Easter weekend with family and friends.
    Coquitlam (suburb of Vancouver, BC Canada)?

    • Thanks for your kind comments, Colleen. Like you, I have a small collection of teapots – amazing how different they can all be! I love springtime – such bright colours everywhere and the green seems to be a fresher green in the spring. Vancouver sounds very similar to Birmingham at this time of year. I hope you do get your sunshine this weekend.