Easter Cross Quilt – Free Pattern

Easter Cross quilt

Easter Cross quilt

I’ve made the Easter Cross quilt with a cross in each quilt block and also a cross within the overall design.  The block is my own design and you may be pleased to know that it is made with only squares and rectangles.  I haven’t used a single triangle!

The quilt measures 67″ square, using 1 yard each of dark blue and medium blue, 1.1/2 yards of light blue, 1.1/4 yards of red and just 1/2 yard of yellow fabric.  I made nine blocks, each one 21″ square finished size.

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Completed Easter Cross quilt block

Completed Easter Cross quilt block

Cutting requirements for the Easter Cross quilt

3.1/2″ squares:  fifty two medium blue, eighteen red, eighteen yellow, seventy two dark blue

6.1/2″ by 3.1/2″ rectangles:  seventy two light blue, thirty six dark blue

9.1/2″ by 3.1/2″ rectangles:  nine yellow

2″ by 3.1/2″ rectangles:  fifty four light blue, fifty four red

For the border you will need seven 2.1/2″ strips of red fabric cut across the width of fabric.

Easter Cross quilt block layout

Easter Cross quilt block layout

Make the Easter Cross quilt block

The block is simple to make, with the pieces laid out in seven rows.

Make rows one and seven with a dark blue square at each end.  Place a medium blue square in the middle and two 6.1/2″ light blue rectangles between them.

Rows two and six have a 6.1/2″ light blue rectangle at each end.  In the middle there’s a red square with a medium blue square either side of it.

For rows three and five place a 2″ light blue rectangle at each end with a 6.1/2″ medium blue rectangle just inside them.  The middle of these rows consists of a yellow square with a red 2″ rectangle either side.

Finally for the fourth (middle) row place a 9.1/2″ yellow strip in the middle with a 2″ red strip either side followed by a medium blue square either side and a 2″ light blue strip at each end.

Sew the pieces together across each row and then sew the rows to each other to complete the quilt block.  This now measures 21.1/2″ square and you need to make four of them.

Alternate quilt block

Alternate quilt block

Make the alternate quilt block

In the alternate block I have swapped the dark blue and medium blue pieces, but left the red, yellow and light blue pieces exactly the same.  As you can see, this gives a darker block and I have used this to form the shape of the cross within the quilt.

Make five of the alternate block.

Rows one and three

Rows one and three

Assemble the Easter Cross quilt

Sew the blocks together in three rows of three.  Place an Easter Cross block at each end with an alternate block in the middle for rows one and three.

Row two

Row two

In order to make row two, place three alternate blocks side by side.

Sew the blocks together across each row and then sew the rows to each other.

Add the quilt border

Add the quilt border

Add the quilt border

For the border I have used 2.1/2″ strips of red fabric.  Sew a 63.1/2″ length to the top and bottom of the quilt.  Then make 67.1/2″ lengths for the sides.

That completes the Easter Cross quilt top.  It is now ready for layering, quilting and binding.  Full details of these steps can be found in the quilting for beginners section.

Here’s the video:

Feathers Hotel Ludlow

Feathers Hotel Ludlow

I think that I may have mentioned problems with my computer over the last few weeks.  Last week it became a far more serious problem so I took a trip back to Ludlow for my wonderful computer man to work his magic on it.  Luckily he was able to fix the problem while I re visited my old haunts around Ludlow.

The Feathers Hotel is a 17th century coaching inn.  The front view is stunning and it’s easy to see how it came to be known as ‘the most handsome inn in the world’.  I had a very welcome coffee in there to escape the constant rain.

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  1. I’m in awe of your talent Rosemary. You really have created a truly gorgeous design – stunning fabrics used – are so stunning. Just wow!

    • Aw, thanks June. I think we’re really lucky to have such gorgeous fabrics available to us – especially when you think that the early quilters used feedsacks to make their quilts!

  2. Hi Rose, I just want to say I always read & enjoy your quilt posts & marvel at your creativity & dedication. I’m going through a rough patch at the moment & thinking of pretty quilts at night is very helpful to distract me. I need a simple lap quilt to try, can you recommend one?

  3. Hi Rose, You have designed a beautiful pattern. Always enjoy watching you put things together.

    No fun unpacking but I’m sure your daughter will truly appreciate your giving her a hand. Moving (I know because I moved 9 times) is very tiring and downright depressing.

    • Hi Claire. Her flat is beginning to look like a home at last. I think she’s going to be very happy there. We have put the curtain poles and tracks up now, so that’s a major job out the way.

  4. Barbara says:

    M’s. Rose Thank you again for sharing your wonderful talent. I am very senior and new to trying to learn how to make a quilt. Is there a formula whereby the quilt can be reduced to a smaller size. Like 40×40. I am always thrilled to see communication from you here in my inbox. Thank you for the pictures.
    From Tennessee USA

  5. Sandra Barnett says:

    Oh Rose,
    This is a great quilt for the Easter season. Last week I replied to your post but I could not get through. My computer is acting up also. Love the designs both last week and this week, Did not so too much this week, maybe I will get back to it next week. Just have to sanwich my quilt and sew it. It is a very springy pattern with yellows and green.Different for me. but will look pretty. Think I will make this one next.
    Have a great weekend with your daughter unpacking boxes.Happy Quilting

    • Hi Sandra. Imagine you making a quilt without purple in it! Your spring quilt sounds lovely – whenever I use yellow I like it and wonder why I don’t use it more often.

  6. Thank you Rose. This looks lovely!

  7. Rose, you’ve come up with another lovely pattern, thank you.
    I don’t envy your daughter having to do all that unpacking.
    The inn is a beautiful building.

    • Thanks, Mary. At least she’s young enough not to have as much to unpack as I would have if I moved again now!

  8. Thank you for yet another winning tutorial! Pinned this one!

  9. Hi Rose, Again a lovely interesting quilt. Absolutely love Ludlow and have stayed in The Feathers Hotel many times.

    • Hi Linda. It’s a gorgeous building, isn’t it. Mind you, Ludlow is full of interesting and beautiful buildings.

  10. Thank you so much Rose – the quilt design is fantastic and I am sure I can manage this. Love your pictures – have a great weekend and thank you again for your motivation.

    • Thanks, Monica. It’s a very simple block and goes together really quickly.

      • Kathy Betty says:

        I’m going to a quilt retreat in a mountain town a couple of hours away from me. 4 days of quilting, fellowship, abd good food at a convent dedicated to the church and non-profit groups. I’m bringing one of your patterns with me to work on. 🙂

        Chico, CA, USA