Baby Soft Toy – Teddy Bear – Simple Toy

Baby soft toy - teddy

Baby soft toy – teddy

I’m continuing my hunt for baby patterns on other websites.  After my rabbit, the obvious next choice was going to be a baby soft toy – teddy, but a simple one first.  The one that I have chosen is delightfully simple – it is made in the same way as the rabbit, but this time I have added a face.

My plan is to start with the most simple toys and then gradually move on to more complex patterns step by step.

Where to find the teddy pattern

This particular teddy pattern is from the website of the magazine Prima:

Their patterns cover a wide range of crafts – very interesting.

Print the teddy template

Print the teddy template

In order to print the template, I simply right clicked on the image of the template, then copy and pasted it to my photos.  From there I could print it.

Making the baby soft toy – teddy

Clip into the seam allowance

Clip into the seam allowance

Once again I would recommend a lot more clipping in to the seam allowances than most patterns seem to show.  That’s just my personal preference, but I think that it gives you more rounded curves when you turn the project right side out.

Adding the teddy face

Embroider the eyes and nose

Embroider the eyes and nose

I have embroidered the face with just two circles for the eyes and a triangle for the nose.  This takes no time at all and definitely adds something to the toy.  It’s also safer for baby than using buttons or something like that for the face.

Teddy’s right eye is nearly lost in the fabric design, but I didn’t notice that until after I had finished embroidering the face.

It would probably have been easier to do the embroidery if I had chosen to make the face before I sewed the pattern pieces together, but I prefer to add them last of all.  Again that’s just personal preference – I feel that I can better judge where I want the eyes when everything is sewn together.

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  1. This teddy is adorable and sure it will become a firm favourite with your granddaughter, especially with the Winnie The Pooh fabric.

    I did comment a couple of days ago but must have clicked off before it had time to ‘stick’.

    • Thanks, June. I’m finding the whole system quite slow at the moment – I seem to have to wait ages for each step to complete. Thanks for taking the time to comment a second time.