Susannah Quilt Block Pattern

Susannah quilt block

Susannah quilt block

The Susannah quilt block is a simple four patch block, also known as Mr Roosevelt’s Necktie.  Surprisingly for such an easy block, it makes up into quite an interesting quilt.  I have made it here as a 12″ square.  I’ve only used one colour plus white, but of course you could vary the colours in a quilt.

Cutting requirements for the susannah quilt block

3.1/2″ squares:  four white, four red

3.7/8″ squares:  two white, two red

3.1/2″ by 6.1/2″ rectangles:  two red

Make half square triangle units

Make half square triangle units

Making the susannah quilt block

Make half square triangles with the 3.7/8″ squares.  Place a red and a white square with right sides together and mark a line along the diagonal.  Sew a 1/4″ seam either side of the marked line and cut along the line.  This will produce two half square triangle units which are now 3.1/2″ squares.

Press the seam allowances towards the red and trim the two corners where the fabric sticks out.

Susannah quilt block layout

Susannah quilt block layout

Lay the squares out in four rows of four.

There’s a white square in each corner.  The four half square triangles are placed in the middle of the block, forming a white diamond with the white triangles.  The red rectangles are placed in the top and bottom rows, while a pair of red squares is placed in the first and last columns.

Sew the squares together across each row and then sew the rows to each other to complete the quilt block.

Susannah quilt suggestion

Susannah quilt suggestion

For a quilt idea, I have shown sixteen of these blocks sewn together in four rows of four.  I think that it gives quite a pleasing quilt – enough to look at to keep it interesting.  You could also make it more interesting by varying the colours throughout the quilt – perhaps another scrappy quilt.

You can see a quilt I made using variations of this block here.

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  1. I never tire of seeing how many very different effects you achieve from what is effectively moving a few squares and triangles around. The last version with the sixteen blocks in four rows of four works beautifully.

  2. Hello arose,
    Love the simplicity of the pattern. I have many packs of 5 inch charm packs. Could I adapt this pattern using these squares. Thinking of a blue and white combination. Really enjoy your web site. So many wonderful quilting ideas. Thank you Rose.
    From Sunny VancOver Island. B.C. Canada

  3. Thank you. Another nice and easy one.