Alicante Quilt Pattern

Alicante quilt

Alicante quilt

The Alicante quilt pattern is based on a mosaic tile design that I saw on my recent trip to Alicante – the pathway looked as though it was rippled although it was actually completely flat.  The design is a bit like chevrons, but more rounded to give a wave effect.

I have made the quilt using eighteen blocks which are 20″ by 12″ finished size, giving a finished quilt size of 64″ by 76″ and using 2 yards of cream, 1.3/4 yards of red and 1.1/4 yards of brown fabric.

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Mosaic tiling

Mosaic tiling

Cutting requirements for the Alicante quilt

The photo shows the mosaic design that inspired the quilt.

2.1/2″ squares:  forty five red, forty five brown, seventy two cream

2.1/2″ by 4.1/2″ rectangles:  ninety cream, twenty seven red, twenty seven brown

2.1/2″ by 6.1/2″ rectangles:  seventy two cream, twenty seven red, twenty seven brown

2.7/8″ squares:  sixty three red, sixty three brown, one hundred and twenty six cream

For the border you will need seven 2.1/2″ strips of red fabric cut across the width of fabric

Make half square triangle units

Make half square triangle units

Making the Alicante quilt blocks

Make half square triangle units with all the 2.7/8″ squares.  Place a cream square with either a red or a brown square, right sides together.  Mark a line along the diagonal and sew a 1/4″ seam either side of the marked line.  Cut along the line to produce two half square triangle units which are now 2.1/2″ squares.

Lay the squares out in six rows of ten for each block.  I have actually used rectangles in place of multiple squares to save time on the sewing.  A 4.1/2″ by 2.1/2″ rectangle is equivalent to two 2.1/2″ squares and a 6.1/2″ by 2.1/2″ rectangle is equivalent to three 2.1/2″ squares.

Alicante quilt block layout

Alicante quilt block layout

So the first row is made with a 6.1/2″ cream rectangle at each end and a 4.1/2″ brown rectangle in the middle with a half square triangle either side of it.

The second row is made with a 4.1/2″ cream strip at each end, a 6.1/2″ brown strip with a 2.1/2″ brown square in the middle, again with a half square triangle on either side.

The third row is made with a cream square at each end, two 6.1/2″ brown strips in the middle with a half square triangle on each side.

The fourth row has a cream square at each end with a 4.1/2″ brown strip inside of them, then a half square triangle at each side of a 4.1/2″ cream strip.

The fifth row has a half square triangle at each end, then a brown square followed by another half square triangle and two 4.1/2″ cream strips in the middle.

The sixth and final row has a brown square at each end followed by a half square triangle, with two 6.1/2″ cream strips in the middle.

Completed Alicante quilt blocks

Completed Alicante quilt blocks

Sew the patchwork pieces together across each row and then sew the rows to each other to complete the block.  Make nine of these and then make nine more exactly the same but substituting red fabric for brown.

Assembling the Alicante quilt

Sew the blocks in 6 rows of 3

Sew the blocks in 6 rows of 3

Sew the blocks together in six rows of three, using the same colour across each row – three rows of brown blocks and three rows of red blocks, alternating the colours row by row.

Add the quilt border

Add the quilt border

For the border I have used 2.1/2″ strips of red fabric.  You’ll need two lengths of 60.1/2″ for the top and bottom and two lengths of 76.1/2″ for the sides.

That completes the Alicante quilt top.  It is now ready for layering, quilting and binding.  Full details of these steps can be found in the quilting for beginners section.

Metal soldiers in the Castle

Metal soldiers in the Castle

If you’d like to see more photos and thoughts from my trip to Alicante last week, you can see them here.

Don’t forget the fabric sale which will last until next Thursday 19th May.

Here’s the video:

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  1. Sue Hatliff says:

    Happy Birthday Rose. A fabulous quilt, clever lady 🙂

  2. True to your word you’ve done the splendidly named Alicante quilt! So clever creating a pattern inspired by the paving and mosaics – it really looks very effective and most original.

    • Thanks, June. As soon as I saw that paving I felt that I wanted to use the design in a quilt – I am so filled with admiration for the guys who laid those mosaics: thousands and thousands of tiny tiles.

  3. Fiona Graham says:

    Hope you had a Very Happy Birthday Rose. We share a birth year! I am coming over to the UK in a couple of days, so hope to be able to visit your shop. I have just had a 4 day Quilting retreat in the hills above Perth, WA, with 30 other like-minded women. Was a wonderful, busy, fun weekend. We sewed until the early hours then got up for breakfast and started all over again. Looking forward to finding some gorgeous fabrics in England. Fiona

    • Hi Fiona. I hope you have a wonderful holiday in the UK. I’m sure you’ll be able to find plenty of lovely fabrics. I don’t actually have a shop – I do everything on line (don’t forget that I now liver in Birmingham, not Ludlow). It sounds as if you had a fantastic time on your quilting retreat.

  4. Teresa E Purvis says:

    Hi Rose, I’ve never seen this pattern before, it looks very complicated and I was surprised that it’s easier than it looks. This is really different and I enjoyed seeing and listening to your directions. Thank you so much for sharing this.

  5. Anne Hugill says:

    Happy Birthday! I look forward to receiving your e-mails – long may you continue.

  6. Hi Rose. Away from my computer so I’m late in responding. I vacationed in Spain twice but it was always in the southern part. Alicante was a city I had never heard of before so I’ve been sitting here viewing all the photos taken by tourists. What a beautiful city! I saw the marble promenade – the inspiration for your pattern. I learned that it was an imitation of the waves of the Mediterranean in colors of red, cream and black.
    Once again, Happy 63rd Birthday. I remember your birthday because my 85th birthday will be on the 21st ..yours on (numbers reversed) the 12th. I’ll be looking forward to next Friday.

    • Hi Claire. Thanks for that – I hadn’t realised that the paving was meant to represent the waves of the Mediterranean, but it certainly makes sense. Happy Birthday for the week after next.

  7. I have downloaded the PDF for this week’s quilt. I don’t know how you manage a quilt top every week, as well as the pattern online and PDF. It must really be a full time job, and then some.
    Many thanks, I store ideas in a folder and it is so useful on dry days to have something to flick through and cheer oneself up with.
    Next, the tiles in Venice!

    • Hi Amanda. Too right – Venice is definitely on my list of places to visit, although I’m not quite sure when I’ll manage to get there. There are so many places on my bucket list!

  8. Happy Birthday Rose

  9. Rose Johnson says:

    Happy Birthday Rose and Thank you for your beautiful quilts you send me each Friday.
    Rose Johnson,
    Australia xx

  10. Sandra Barnett says:

    Oh Rose,
    Happy Day after your Birthday. Well you could celebrate the whole weekend. Another great quilt. Love the pattern, so different. You have me seeing quilt ideas in the things I see around me. Cannot put them into a design like you, but… would love to try someday. Every week I see one of your great ideas and say I could do that. But…. have I ? not yet. I will get there someday and I may start with this one. I am having a birthday on May 30,As an early birthday present my cousin gave me some fat quarters and a pattern to go with them. HMM Which should I start first. Plenty of time to think about it.
    Hope you have a great weekend and Happy Quilting.

    • Hi Sandra. Happy Birthday for later this month. It becomes an obsession, looking for quilt designs. I have noticed that I tend to go into a cathedral with my head down looking at the floor tiling first while all those around me have their gaze fixed upwards on the windows and ceilings. I still see those, but only after I’ve had a good gawk at the floor tiles!

  11. Rose, This week’s pattern made me smile. It would be nice for a child.
    Thank you Rose.
    At least you came home to good weather.

    • Hi Mary. Glad you like the quilt. The weather may not have been brilliant, but it was lovely just to have the chance to relax with my daughter.

  12. Janet Gould says:

    Belated happy belated birthday wishes, Rose. Thanks for the newsletter.
    Regards Janet

  13. Laura Nicholls says:

    Hi Rose, this looks interesting, how long does it take you to do one of your quilts you put on here each week, I am still fairly new so wouldn’t have any idea. Another one to go on my TO DO list. Thank you Laura

    • Hi Laura. I only make the quilt top for the newsletter. I wouldn’t have time to make the complete quilt each week. It’s difficult to put a time on it because I tend to have several projects on the go at any one time. I do try and show you the quickest and simplest way to make each quilt.

  14. Carol Smith says:

    So glad you enjoyed Alicante, I only live 35 minutes from there, yes your weather was much better than ours!

  15. red and brown sould never be show. not a good chioce of colours rose but the pattern in nice.
    sorry rose. brian

    • Thanks, Brian. I happen to like red and brown together, but of course you could make this quilt in whatever colours you wish. The main point about quilting is that everyone has the freedom to make the quilt their own with whatever fabrics they choose.

  16. Hi Rose, that’s certainly different. Looks like a challenge. So glad you found inspiration from your trip. Lots to see.

  17. Jane Claber says:

    Love this design, simple but effective. Glad you had a good time in Alicante, was it a birthday treat? Many happy returns for yesterday.

    • Thanks, Jane. The reason for the holiday was that my daughter had some time off before starting a new job – it was just coincidental that it was around the time of my birthday.

  18. Happy Birthday Rose!!!!!!

  19. Happy Birthday Rose! I too just had a birthday in April and I got fabric, lots of fabric, from my daughter. Now I know what to do with some of that fabric! Thank you for such great patterns. I wish you were closer so I could visit your shop. I will get to return to England some day. London, Stonehenge, and Ludlow Quilts, here I come (eventually). Thanks again, April

    • Thanks, April. Happy Birthday for last month. Hope you do get to visit the UK – it’s a lovely place to visit.