Spider Quilt Block Pattern

Spider quilt block

Spider quilt block

The spider quilt block is a nine patch block attributed to Nancy Cabot.  I love it because you can see pinwheels or squares depending on which way you look at it.  I’ve made it here as a 9″ finished size square.

Cutting requirements for the spider quilt block

3.7/8″ squares:  five each in brown and cream

Making the spider quilt block

Make half square triangle units with all the squares.  Place a brown and a cream square with right sides together and mark a line along the diagonal.  Sew a 1/4″ seam either side of the marked line and cut along the line.  This will provide two half square triangle units.  Using five squares of each colour will actually give you ten half square triangles, although you need only nine for this block.

Spider quilt block layout

Spider quilt block layout

Lay the squares in three rows of three.  The only suggestion that I can make for placing the triangles the correct way (other than saying follow the photo), is to suggest that you look for the two pinwheels.  There’s one in the top left of the block and another in the bottom right of the block.  They share the central half square triangle.

Sew the squares together across each row and then sew the rows to each other to complete the spider quilt block.

Basic spider quilt design

Basic spider quilt design

My first quilt idea was just to use the basic spider quilt block repeated.

I felt that some of the detail of the block was lost in a bit of a blur of triangles.  This quilt was made with four rows of four blocks.

Alternative spider quilt design

Alternative spider quilt design

My next thought was to add one more colour to the basic spider quilt block.  For this version I have changed four of the half square triangles in each block from brown to blue.  If you concentrate on one corner of the quilt only, you’ll be able to see in which four triangles I have substituted blue.  I found this quilt design a lot more interesting.  I’d love to hear which version you prefer.

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  1. I like the one with the blue. The first one my eyes went blurry. It looked so busy. The 2nd one more restful but exciting

    • Hi Irena. I felt the same about the first one. The second one was more interesting, but I feel that if I played around a lot longer I should have been able to come up with a quilt design that I actually wanted to make.

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