Hays Corner Quilt Pattern

Hays corner quilt

Hays corner quilt

For the hays corner quilt I have used a zebra print which I am calling black within the pattern.  I wasn’t sure about it, but now I think that it looks great – the other fabrics are fairly plain.  It’s not so noticeable in the digital image, but you can see it more clearly in the photos below.  Just look at all the delightful stars, crosses, diamonds and squares that show up when you look at the quilt several times.

The quilt measures 52″ square and I have used 1/2 yard of dark blue, 1 yard of light blue, 3/8 yard of white and 1.1/4 yards of black.

Completed hays corner quilt block

Completed hays corner quilt block

Cutting requirements for the hays corner quilt

2.1/2″ squares:  ninety six dark blue, sixty four light blue, one hundred and sixty black

2.1/2″ by 8.1/2″ rectangles:  thirty two black

4.7/8″ squares:  sixteen light blue, sixteen white

For the border you will need to cut five 2.1/2″ strips of light blue fabric.

Make half square triangle units

Make half square triangle units

Making the half square triangles

Make half square triangle units with the 4.7/8″ squares.  Place a light blue and a white square with right sides together.  Mark a line along one diagonal and sew a 1/4″ seam either side of the marked line.  Cut along the line to produce two half square triangle units.  These are now 4.1/2″ squares.

Make the four patch units

Strip piecing to make the 4 patch units

Strip piecing to make the 4 patch units

The four patch units are made most easily using strip piecing.  Sew together a 2.1/2″ strip of light blue and dark blue fabric.  Press the seam allowance towards the dark blue and cut across this panel at 2.1/2″ intervals.  This gives rectangles 2.1/2″ wide by 4.1/2″ long.

Sew the pairs of squares together

Sew the pairs of squares together

Sew these together in pairs so that the dark blue squares are diagonally opposite each other.  You will also need some individual dark blue squares, so don’t sew all the light blue and dark blue strips together.

Make the Hays Corner quilt block

Hays corner quilt block layout

Hays corner quilt block layout

Lay the patchwork pieces out as shown.  This may look complicated because there are so many different sized shapes, but it’s actually quite simple to sew together in stages.

The important thing to note is that the four patch units and blue squares are placed so that the dark blue squares form a line down one diagonal.  The half square triangles are placed so that the white triangles both point towards the middle of the block.

Sew some of the squares in pairs

Sew some of the squares in pairs

Begin by sewing together some of the small squares in pairs.  The squares either side of the half square triangle units are sewn together in columns and the two squares above or below the four patch units are also sewn together.

Continue sewing sections together

Continue sewing sections together

You can now sew these pairs of squares to the half square triangles or 4 patch units.  Once you have sewn the black 8.1/2″ rectangle to the half square triangle section, you can sew the two sections showing at the top of the photo to each other.

That completes the top half of the block.  Repeat with the bottom half of the block and then sew the two halves together to complete the block.  You will need to make sixteen blocks.

Rotate the blocks across the rows

Rotate the blocks across the rows

Assembling the hays corner quilt

Sew the blocks together in four rows of four.  Rotate the blocks across the rows and down the columns.  In rows 1 and 3, the first block has the blue squares running from top left to bottom right then the second block has the blue squares running from bottom left to top right, forming a V pattern across the rows.  In rows 2 and 4, the first block has the blue squares running from bottom left to top right and then the blocks are alternated so that the blue squares form a peak rather than a V design.

Initially I was going to make this quilt with nine blocks in three rows of three, but the design isn’t nearly so striking with an odd number of blocks across the rows.  When you have four rows of four you get a more finished looking design as all the stars are complete.

Add the quilt border

Add the quilt border

For the hays corner quilt border I used 2.1/2″ strips of light blue fabric.  You’ll need two lengths of 48.1/2″ for the top and bottom of the quilt and two lengths of 52.1/2″ for the sides.

That completes the hays corner quilt.  It is now ready for layering, quilting and binding.  Full details of these steps can be found in the beginner quilting section.

Last week I mentioned that I was going to look at an embroidery machine.  I loved it and returned home with both the machine and lots of patterns to use with it.  You can see more about my trip here.

Of course, you know what’s going to come next, don’t you?  Please help me to choose a name for my new embroidery machine.  I’d love to hear your suggestions.

Here’s the video:

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  1. Hello Rose, love the quilt pattern and the colors so refreshing. I would love to see a picture of your new embroidery machine, I would love to have one, and plan on it some day, but that will be awhile. I just got another vintage lady it is a 1963 Singer Touch and Sew model 600, white & grey, all medal, gear driven, no belt, and she sews beautifully. Only gave $10.00 for her. She doesn’t have a name yet either but I am contemplating on names from the 60’s like Norma Jean, Marilyn, Doris, but really every time I look at it I see the name Shelby after the Shelby Cobra, so I guess I’ll name her Shelby. For yours I would name it Gypsy Rose after the song and it has your name in it too, so what could be better. Good Luck in finding your favorite name . Markay

    • Hi Markay. You certainly had a bargain with your new sewing machine – I hope you have lots of fun sewing with her. Thanks for the name suggestion – very pretty.

  2. I love the boldness of the zebra print. I hope we get to see the final piece when you’ve completed the quilting…hint, hint. Since I haven’t seen nor heard the sound of your new machine, it is hard for me to imagine her personality. However, I just named my car, after owning it for a year and a half! LOL I call her Diva…because she is a bit more “fussy” than her predecessor.

    • Hi Mary. Good idea – I’ll try and quilt the hays corner this week. I love the reasoning behind your car’s name. That was certainly how I would have described Minnie when I first attempted to quilt with her.

  3. A beautiful quilt Rose I will have to try this one once I have caught up with all my sewing jobs.

  4. Jann LeClair says:

    Good Morning Rose, a quick note to say thank you for sharing your ideas and skills with us. How about “Mamie” as your quilts are ‘made by me” and sisters up to Minnie smoothly? I look forward to your tutorials and pattern ideas! Jann from Watertown, CT, USA

  5. Rose, Do you ever stop thinking up patterns?
    This one is beautiful. Enjoy your new machine. My suggestion for a name

  6. Cecilia Alcantar says:

    Dear Rose, well, here is my name suggestion for your embroidery machine that I kinda think goes so well with your Quilt machine. What about calling her “Emma”? It just kinda rings together with Minnie. Yes, Minnie & Emma sounds just made for a pair of your friends. Whatever name that finally you decide on is fine. I’m sure you will know it when you hear it. I want to say the quilt with the contrasting zebra print is lovely to look at. Good luck.Thanks again, Sincerely,Cecilia Alcantar

    • He Cecilia. Thanks for the suggestion – Emma seems to be quite a popular name for me to use. Glad you like the quilt. I’m pleased with how the zebra print set off the design.

  7. elizacross2003 says:

    Another beautiful quilt Rose, My daughter has an Embroidery machine she doesn’t use and is in storage,I have been beggging her to pass it on to me, Hopefully she will find it but as I am moving to be closer to my ggrandchildren in the next 3 months, meanwhile you might consider Ember as a name. I’m sure you will be firering it up and blazing away with .it soon. lol

    • Thanks, Eliza. Thoughtful suggestion! I really hope that you do manage to get your daughter’s embroidery machine after you move. I’m having so much fun with mine – I would recommend it to anyone.

  8. Hi Rose, I think “EMMY” would be a good name for your new toy, short for embroidery. Love getting your emails each week, I don’t know how you manage to get any sleep with all that you fit into every 24hrs. Regards Judy

  9. MarleneC says:

    Rose, this is one of my favorites that you have been so gracious to give to us. I love the colors that you have chosen.

  10. Marilyn Larkin says:

    I love this quilt and all the designs hiding within in it and; the colours are perfect. You will absolutely get lost in time with your new embroidery machine. They are just magic and mesmerising. I know you have Minnie, how about Merlin for your embroidery machine as it will never cease to amaze you with its magic. Enjoy your week exploring and playing.

  11. Alma Johnson says:

    Thank you Rose for the beautiful design, love it. How about Winnie for your new machine to go with Minnie.

    • Thanks, Alma. I wonder if I would confuse myself if I had a Minnie and a Winnie – it doesn’t take much to confuse me!

  12. Love the quilt. I think I might try it with a giraffe print. How about “Dancer” for the embroidery machine.

  13. karin wijaya says:

    Its lovely quilt Rose Unfortunately I don’t know nothing to name a machine. Have a nice weekend

  14. I definitely love love the combination of fabrics choices… never thought I would like so much zebra fabric this way. Brilliant!

    • Thanks, Lucy. I was in two minds about whether to use the zebra, but it surprised me with how good it looked.

  15. Lovely quilt. How about Bridie for you embroidary machine.

  16. Sandra Barnett says:

    Oh Rose,
    Another great quilt. It does show different patterns the more you look at it. Love the colors. Almost done with my quilt, Next month I’ll be ready to start a new one.
    Thinking about names. Only Emma for Embroidery or Daisy for Daisy stitches come to mind. Sorry not much help, Hope you have fun with it.
    Have a great weekend. I will be sewing at least half of the weekend.

  17. Tania Grobler says:

    Hi Rose. Thanks again for an interesting quilt pattern. One day when I grow up 😉 I plan on buying an embroidery machine. Re naming your new toy … How about NEMmie? Short for New Embroidery Machine… :). Have fun!

    • Hi Tania. I’m not sure that I would consider myself to be grown up yet, but it’s certainly a great toy to have. Clever idea for a name.

  18. Really like this pattern Rose. What about the name “Eby” pronounced with a long e sound? It’s short,sweet,and cute.

  19. It’s hard to pick one of your quilts when you’re trying to decide which one you would like to make because each design is so beautiful. I’m still having a very hard time sandwiching the rail fence. I can’t bend over to do the work on a floor and I also can’t find a table that’s large enough to put it together. I may end up using my bed.

    • Hi Claire. That would probably work – I’ve heard others say that they use the bed for layering quilts. I suppose you’d just have to be extra careful not to pin the bed covers as well.

  20. Bonnie Murray says:

    Really nice Rose,,I love the colors and the way they all went together-I’ve been loving the quilts you been showing 🙂

  21. Hi Rose wow – I think this is one of your best designs yet

  22. Nice quilt, thank you. How about Matilda, just sounds like it fits.

  23. LOL, not very good at naming things. The cat was Cat most days and the dog was Pup so it will be interesting to see what you come up with.

    I see a sampler quilt with all your practice pieces from the embroidery machine. Maybe as simple as a square-in-a-square blocks or an album block.

    I really like how you picked out two fabrics with the same background in complementary colors and then used the zebra print to make it pop.

    • Thanks, Judy. I was like that with my dog – he had many names and Dog was definitely one of them. The friend that I bought the machine from had made a sampler quilt from all the different embroidery designs, and it was really effective. Glad you like the quilt – the zebra print worked out better than I’d expected.

  24. Jayne Wilson says:

    Love this one Rose…. Especially the zebra fabric.

    • Thanks, Jayne. I’m also working on an actual zebra using the same fabric – it’s a really fresh looking print.

  25. joan ward says:

    Hello Rose love the quilt Name for machine Mable
    regards Joan

  26. Really nice quilt Rose – I like the fresh clean colours you’ve used in this one.

  27. Trish Tarbuck says:

    Rose,absolutely love this quilt, stunning.Glad you bought the embroidery machine, I went on a course last year and thoroughly enjoyed the peacock I made but glad to say I didn’t want to purchase a machine.I am not very good with names but what about Ellie it goes well with Minnie.Trish

    • Thanks, Trish. I don’t think that I’ll be ready for a course for quite some time. I have a mountain of patterns to look at first that came with the machine. At the moment I’m experimenting with initials for the flower girls’ bags for my son’s wedding, but I keep getting side tracked by other designs that I want to try out. Thanks for the Ellie suggestion – I’m looking forward to naming her at the end of the week!