Machine Quilting Loops


Machine quilting loops

Machine quilting loops

I’m machine quilting loops for the next block on my machine quilting sampler.  This is such an easy design to quilt – many people call them ‘e’, but my loops are a bit too upright to be called ‘e’ I think.  This can be used as a basic filler quilting design.

Machine quilting single loops

Machine quilting single loops

Machine quilting loops – single loops

For the first row – at the top in the photo – I just sewed a loop and then followed a curve to the next curve and carried on across the row.  My loops are not terribly even in size, but I’m sure yours will be far more regular!

Machine quilting figure of eight

Machine quilting figure of eight

Machine quilting loops – figure of eight

The next stage is to machine quilt two loops – otherwise known as figure of eight.  This is a particularly easy design because your hands are used to following a figure of eight shape so it should make it more easy to sew the shape.  As you can see, I have worked from the top and dropped down to make the figure of eight moving across the row.

Machine quilting double loops

Machine quilting double loops

Machine quilting loops – double loops

The logical progression from a figure of eight is to move across the row between the two loops so that the loops are not directly above or below each other.  For this you need exactly the same action as for a figure of eight, but move across to the right each time before you begin a new loop.

Echo quilting the rows of loops

It can add a nice touch if you echo quilt across a row of machine quilted loops.  If you look at the top photo you’ll see a line of stitching between the rows of loops which follows the curves of the loops.  It adds definition to the quilting line and would look particularly good if you were machine quilting loops along a border.

Here’s the video:

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