Florence Floor Tile Quilt Pattern One


Florence floor tile quilt one

Florence floor tile quilt one

This is my first Florence floor tile quilt pattern – probably one of many to come.  I have chosen a very simple geometric design from the tiles in the Florence Cathedral – partly because I didn’t have much time, but also because it’s such an eyecatching design.  I added the red cross in the middle just to give the quilt some pop, and because the design came from a cathedral.

The original floor tiles

The original floor tiles

The quilt measures 38″ square and I used 1 yard of green fabric, 3/4 yard of light fabric with just five 2.1/2″ red squares.  Many of the buildings in Florence use white marble from Carrara, green from Prato and a lovely rose colour from Siena.  The fabrics I have used have a marbled effect, but as you can see the light fabric is not white – I thought that a solid white might look too stark in the quilt.  The red that I have used is also much darker than the marble used in Florence.  As usual you can buy these fabrics at a 10% discount in this week’s special offer.

Cutting requirements for the Florence floor tile quilt one

6.1/2″ squares:  four light

2.1/2″ squares:  sixteen green, five red

2.1/2″ light rectangles:  sixteen 4.1/2″, sixteen 6.1/2″, four 16.1/2″ for the sashing

2.1/2″ green rectangles:  eight 6.1/2″, eight 10.1/2″, eight 14.1/2, eight 18.1/2″

Add green strips around the central square

Add green strips around the central square

Making the Florence floor tile quilt one

Each block is built up from the middle, beginning with the light 6.1/2″ square.  Sew a green 4.1/2″ rectangle to the top and bottom of the square.  Press the seam allowances away from the square, then sew the 10.1/2″ rectangles to the sides.

The second frame is light fabric

The second frame is light fabric

The next frame is made using the light fabric, but with a green square in each side to link the inner and outer green frames.

The strips across the top and bottom are made using two 4.1/2″ light rectangles with a green square between them.  Sew these to the square.  The side strips are made using two 6.1/2″ light rectangles with a green square between them.  Continue pressing the seam allowances away from the central square.

Add the outer green frame

Add the outer green frame

Finally add the outer green frame to the quilt block.  That’s a 14.1/2″ rectangle across the top and bottom and an 18.1/2″ rectangle down each side.

You will need to make four of these quilt blocks.

Assembling the Florence floor tile quilt

Make the quilt sashing

Make the quilt sashing

Sew a red square to one end of each of the 16.1/2″ light rectangles.  This will form the sashing between the blocks.

Sew the blocks together in pairs with a sashing strip between each pair.

Make the central sashing strip

Make the central sashing strip

The sashing strip to join the two pairs of blocks together is made using the remaining two sashing strips with an additional red square between them.  Place the pairs of blocks so that the red square of the sashing will be in the middle of the quilt and then sew them to either side of the central sashing strip.

Pin from the middle outwards

Pin from the middle outwards

In order to make sure that the red cross forms correctly, it’s best to pin the red squares in place first and then pin outwards towards the sides.

That completes the Florence floor tile quilt top.  It is now ready for layering, quilting and binding.  Full details of these steps can be found in the beginner quilting section.

Here’s the video:

If you want to see some more of my thoughts from Florence, click here.



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  1. Dear Rose – looking forward to hearing how you enjoy Nantes.

    I am determined to have a go at something more complicated (for me) once I have finished the butterflies. I will probably get a sore throat muttering to myself “patience, patience, now come on Janny patience.”

    .all best Janny

  2. Dear Rose – Thank you so very much for sharing your trip to Florence with us. I am so pleased you had such an enjoyable time. It sounds wonderful. My trips to Rome and Venice have always left me in a state of awe. Venice especially has captured my imagination. Now I want to go to Florence. Thank you for your generosity.
    all best Janny

    • Hi Janny. Italy itself seems a wonderful place to visit. I have both Rome and Venice on my wish list, but my next trip will be to France – there’s a quilt exhibition in Nantes in April that I’m hoping to visit. The city itself sounds interesting as well.

  3. Rosemary harding says:

    Hi Rose glad you had a wonderful time in Florence.i am pleased you’re back safe.
    I love your Florence quilt, I was surprised when I saw your design. As my husband and went to the big lunch at Hardwick Hall when on holiday. I did a sketch of the stone wall which is the same as your floor tiles.
    Since then from yesterday and to day I have been sewing making the quilt, it looks great thank you for your videos and clear instructions.
    Bless you.
    Rosemary from chelmsford Essex x x x

  4. Thank you so much!! This is a great pattern!! I am going to make this for a brand new Great-Grand-son. Going to use solid and dotted fabric. Enjoy all your videos. Thanks again!!

  5. milena nikolovski says:

    Another beautiful quilt fromyou. Just a cheeky question for you Rose…….does your brain EVER SLEEP? You just keep coming up with these ideas week after week. Thank you

  6. Maureen Main says:

    Just a p.s. Rose do you think I could use batik in place of the marbling fabrik fo Florence Quilt ? Maureen

    • Hi Maureen. I’m sure the Florence quilt would look great in batiks. The important thing is to use colours with a strong contrast so that the pattern itself shows up.

  7. Maureen Main says:

    Hello Rose I was delighted with the pattern for the Florence Quilt and the information on Florence was a bonus. I shall print out the information as I am to be in Florence on 18th May I probably won’t see as much as you as I only have a day from a cruise ship. I will let you know if I just “happen” to find any other quilt shops. Will definitately try the Florence quilt meantime have started a DWR Thank you for all the great patterns I am amazed at the amount of work you accomplish Maureen

    • Hi Maureen. You’re in for a treat in Florence – it’s a beautiful city. Enjoy! There’s a palace, museum or church everywhere you turn – I didn’t have time to visit a fraction of them.

  8. Karen baker says:

    Hi rose. This is really neat. I like the colors you too. Glad you had a good time. Can’t wait to the other patterns you come up with

  9. Hello Rose, Love the Florence Quilt. Have passed your site on to many of my friends here in Melbourne, Australia. The favourite so far has been your original log cabin tutorial. Mine is completed and ended up king size as I just kept on making more squares and two of my friends have two on the go. Thanks for your wonderful site. Annmaree

    • Hi Annmaree. Thanks for your kind words and for spreading the word. The log cabin quilt block is wonderful because it’s so easy to make and then you can make so many wonderful designs with just the one block.

  10. Sandra Barnett says:

    Oh Rose, Another great quilt. I think I could throw this together quickly. Maybe this weekend I am getting frustrated with the one I am doing It will end up a queen size for our bed. going to see what kind of fabrics I have in my stash.
    Glad you had great time on your weekend to Florence. makes me feel like I was there.
    Have a good weekend now with your sewing

    • Thanks, Sandra. You could definitely make this quilt quickly. Sometimes it helps to move to a different project and then come back to the first one with a fresh eye.

  11. The simplicity of the pattern is very eye catching! I really like this. Have a nice weekend Rose.

    • Thanks, Marge. You can imagine how that pattern looked in marble along with many other geometric patterns – mesmerising!

  12. Julia Riding says:

    You have beaten me to it! I spent an enjoyable time in St Mark’s Basilica in Venice tucked into a quiet corner sketching the floor pattern! I need a quantity of marbled fabric to turn it into a quilt!

  13. Another beauty! I’m amazed as to how you can figure out how and where to fit all the “pieces.” You found the perfect fabrics to make it all look like marble. I may give this one a go if you say it’s easy. As for the Rail Fence, it’s ready to be sandwiched. It came out looking pretty good but I still have a long way to go before my quilts look like yours. I plan to use spray adhesive to hold everything together then stitch in the ditch. You told me where I should start but I forgot. I’ll send you a photo of what I’ve accomplished so far.
    Happy that you had a great time in Florence. I didn’t get to see any of the sights because I wasn’t feeling well but my mother, on the other hand, didn’t miss anything and like you couldn’t say enough about the beautiful city.

    • Hi Claire. I think you’d enjoy making this one. Well done for finishing the rail fence quilt top. Generally it’s best to start quilting in the middle so that you can ease the fabric towards the edges if necessary. What a shame that you missed parts of Florence – mind you, I probably wouldn’t have enjoyed Florence as much when I was fifty years younger.

  14. Hello Rose that is one lovely design yo uhave donbe and the quilt you have done is great even I can attempt that one with ease. And will do I will have to check my stash to see what I have there I know I do not have any marble ones but will have a look thank youfor this loke pattern and it also makes me want to run to my machine now to start and have a go,. that is how the effect has got to everyone just looking at it. Take care best wishes Elizabeth

  15. Margaret W Fairgrieve says:

    Many thank again for yet an other wonderful quilt will have to wait to tray thus one out as my new Sewing machine has to go back as not working so will be unable to sew over the next few weeks. xx Margaret

    • Hi Margaret. That sounds like a real tragedy, being without a sewing machine. I find that sewing always makes me feel so relaxed – I’m always lost without mine.

  16. Sue Hosking says:

    This is lovely Rose! Think it may be about within my capabilities! Glad you had an enjoyable time and shared it with us via quilt and photos! Best wishes, Sue

  17. Rose, I knew you’d get inspiration from Florence and the inspiration created a
    beautiful pattern. Thank you!.
    Glad you enjoyed your well deserved break.
    Have a lovely week-end

  18. This is a winner, Rose, can’t wait to get started.

  19. Beautiful quilt, made more beautiful by your choice of fabrics to mimic the marble.

  20. Lovely floor tiles, wonderful quilt. The sign of a true quilter, everything seen in terms of quilt blocks. Glad you enjoyed your holiday.

    • Thanks, Isabel. Florence was just so full of inspiration and the cathedral at Pisa had some beautiful designs as well.

  21. jgasreltibbetts says:

    Just Love all your patterns. This one is especially beautiful and you as always make it look sooooo easy. Thankyou for all your devotion to this skill.

  22. Carol Smith says:

    Really love this, I remember the wonderful tiles in Florence, I can see this in many different colour ways. This is deffo on my to do list.

    • Hi Carol. Isn’t it wonderful how a simple geometric pattern can make such a lovely overall design. As you say, it would look good in most colours.

  23. Gorgeous, think that will be my next one Rose will be off the material factory next week another one for my bed. It is lovely to have a few different ones to be able to have a change bedroom does not get boring then seeing the same things for shall I say years with cost of real nice bedding in the shops being so expensive this is a lovely alternative.

  24. Really lovely Rose

  25. I loved reading about your trip. I’m so glad you had a good time. I can’t wait to see all the designs inspired by your trip because this first one is wonderful.

    • Thanks, Louise. It was Florence that was wonderful – I’m just copying the ideas of the Renaissance artisans. Talk about overwhelming beauty!

  26. Very elegant, Rose! Definitely one for my “to do” list! Thank you!

  27. Beautiful–as a former geometry teacher anything like this pattern makes me want to run to my machine and start quilting–thank goodness I have a great stash of fabric

    • Thanks, Dolores. A lot of the tile designs were geometric, so I’m planning several more geometric quilts. Somewhere at the back of my mind there is a fibonacci quilt but that may not be for quite a while yet.