Clays Choice Quilt Pattern


Clays choice quilt

Clays choice quilt

My Clays Choice quilt is loosely based on the block of the same name, but I played around with the colour placements in order to create the design that I wanted, so the actual block that I ended up using probably goes by a different name altogether!

What I was aiming for was those lilac patches forming a chain down the columns and I’m pleased that I managed that.  Along with the extended pinwheels, I feel that there’s plenty to look at in this quilt.  It may look fairly complex, but it is a simple four patch block made with only squares and half square triangles.

The Clays Choice quilt block has an interesting history.  It was named for Henry Clay, a 19th century American statesman who was known as the Great Pacificator because of his ability to get all sides to compromise in a negotiation.

I thought that it was time I made a rectangular (rather than square) quilt and at 54″ by 66″, this would work well for a single bed with some dropdown on the sides or on a double quilt, to just lay flat on the top.  I have used 1.1/4 yards each of the purple and the yellow fabrics, with 3/4 yard of lilac and 1/2 yard each of blue and white fabrics.  As usual you can buy these fabrics at a 10% discount in this week’s special offer.

Completed clays choice quilt block

Completed clays choice quilt block

Cutting requirements for the clays choice quilt

3,1.2″ squares:  forty lilac, eighty purple, forty yellow

3.7/8″ squares:  twenty each in lilac and purple, twenty each in purple and white, twenty each in white and blue, twenty each in blue and yellow

For the border you will need six 3.1/2″ strips of yellow fabric, cut across the width of fabric.

Make half square triangles

Make half square triangles

Making the clays choice quilt block

Use the 3.7/8″ squares to make half square triangles in the colour combinations listed above.  Place two squares with right sides together and mark a line along the diagonal.  Sew a 1/4″ seam either side of the marked line.  Cut along the line to produce two half square triangles.  Press the seam allowances towards the darker fabric and trim the two corners where the triangle tips stick out.

Clays choice quilt block layout

Clays choice quilt block layout

Lay the patchwork out in four rows of four.  I know that the lilac doesn’t show up too well in this photo, but basically the first and fourth rows are made using a purple square at each end with a blue/white half square triangle and a lilac square between them.  Rows two and three are made with a yellow square, and purple/white, purple/lilac and blue/yellow half square triangles.  The purple/white half square triangles are placed so that they are diagonally opposite each other.

Sew the squares together across each row and then sew the rows to each other.  The clays choice quilt block is 12.1/2″ square at this stage and you will need to make twenty of them.

Sew the blocks in five rows of four

Sew the blocks in five rows of four

Assembling the clays choice quilt

Sew the blocks together in five rows of four blocks each.  Take care that the blocks are all placed so that the lilac runs down the middle of the block with the yellow on the sides.

Clays choice quilt border

Clays choice quilt border

Clays choice quilt border

For the border I have used 3.1/2″ strips of yellow fabric.  You will need two lengths of 48.1/2″ for the top and bottom of the quilt and two lengths of 66.1/2″ for the sides.

That completes the clays choice quilt top.  It is now ready for layering, quilting and binding.  Full details of these steps can be found in the beginner quilting section.

Here’s the video:

Busy weekend ahead – if I can sort myself out in time, I’m dashing down to Malvern this afternoon for the Creative Crafts show.  Although I don’t do any crafts like papercraft or beading, I still find it interesting to look at all the beautiful things that can be made.  Obviously I’m not going to spend any money at all!  Then tomorrow is my daughter Samantha’s birthday so I’m going down to London for lunch with her and my eldest son with his fiancee – what a lovely prospect.


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  1. Cecilia Alcantar says:

    Hi Rose, I’ve been under the weather and today finally am able to get back to normal!
    I like this quilt with rectangles which is a pleasant way of working on a block quilt.
    The colors chosen make it almost vintage like,thanks and I hope you enjoyed your visit with family as well as your trip to London and the Creative Craft exhibition. Sincerely, Cecilia Alcantar

    • Hi Cecilia. Sorry to hear that you haven’t been well. I hope you’re fully recover now. Glad you like the quilt.

  2. Sandra Barnett says:

    Oh Rose, Another great quilt. Will be sewing this Sunday. Time just seems to go by so fast, and life gets in my way of my quilting. Almost finished with my quilt. It turned from a queen size to an almost king size. I found that I can only work on one quilt at a time because I always want to see it finished.
    Will make this one with the purples as I love purple.
    Hope you have a great weekend. I love craft shows but don’t go very much because I think I have to buy or have to try and make the craft myself.
    Enjoy your lunch with your family and Happy Birthday to Samantha.

    • Thanks, Sandra. You’ll certainly get heaps of satisfaction from finishing such a large quilt. Well done. You are much more disciplined than I am – I always seem to have loads of projects on the go at any time. Definitely looking forward to my day out today.

  3. Rose, At first glance I thought a ” bit beyond me” but your tutorial convinced
    me otherwise. Thank you! Enjoy your week-end with Samantha and have
    a lovely time celebrating her birthday.

  4. Hi Rose shame about the show but at least you had your goodie bag love this pattern jan

    • Hi Jan. Oh I thoroughly enoyed the show – it was a bit like window shopping. The Malvern showground is in a beautiful setting amongst the hills and it was a sunny day, so it was a good day out.

  5. Margaret W Fairgrieve says:

    Enjoy the show and your daughters birthday . I have been busy last two days trying to make up the Sun bonnet Sue And Sam it is my first time

    I will try and send you some puctures hope you like them 2 cushions first them will try for something bigger fingers crossed lol
    Keep all your lovely patterns coming cheers Margaret

    • Thanks, Margaret. Sunbonnet Sue is such a lovely design. There were several of them at the show today. I’ll look forward to the photos.

  6. Hey Rose, I am already signed up! Any way I can get the tea cozy pattern anyway? Just a

    • Hi Jean. Of course you can. You should have received the tea cosy pattern when you signed up. I’ll email it to you now.

  7. Oh Rose, both quilts, the Clays Choice and the Peony patterns, are so very pretty. I even have material in my stash to use in either, both, of them! Looking forward to getting them started! Right now, I am working on a “hexies” (hexagon) quilt that I hand stitched–first time ever for a completely handstitched quilt! Process involves stitching 7 hexies, making a “flower”, then interlocking them to create the quilt. Even if I do say so myself, it looks gorgeous!!)

    • Hi Jean. Glad to hear that you’re as hooked on quilting as I am. Your hexie quilt sounds like Grandmother’s Garden. Well done!

  8. What a beautiful pattern. I always get such a kick out of watching you put everything together. Well, everything about this quilt is perfect and I might (since you say it’s easy) give it a try.

    Craft shows are fun. Sad to say that we don’t have too many of them around here. I never buy anything because it would just end up using up space in a drawer somewhere.

    Enjoy your day in London and best wishes for a Happy Birthday to Samantha.

    • Thanks, Claire. Yes, it really is simple – just squares and half square triangles. I’m back from the craft show now – lots of lovely crafts, but not ones that I want to take up, so I was able to get by without spending any money. Thanks for your birthday wishes for Samantha.

  9. Hi Rose love the colours of your Clay quilt – I tend to go for lilacs ofcourse

  10. Susan Parker says:

    Wow!! Love this! Do you have a pallet for this in blues with a green boarder? I am looking for a nice pattern for a young boy, so purples are not really his taste. ;).

    Love this pattern! Yet another one for my must do list! But this one gets a high ranking!

    Thank you


    • Thanks, Sue. I think that for a young boy you could perhaps use shades of brown to replace the purple and lilac, using green instead of yellow and probably still keep that small amount of blue. Hope that works for you.

  11. Really love this one, Rose! Have a great weekend!

  12. Trish tarbuck says:

    Love this quilt Rose, quite stunning.Bet you buy something at the show, well you have too it would be rude if you didn’t.Have a great time in London with the family and Happy Birthday to Samantha.

    • Thanks, Trish. I’m back now – and I honestly didn’t buy anything other than a cup of tea! First time ever, probably. I picked up my free goody bag using a coupon that I’d found on the internet. There were lots of lovely things there, but just not for crafts that I do.