Sunflowers Quilt Pattern

Sunflowers quilt pattern

Sunflowers quilt pattern

This sunflowers quilt pattern is my attempt at pretending that summer is just around the corner!  It’s actually the Fabric Freedom design to show off their sunflowers range of fabrics and I have probably gone overboard in trying to use all the fabrics – it’s ended up quite a busy quilt, but I do like the way that grids form across the quilt.  The quilt measures 52″ square and I have used 1/2 yard of each of six fabrics as well as 3/4 yard of the buttermilk blender fabric and just 1/4 yard of the yellow sunflower blender.  As usual you can buy these fabrics at a 10% discount for this week’s special offer.

First quilt block

First quilt block

Second quilt block

Second quilt block

Cutting requirements for the sunflowers quilt

4.7/8″ squares:  sixteen each in buttermilk and brown (for the second quilt block), twenty each in buttermilk and sunflower on blue (for the first quilt block)

4.1/2″ squares:  thirty two large sunflowers, five green blender, twenty sunflower on black

2.7/8″ squares:  twenty each in green blender and yellow blender for the inner star in first quilt block

2.1/2″ squares:  twenty yellow blender

For the border you will need two 2.1/2″ lengths of 48.1/2″ and two lengths of 52.1/2″

Make half square triangles

Make half square triangles

Making half square triangles

Use both the 2.7/8″ and the 4.7/8″ squares to make half square triangle units in the colour combinations listed above.  Place two squares with right sides together and mark a line along the diagonal.  Sew a 1/4″ seam either side of the marked line and cut along the line.  This will produce two half square triangles.

Press the seam allowances towards the darker fabric and trim the corners where the triangle tips stick out.

Layout for the inner star

Layout for the inner star

Making the first quilt block

The first sunflower quilt block is made with a small star surrounded by a large star.  Lay the squares out as shown.  There’s a green 4.1/2″ square in the middle with a pair of half square triangles on each edge of the square.  They are placed so that the yellow triangles together form a larger yellow triangle pointing in towards the middle.  Each corner is a 2.1/2″ yellow square.

Layout for the first quilt block

Layout for the first quilt block

Here you can see the full layout for the first quilt block.  I’ve added the extra frame so that you can see the outer star now – I just thought that it might be clearer if you saw this block layout in two stages.  The outer frame consists of a 4.1/2″ black sunflower in each corner and a pair of half square triangles on each edge of the central star.  These are placed so that the light triangles together form a larger triangle pointing towards the middle.  The light fabric may look white in the photo but it is actually buttermilk (pale yellow).

Sew the small star in columns

Sew the small star in columns

Sew the small central star together first.  Sew the pair of half square triangles together above and below the central square and then sew them to the square.  Sew the squares on either side into two columns and then sew all three columns to each other.

Sew the outer star into three columns

Sew the outer star into three columns

You can then repeat the process with the outer star.  Sew the pair of half square triangles above and below the small star together and then sew them to the star.  Sew the squares on either side into two columns and then sew all three columns to each other to complete the first quilt block.  You will need to make five of these.

Layout for the second sunflowers quilt block

Layout for the second sunflowers quilt block

Making the second quilt block

The second sunflowers quilt block is much more simple.  There are four 4.1/2″ sunflower squares in the middle and one in each corner.  On each edge of the central square there are a pair of half square triangles placed so that the light buttermilk fabric makes a large triangle pointing towards the middle.  Sew the squares together across each row and then sew the rows to each other to complete the second sunflowers quilt block.  You will need to make four of these.

Alternate the blocks across the rows

Alternate the blocks across the rows

Assembling the sunflowers quilt

Lay the quilt blocks out in three rows of three.  Rows one and three will be the first quilt block at each end with the second quilt block in the middle.  The second row will be the second quilt block at each end with the first quilt block in the middle.  Sew the blocks together across each row and then sew the rows to each other.

Add the quilt border

Add the quilt border

Adding the quilt border

I’ve used 2.1/2″ strips of one further fabric for the border.  Sew 48.1/2″ lengths to the top and bottom of the quilt and sew a 52.1/2″ length to either side of the quilt.  This completes the sunflowers quilt top:  it is now ready for layering, quilting and binding.  Full details of these steps can be found in the beginner quilting section.

Here’s the video:

Another weekend to spend sorting through my father’s belongings.  He was a dreadful hoarder – he even kept things that were clearly broken.  I can clearly remember him saying ‘just in case it ever comes in handy’!

I wish you a very Happy New Year.  I hope 2015 brings you all that you wish for.

Best Wishes

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  1. Ella Wilson says:

    I have just finished the two blocks of the sunflower Rose and I like them very much I am now going to arry on and make it a larger quilt I will need more fabric thank you ever so much Rose for having the courage to carry on giving us your time when you have had such a rough time your a star
    Ella from Islaycx

    • Thanks, Ella. That’s really kind of you. The sunflower fabrics are beautiful, aren’t they. Just let me know how much more you need of the fabrics.

  2. Cecilia Alcantar says:

    Dear Rose, Happy New Year and may you find new ways to enjoy your talents! Cecilia Alcantar

  3. Hi! Rose Happy New Year 2015, all the best.

  4. Karen baker says:

    Hi Rose. I hope this year is easier for you hope you had a nice Christmas it must of been a little hard but you have sooooooooooo many quilter friends to give you support. Wonder where you got the sunflower print. I live in Missouri and haven’t seen anything like it. I hope your niece that got married is adjusting well as well. Happy new year to you

    • Thanks, Karen. Yes, we enjoyed our Christmas although it was very low key – and I have had such wonderful support from quilters all round the world. The sunflower fabrics are a new range from Fabric Freedom. They are lovely, aren’t they. Happy New Year to you.

  5. Hi Rose. Thanks for yet another beautiful tutorial. Happy New Year to you. I hope that all your dreams will come true. Thanks that in spite off your dad’s passing you’re still thinking of us and creating these beautiful quilts. We really do appreciate it. I’m only now starting to quilt again after my sister’s passing in July. It’s summer in South Africa so this pattern fits in nicely. Thanks for your dedication.

    • Thanks, Petro. Sorry to hear of your sister’s passing. I find that quilting is something that I want to do because it relaxes me and gives me such pleasure.

  6. Happy New Year Rose, my dad is exactly the same (at 94), dreadful hoarder, has old kettles, toasters, TV’s in the loft “just in case the new one brakes down|”. Still cherish the time we have left with him.

    • Hi Irene. We had the same – half a dozen dead Hoovers in the garage. As you say, cherishing the time with him is the most important thing.

  7. Rose, This is a lovely quilt, and I don’t think it’s busy.
    Hope 2015 is a good one for us all.
    The older generation loved hoarding.

    • Hi Mary. My children are appalled at the amount of things that I hoard – and I think that I’m much better than my father was!

  8. Cecilia Alcantar says:

    Dear Rose,I like this lovely soothing quilt and appreciate the care you take to give life to each of your quilts.I especially like fabric color choices that pop in the most pleasing manner.May all your wishes come true as we begin a brand new year!! Many thanks again, Sincerely, Cecilia Alcantar

    • Thanks for your kind comments, Cecilia. The fabrics are lovely, aren’t they. Best wishes to you for the new year.

  9. Thank you, nice pattern. Happy New Year.

  10. Marilyn Larkin says:

    Happy New Year to you Rose, may the year bring lots of happy memories, especially as you dip into your Dad’s memoriabilia, and much good health too. I love the sunflower quilt and the array of colours is so impressionistic, just like Van Gough’s sunflowers, they always make you feel sunny no matter what the day brings.
    Take Care

    • Thanks, Marilyn. I’m really glad that Fabric Freedom have just brought out the sunflowers range – it’s such a great way to cheer us all up. I know that the days are already getting longer, but I certainly feel in need of cheering up!

  11. Maureen Main says:

    Happy New Year Rose
    I have been receiving tutorials since I started quilting about 2plus years and thought it time to say a big thank you I have made a few quilts and have been pleased with the results your instructions are easy to follow. This year my intention is to make and ( hopefully finish) a K S double wedding ring. My dad was also a hoarder and clearing his house was interesting!! I too am inclined to hang on to things which may come in handy but so far no takers.
    Best wishes Maureen

    • Thanks, Maureen. I’m so pleased that you feel my quilting tutorials have helped you. Good luck with your double wedding ring quilt. My eldest son is getting married later this year and I will need to make them a wedding quilt at some stage.

  12. Happy new year Rose – good health and happy quilting in 2015. Looking forward to making one of your quilts this year. Hopefully get the UFO’s completed – new year resolution! Have you made any? Dianne

    • Hi Dianne. I think that my new year resolutions would be similar to yours with regard to finishing more quilts. The other one is to try and take a bit of time for myself – I seem to have spent many years looking after others and could do with re charging my batteries this year.

  13. Sandra Barnett says:

    Happy New Year Rose,
    Hope it is a great year for you and your family. Love the pattern and thinking about stopping the one I am doing to try this one. Winter can be very bleak. We did not get much sun the whole month of December, hope January is much better. Sunflowers or any kind of flowers make you feel happy and cheerful. I too am like your Dad, never know when you might need something and just when you toss it you find that you could have used it.
    Stay warm and wishing you a happy healthy and safe New year.

    • Thanks, Sandra. I used to be just as bad at hoarding as you and my father, but then I found that when I needed something I couldn’t find it and very often ended up buying new anyway. This was definitely my father’s problem – I’m finding four or five of everything.

  14. What a lovely quilt, it’d be like summer in your bedroom every day! Happy new year to you Rose xxx

  15. Colleen Smith says:

    Rose it is an amazing pattern, I just love the design. Thank you.

  16. Flowers and birds make me think spring is near, Thank you for the reminder that winter won’t last forever. Happy New Year.

    • Thanks, Cathy. I actually had a daffodil in flower just before Christmas – that’s definitely the earliest that I have seen before and it certainly made me think of spring.

  17. Margaret W Fairgrieve says:

    Wishing you a very Happy New Year Rose
    I love this Quilt Rose .
    looking forward to many more of your Quilts throu out the year
    Im sitting here sewing on the binding to my quilt which I have done with Calco background with a small highlight of green in each block And a narrow strip of red in the quilt border and binding will I will take a picture when completed for you to see cheers for all the wonderful ideas you share with us all. Margaret

  18. I love this pattern Rose. I hope this year is a peaceful one for you and your family. Thanks for all you do for us quilters.

  19. Another lovely quilt Rose, thank you so much, happy new year to you and yours

  20. Hi Rose,
    What a beautiful start to the New Year! I just love your quilt. And as you say “it makes you feel cheerful.” Wish I could make them as fast as you do. I’m still working on the fence rail and still have a couple more rows to make before putting it all together. If I’m lucky, I’ll have it finished when spring comes around. Can’t wait for next week to see what you have in store for us.

    • Hi Claire. Don’t forget that I often don’t have time to finish my quilts – I just make the top and then have to move on to the next one. Good luck with the rest of your rail fence quilt – I’m sure it will be stunning.

  21. Carol Smith says:

    Happy new year Rose, may you continue to excite us all with your marvellous quilt ideas

  22. Thanks for the new quilt pattern. I like to think flowers and spring in the middle of winter. Thanks too for the mention of your dad and what he would say. That sounds like me. One day my son asked me what I was hanging onto all the stuff for. I was sorta aggravated at him and so I told him that I wanted to make sure he had something to do when I died.

  23. Happy New Year Rose, I hope it’s a good one for you.

    • Thanks so much, Barbara. As soon as my brain begins to function again I’m looking forward to a great New Year.

  24. Dear Rose,

    What a Wonderful Quilt! Thank You again. A question how would this look in Batiks of Navy and Champagne (which might have to be tan and Ivory) for my sons wedding quilt

    Thank You again Rose.

    • Hi Jody. What a lovely idea for a wedding quilt. I would suggest that you make one or two of each block in the fabrics that you want to use and then decide if they give the look that you’re after. They sound great to me.

  25. Happy New Year Rose Your quilts are truly inspiring.

  26. Happy New Year Rose, hope you get all that you wish for in 2015. Another lovely quilt.

  27. bayeaston says:

    Always love watching your videos and wish I wasn’t an ocean away so that I could do some shopping! Really love your fabric choices in particular this time. Of course you are always great at putting fabrics together, but these, especially that pop of black, are especially pleasing. Off to pin it.

    • Thanks, Bayeaston. It’s a gorgeous fabric range – I don’t feel that I can take the credit for such a lovely set of fabrics, but I agree that the sunflowers on black make a lovely contrast.

  28. Happy New Year Rose! quilt is pretty and nothing wrong with thinking about summer during the bleak days of winter.

  29. Thank you! I am going to plan on making this!

  30. CarolynMcAllister says:

    Happy New Year to you, Rose. I continue to enjoy and appreciate your beautiful quilts. Thank you for sharing them with us.

  31. Patricia Tarbuck says:

    Hi Rose, wishing you a very Happy New Year too.I think the sunflower quilt is truly gorgeous, you are so clever at matching fabrics.I had to smile about your dad’s hoarding,you never know though you may come across something really useful, hope you do.

    • Thanks, Trish. Fabric Freedom do all the matching for me – the fabrics all come from the same range. While sorting my father’s things we have certainly come across a lot of ‘I’d forgotten about that ….’ moments.