Peacock Quilt Pattern

Peacock quilt

Peacock quilt

The peacock quilt design is a stunning way of showcasing a particular fabric – and it has a lovely way of framing it which is really simple to make.  This is a new range of fabrics from Fabric Freedom and they are lovely, rich looking fabrics.  The quilt measures 27″ by 34″ and I have used 1/2 yard of peacock fabric with 1/4 yard each of four other fabrics.

As usual, you can buy the fabrics to make this lovely quilt with a 10% discount on the fabric price by clicking on this week’s special offer.

Cutting requirements for the peacock quilt

Peacock fabric:  one panel 17.1/2″ by 24.1/2″

Feathers:  ten rectangles 2.1/2″ by 3.1/2″, six rectangles 2.1/2″ by 4.1/2″, four 1.1/2″ squares

Flowers:  four rectangles 2.1/2″ by 3.1/2″, four rectangles 2.1/2″ by 4.1/2″, four 4.1/2″ squares

Light blender:  twenty eight rectangles 3.1/2″ by 1.1/2″, twenty rectangles 4.1/22 by 1.1/2″

Dark blender:  eighteen rectangles 4.1/2″ by 1.1/2″

Two basic quilt blocks

Two basic quilt blocks

Two variations of each block

Two variations of each block

Making the peacock quilt

There are two blocks needed for the frame of the peacock panel.

One is a 3.1/2″ by 2.1/2″ rectangle of patterned fabric with a 3.1/2″ by 1.1/2″ white strip on either side of it.

The second is a 4.1/2″ by 2.1/2″ rectangle of patterned fabric with a 4.1/22 by 1.1/2″ white strip on either side of it.

For the 3.1/2″ block you will need to make ten with feather fabric and four with flower fabric.  For the 4.1/2″ block you will need to make four with flower fabric and six with feather fabric.

Two strips for the sides of the peacock quilt

Two strips for the sides of the peacock quilt

Using these blocks, make two strips for the sides of the peacock panel.  Each strip is made with three 3.1/2″ feather blocks alternating with two 4.1/2″ flower blocks.  Sew these strips of blocks together and sew one to each side of the peacock quilt panel.

For the top and bottom of the quilt make similar strips but this time begin and end each strip with a 4.1/2″ flower square.  Between these place four 3.1/2″ squares (two feather and two flower blocks) alternating with three feather 4.1/2″ blocks.

Make four strips for the border

Make four strips for the border

Peacock quilt border

The border is made using 1.1/2″ wide strips of feather fabric and dark blender fabric.  For the sides make two strips using four 4.1/2″ strips of dark blender alternating with three 3.1/2″ strips of feather fabric.  Sew one to each side of the peacock quilt.

Top corner of the peacock quilt

Top corner of the peacock quilt

For the top and bottom of the quilt, make two strips beginning and ending with a 1.1/2″ feather square and having five 4.1/2″ strips of dark blender alternating with four 3.1/2″ feather strips.  Sew one to the top and one to the bottom of the quilt.

That completes the peacock quilt.  It is now ready for layering, quilting and binding.  Full details of these steps can be found in the beginner quilting section.

Here’s the video:

Many thanks to all who sent in details of their favourite charities last week.  I will be deciding and sending the quilt off this week.

Tomorrow I am heading north to go to my niece’s second wedding.  Many of you will know that her wedding in Zimbabwe didn’t happen – it had to be called off at the last minute because there was a glitch in the paperwork.  We ended up having a wedding party without having the wedding ceremony beforehand.  Tomorrow Karen and Andy will have what we are all calling their second wedding and I am looking forward to meeting up with so many people that I met in Zimbabwe in September while we celebrate their marriage.

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  1. Great colours Rose. I did something similar – turned out nice. Hope you have a lovely wedding and you packed a bit of cashmere!

  2. Bonnie Jenkins says:

    Another beautiful quilt Rose. You are amazing.
    Hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas and all the best for the New Year.
    Bonnie Jenkins
    South Australia

  3. Eileen Finch says:

    I hope you have a lovely time and I hope the weather is kind to you. xx

  4. Sandra Barnett says:

    Oh Rose,
    You come up with some unique patterns. Love it never would have thought to showcase a certain pattern. love how you incorporated the feathers along the border.
    Hope the wedding happens this time, and you have nice weather. I’m sure whatever dress you wear you will look lovely.
    Thank you for your patterns I look forward to Fridays, even if it takes me a long time to sew them.
    Have a good time at the wedding and enjoy yourself and the company you are with.

    • Hi Sandra. The design itself came from Fabric Freedom – I just wrote the pattern for them. It certainly is beautiful fabric. Yes, I am definitely looking forward to the wedding – we’re all agreed that this is one wedding we will always remember!

  5. Thank you Rose Hope you have a great time and your overseas visitors do not freeze. It’s getting colder here in Nottingham. After the heat of Queensland. By the way your fabrics are lovely

  6. Hello Rose, Thank you for all your beautiful patterns. I love this week’s one in particular.
    I am so pleased that the wedding is going to happen, have a lovely time and all good wishes to the happy couple. Sue

  7. beautiful,I love it,I am going to but it.:) Maddy

  8. Such a lovel fabric and a very pretty way of framing the central panel. Have a good weekend and I hope the sun shines for you

  9. Love this arrangement of some of my favorite colors.

  10. A very clever pattern Rose.
    Hope you have a lovely time at the wedding and that the
    weather will be at least dry.

    • Thanks, Mary. I definitely won’t be able to wear the same outfit that I wore for the first wedding in sunny Zimbabwe – I’d freeze!

  11. Debbie Walker says:

    Love the colours in this quilt you have really opened my eyes to what you can make when quilting. Have a lovely time at the wedding and of course the sun will shine as it always shines on the righteous ! Merry Christmas to you and all the ladies who follow you.
    Debbie xx

    • Thanks, Debbie. I’ve just wrapped up their quilt and now I must pack something to wear! You’re right – the sun is bound to shine!

  12. Love the border idea – must try it. In fact I am starting a small quilt with crazy cat fabric, if I can pull out some of these colours this border might be good on that 🙂 – many thanks Rose…

  13. Lots of oohs and aahs on this one. Love the beautiful fabric. And It does look easy enough to make. I’ll set this pattern aside. I’m still working on the rail fence and have just about had it because of all the unpicking. It’s full of mistakes but I’ll try to stick with it.

    Have a great time at the wedding.

    • Hi Claire. It’s a lovely fabric range. With your rail fence, don’t forget that other people don’t see the mistakes – they just look at the overall quilt and they will ooh and aah at that.

  14. I love receiving your patterns each week and look forward to it. It also gives me a chance to touch a part of England from America. Thank you so much for the time you spend creating and posting these projects. I enjoy being able to share with all the talented quilters around me.

  15. Be safe and enjoy your visit!

  16. Rose this is a lovely quilt. And the way you explained the method has given me inspiration for a 12 days of Christmas quilt currently under construction.

  17. Another lovely project. Have a great time hope the sun shines for you. Your niece should have got married here in Cyprus weather is beautiful.

    • Hi Lesley. Don’t make us all envious. To be fair to Karen, she did try to have a sunny wedding in Zimbabwe – just didn’t quite make it!

  18. Patricia Tarbuck says:

    Rose, this is lovely and a great way of showcasing a particular favourite piece of fabric.Hope all goes well at the wedding, enjoy yourself but wrap up warm.The sun is shining at the moment but it is cold.

    • Hi Trish. Glad you like the quilt. I’m going to pack plenty of warm clothing for tomorrow. I just hope Karen has something warm – her wedding dress is one of those off the shoulder designs.

  19. Beautiful. Such lovely colours. Thank you.

    Hope you all have a lovely time this weekend. Janny