Machine Quilting – Jigsaw Quilt


Machine quilting jigsaw quilt

Machine quilting jigsaw quilt

You’ll be amazed to hear that I have already quilted and finished the jigsaw puzzle quilt.  I’ve completed several quilts this week and I thought that you might like to see the results of my efforts.  In case you’re wondering how I finished so many, it’s because I’ve had a fairly stressy week and I’ve been sewing with a manic intensity to try and retain my sanity.  And yes – I can confirm that quilting is definitely therapeutic and has served me well this week.

Machine quilting jigsaw quilt

I made a basic cross hatch design by stitching in the ditch along all the seams.  As I sewed along the lines, I added a feature specific to the jigsaw quilt by forming a curve within those squares that form the sticking out sections of the jigsaw pieces.  I’m not sure how well they show up in the quilt, but at least I know that they are there!

I think I’ll put the video in here:

Retro road trip quilt

Retro road trip quilt

Quilts I’ve finished

I began the week finishing some quilts for Fabric Freedom.  They have asked me for both full sized and sample sized quilts to show off their fabrics.  These can then be given to the shops who stock their fabrics to encourage sales.  Naturally with these I don’t want to cover the fabric with quilting designs, so I can keep the quilting very simple.

This one is a full size quilt from a fabric range called Retro Road Trip and I’ve quilted a meander design on the white, but just stitched in the ditch around the chevrons and triangles.

Quirky florals quilt

Quirky florals quilt

Seaside quilt

Seaside quilt

The next two were sample size quilts.  On the left is the Quirky Florals quilt – a delightful floral range.  Here again I have meandered on the white but just stitched in the ditch around the floral fabrics.

On the right is the Seaside quilt – a lovely bright and summery range.    This one didn’t take much quilting.  None of these ranges has been released yet, so you’re getting a sneak preview here.

Quarterfoil quilt

Quarterfoil quilt

Finishing my own quilts

Next I found the quarterfoil quilt that had been quilted with a semi circle  design but never bound, so I added the quilt binding to that one.  That quilt was made in January this year, so it’s a relatively quick finish by my standards!

Now there’s no stopping me and I’m off to find another quilt top that I can finish.

Thanks for visiting my blog.

I hope to see you again soon.


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  1. Hola Rose
    Vivo en la Cd. de México, soy principiante en este magnifico arte el “patchwork” y de todas sus técnicas con las que se puede hacer maravillosas quilts. Hay un sin fin de proyectos para hacer con las hermosas telas que hay en USA.
    Un cordial saludo.

    • Hola Laura. I hope that you get as much pleasure from patchwork and quilting as I do. It is a wonderful craft to learn.

  2. Go Rose – glad to hear that sewing destresses you. You do lovely work – take care:))

  3. I’m glad you found relief from stress, making such beautiful quilts as these should be therapeutic. Not only are they beautiful but useful, and being productive is calming, I agree. Keep sewing, and sharing. I love the Pale Star pattern-thank you!!

    • Thanks, Tammy. I was pleased with how the pale star quilt turned out. Sometimes I mix and match quilt blocks and they end up just looking odd!

  4. Rose you’ve been busy, but, with great results
    for all your hard work.

  5. Hi Rose,
    I have been glued to my computer just watching you sew while all the time wishing that I were sitting next to you watching you stitch step-by-step. Your quilt is lovely and I give it thumbs up. Also the quilts that you finished. Did you say that quilting is therapeudic? Not for me. I find it very frustrating but in the long run very satisfying if things come out right.

    • Hi Claire – that’s what I meant: it’s satisfying at the end when you see the result. Actually I don’t really mean that – I find it calms me just sitting down and starting to sew. Perhaps because it takes my concentration and stops me thinking about anything else.

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