Christmas Card Holder Pattern

Christmas card holder wall hanging

Christmas card holder wall hanging

This Christmas card holder wall hanging pattern has been made simple enough that you can run it up fairly easily for yourself or for any Christmas charity stall.  It’s probably no good as a Christmas gift because everyone will have their cards already hung by Christmas.

You can buy the complete kit including Christmas fabric, ribbon, wadding and backing fabric with a 10% discount in this week’s special offer here.

I have used the lovely Baroque Christmas fabric and used less than 1/4 yard of each of three colours.  The wall hanging measures 9″ wide by 54″ long but you can adjust the length to whatever suits your requirements.

Cutting requirements for the Christmas card holder

3.1/2″ squares:  twelve gold, eighteen green, twenty four red

ribbon: about 6 yards

backing fabric and wadding:  rectangles about 11″ wide, 56″ long

Christmas card holder layout

Christmas card holder layout

Add a top and bottom row

Add a top and bottom row

Making the Christmas card holder

I’ve used a basic two row block repeated all down the Christmas card holder.  I kept going until I had used all the squares that I had cut, but it’s probably ended up a bit longer than necessary.

Altogether I made eight sets of the two rows – sixteen individual rows altogether.

Sew the squares together across each row and then sew the rows to each other.

The pattern uses more red squares than gold or green so I used up a few of these in the top and bottom rows.  I made two rows of gold, green, gold and sewed one to the top and one to the bottom of the Christmas card holder.

Layer the Christmas card holder

Layer the Christmas card holder

Trim the excess wadding and backing fabric

Trim the excess wadding and backing fabric

Press the patchwork and layer with the wadding and backing fabric:  lay the wadding down first, then the backing fabric with right side up followed by the patchwork with right side down.

Smooth gently and pin in place.

Sew around three sides using a 1/4″ seam  – two long sides and one short side.  Leaving the fourth side unsewn means that you have created a pouch and can use this to turn the fabric right side out.


Turn the Christmas card holder right side out

Turn the Christmas card holder right side out

Clip the corners and trim the excess wadding and backing fabric.

Pull the fabric down on itself to turn the whole thing right side out.

Make sure that you turn between the patchwork and the backing fabric so that you don’t end up with the wadding on the outside.

I have deliberately kept this project simple by making it a straightforward rectangle.  You may prefer to trim the top and bottom to make a curve or a triangle if you would like to add something more to your Christmas card holder.

Turn under a small hem across the fourth side that is unsewn and pin in place.  Topstitch across this side to close the gap and then continue top stitching the other three sides as well.  This just helps to keep the three layers in place.  For this topstitching I used my normal sewing foot rather than a walking foot and it seemed to work okay. (Saving time again!)


Beginn adding the ribbon

Begin adding the ribbon

Take the ribbon straight across at the bottom

Take the ribbon straight across at the bottom

Adding the ribbon

The cards are held in place by a zigzag of ribbon running all down the Christmas card holder.

Place the end of the ribbon on the top left corner of the first red square.  Turn the end of the ribbon under to avoid fraying and sew in place.  Run the ribbon across to the bottom of the second row on the other side and sew in place.  Continue adding the ribbon in a zigzag right down to the last but one row.

Form another zigzag going up the Christmas card holder

Form another zigzag going up the Christmas card holder

Take the ribbon across the card holder in a straight line, running along the seam line above the bottom row.  Then start to take the ribbon back up the card holder in a zigzag which crosses the first line of ribbon in the middle.  When you get back to the top, take the ribbon across the seam line to join up with the beginning of the ribbon, cut and sew the end in place.

Add a loop at the top

Add a loop at the top

Finally sew down the middle of the Christmas card holder to fasten the ribbon in place where the two ribbons cross.  This holds the ribbon in place when you push cards in.  I sewed a line of machine stitching for speed but would probably have been better hand sewing – the fabric bunched up a bit as I got near the bottom.

Add a loop with a small length of ribbon and that’s the Christmas card holder wall hanging complete.

Here’s the video:


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  1. Sandra Barnett says:

    Rose, Love the pattern and it seems to go together quickly. Will make a few to give to my friends. As always you are always thinking of us beginners.
    Thank you.
    Hope you have a great weekend and your niece finds a car. Sorry I can not help.

  2. Carol Tambourine says:

    Thank you. It’s a lovely project.

  3. Thank you Rose. This is just the thing for early presents. Be great for birthday cads n a different colour scheme. Great ideas you have. Thank you.

  4. Hi Rose,
    Where do you get all your ideas and inspiration? This is a great idea and looks so easy. Just what I need to get me motivated again. Thank you

    • Hi Margaret. There just always seem to be so many quilts and projects that I want to try! Glad you like the pattern.

  5. Rose as usual you have come up with a very
    doable project. Good idea for a charity or
    as a gift. Thank you!
    Hope your niece finds a car at a reasonable price.
    Our weather is awful.

    Have a lovely week-end.

    • Thanks, Mary. I thought that it was a quick enough project that it might be useful to anyone wanting to make things for a Christmas stall.

  6. Brilliant! Would be a great idea to store everyday bills until they get paid. Love your creativity and willingness to share . Thanks ever much!

  7. Thanks Rose great idea. I think I would make it a bit longer to hold all the cards I usually get at Christmas (hopefully everyone has my new address)! HA! I am starting Christmas projects tomorrow – a Christmas runner. Have a great weekend.

    • Hi Dianne. When I thought that mine was too long I was thinking in terms of the distance to the floor and keeping the cards out of reach of dogs! Although my Truffle is no longer here, I still babysit other people’s dogs sometimes.

  8. Amazingly easy! Great idea! Thanks for sharing cuz I’m gonna get started on this one right now 😉

  9. Yet another great idea and so simple! This will be on my pressie list for friends. Thanks again for your fantastic site.

  10. Ann Owens says:

    Rose this is delightful and as usual the best ideas are always the simplest. I never seem to display my cards well but I’m going to be differ t this year. I think I will make a couple for hospital Christmas fayre as it’s early December and I think will sell.

    Thank you

    Ann o

    • Hi Ann. That’s what I was hoping – that this pattern would help quilters with their charity sewing. Although of course it’s always nice to have a Christmas card holder for the home as well!