Pinwheel Squares Quilt Pattern

Pinwheel squares quilt pattern

Pinwheel squares quilt pattern

The pinwheel squares quilt pattern is another of those optical illusion quilts where the squares appear to lie behind the pinwheels.  It’s another Fabric Freedom pattern using their lovely Blossom fabric range.  I’ve made two versions of the pinwheel block – one dark and one light.  The quilt measures 43″ square and of course you could make it any size by just adding more blocks to either the width or the length.

I have used 3/4 yard of dark fabric (grey), 1/2 yard of light fabric (white floral).  I have used two medium fabrics:  3/4 yard of pink and 3/4 yard of green.  For the border I have used 1/2 yard of a different green from the same range of fabric.

The Blossom fabrics come in three different colour ranges, so I am offering this week’s special offer (all the fabrics for this quilt top at a 10% discount) in three variations:  pink, blue or red.  Click on this week’s special offer for details.

Cutting requirements for the pinwheel squares quilt pattern

4.7/8″ squares:  twenty six grey and twenty four white floral

2.7/8″ strips cut across the width of fabric:  seven strips each of pink and green

For the border you will need five 2″ strips of the second green cut across the width of fabric

Sew together strips of pink and green

Sew together strips of pink and green

How to make pinwheel squares quilt block 1

Cut the 4.7/8″ grey squares along one diagonal to make two triangles from each square.

Sew together strips of pink and green along the length.  Press and then cut these panels at 4.7/8″ intervals to make squares.


Cut the squares along one diagonal

Cut the squares along one diagonal

Place these squares so that the pink fabric is below the green fabric and cut along the diagonal that goes from bottom right to top left.  You will need the left hand triangle for quilt block 1 and the other triangle for quilt block 2.

Pinwheel squares quilt block 1 layout

Pinwheel squares quilt block 1 layout


Place four of the grey triangles with four pink/green triangles to make a pinwheel.  Note that the pink part of the triangle is placed outermost so that they appear to form a square frame behind the grey.  The green triangles form a small pinwheel in the middle – or a small green square behind the grey depending on how you look at it.


Completed pinwheel squares quilt block 1

Completed pinwheel squares quilt block 1

Sew the triangles together in pairs to make squares.  Sew the squares together in pairs and then sew the pairs to each other to create pinwheel  block 1.  Make thirteen of these.


Pinwheel squares quilt block 2 layout

Pinwheel squares quilt block 2 layout

Completed pinwheel squares quilt block2

Completed pinwheel squares quilt block 2

How to make pinwheel squares quilt block 2

The light pinwheel block is made in the same way but with the other triangles made from the green/pink squares and using white instead of grey triangles.

Note that the pink/green triangles are placed so that the green is outermost and the pink forms the small pinwheel in the middle.

Make twelve of the pinwheel squares blocks in these colours.


Alternate the blocks across the rows

Alternate the blocks across the rows

Assembling the pinwheel squares quilt

Sew the blocks together in five rows of five.  Rows one, three and five begin with the dark quilt block 1 and then alternate blocks 1 and 2 across the rows.  Row two and four begin with the light quilt block 2 and then alternate the blocks across the rows.


Pinwheel squares quilt border

Pinwheel squares quilt border

Pinwheel squares quilt border

For the border I have used 2″ strips of a different green fabric.  This will give a 1.1/2″ finished size border.

You will need two lengths of 40.1/2″ for the top and bottom of the quilt and two lengths of 43.1/2″ for the sides.

That completes the top of the pinwheel squares quilt pattern.  It is now ready for layering, quilting and binding.  Full details of these steps can be found in the quilting for beginners section.

Here’s the video:

Last weekend I went to a really interesting workshop with Kimmy Brunner which gave me lots of lovely ideas for future quilts.  This weekend is going to be spent very quietly getting ready for my holiday – so many things that I had intended to make to take with me, but I just don’t think that I’ll have the time.


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  1. Hi Rose, this is maybe a stupid question but when you say 4.7/8″ squares is this the size & its actually a rectangle of 4.7″ by 8″? Sorry just trying to get my head round it as I’ve gave in & ordered the fabric & looking forward to making this. Oh & also do you provide the pattern for the “batik” kit you sell too.
    Many thanks

    • Hi April. Thanks for the order – I’m just about to start packing it up now. Yes, I do provide printed patterns with both the kits. The 4.7/8″ square refers to a square that is four and seven eighths inches on each edge. I know that sounds a weird size, but it gives a four inch finished size square in the quilt. The extra seven eighths of an inch is used up in the seams. You’re quite right to ask, though – although I try to be as clear as possible, there are obviously times when I’m not clear enough! Good luck with the quilts.

  2. Marilyn Larkin says:

    Wishing you a very happy and safe holiday. Enjoy all the celebrations. Will be thinking of you as we try to coax spring to visit Melbourne, I hope Zimbabwe is just perfect in every way. I love the fabrics you used in the pinwheel quilt, they highlight the pattern and showcase themselves too.
    Thank-you. take care.

  3. Nice pattern and colours Rose. Enjoy your holiday and wedding. I am off on holiday soon so won’t be able to get your emails until I get back in 4 weeks. Must take some needlework with me while relaxing in the sun!

  4. Love this block. Thank you for sending these patterns I’m hoping I will get to the UK next year I will try and find you

    • Thanks, Faye. Hope you enjoy your trip to the UK. I don’t have a physical shop, but you’d be welcome for a coffee. I do live a long way from anywhere, though!

  5. Thank you Rose for sharing this. It is another challenge I shall have to set myself. Glad to know you had a good weekend and I’m sure you will have a simply wonderful holiday. You will come back brimming with ideas and I, for one, look forward to seeing any that you share with us, Thank you. Best wishes.

  6. Sandra Barnett says:

    Love this quilt and the colors. Will have another one to try as soon as I finish the two I have started. You always make it seem so easy.
    Have fun on your holiday. When is the wedding? that should be coming up real soon. You won’t have time for sewing only viewing all the wonderful scenery.

  7. Lynne Barker says:

    Hi Rose
    I really like this design, and shall have a go of making it sometime next week.
    I’m off to Harrogate this Sunday-31st August- and I’ve sent my first quilt in, will let you know how I do. it’s really exciting.

    • Hi Lynne. Good luck! Yes, do let us all know how it went. I’ve never managed to get to the Harrogate show, but really must try next year.

  8. Beverly Allen says:

    Hi ! Rose, this pinwheel quilt is so cute, and I have most of the fabrics to sew one up………..think I will add sashings to give the blocks definition, so they stand out like the pinwheel, itself does. Your holiday sounds spectacular unto itself, let alone a wonderful wedding , as well……..I’ve been told that the sunsets, sounds and smells in the air at the close of day are truly intoxicating, so take it all in and have a great time with your family.

    • Thanks, Beverly. Sashing would be a great addition – now why didn’t I think of that! Thanks for your holiday wishes – I’m taking no sewing but two cameras.

  9. carole yoxall says:

    Hi Rose,another lovely quilt,also thank you for the “tie”knot demonstration which I have now used on the craft quilt.It is a brilliant way to go if handling heavy quilts prove a problem,and looks really good.Have a wonderful holiday with your daughter and I look forward to hearing about the wedding.Happy Days love Carole

    • Hi Carole. I’m so glad that you found the tying quilts tutorial helpful. I’m always amazed at how quick it is to do the tying.

  10. Cecilia Alcantar says:

    This size quilt would be perfect to drape over the lap when spending quiet time reading or crocheting…
    Nice, gift idea, thanks!!
    Cecilia Alcantar

  11. Love it, yet again. I really must start making some of these quilts. They are simple, easy to follow patterns and I know I can do it. It is just the first step needed. Ludicrous how I have lost confidence as I have been involved in patchwork and quilting since the late 70’s. How did your Tranpuno course go? I may not have spelt that right!! Do you have a finished article to show us? Have a great holiday and we look forward to hearing about it and maybe some photographs?

    • Hi Jennie. Why don’t you start with something small like a table runner to restore your confidence – you obviously have the ability if you’ve been quilting for such a long time. You could make a few for Christmas gifts. With reference to the workshop, I have put some photos up, but I’m always nervous about putting someone else’s work on my blog. I did get lots of ideas, though, for quilts that I hope to be able to share with you over the next few months.

  12. Angela Wagstaff says:

    Hi Rose, lovely pattern, trying very hard not to give in and buy the material as its lovely.
    Hope you and your daughter have a lovely holiday and your catchup with family at the wedding x

    • Hi Angela. The fabric certainly is very pretty. I’m going to the Fabric Freedom warehouse on Monday so I’m hoping to find some more pretty fabrics then – I’m also hoping to re stock my batiks. I sold out of them completely last week.

  13. Rose,
    This is a lovely pattern. Thank you.
    Wishing you and your daughter a safe journey.
    Enjoy the wedding. The two of ye will probably need
    a holiday after all this excitement. The workshop must have been
    very good and it looks as if we’ll benefit from it (lol)

    • Thanks, Mary. I think you’re right – we are trying to cram quite a lot into the time that we’re away. My daughter’s a bridesmaid as well, which she’s looking forward to.

  14. Monica Powell says:

    What a lovely quilt Rose – thank you ! Hope you have a wonderful holiday -where are you going?

    • Thanks, Monica. I’m off to Zimbabwe for my niece’s wedding. I’m going with my daughter and we have planned short stays in Johannesburg and Victoria Falls as well.

      • Monica Powell says:

        Wow – have a wonderful time – I live in a small town called Ladysmith in South Africa so you will not be too far away. The weather is lovely at the moment which always helps on a holiday. Have an amazing time.

  15. Nola Strang says:

    Sooooo CUTE!! Love this! But I love all the patterns you show me. Thank you Rose!!

  16. Hi Rose,
    You are really amazing. Every week you come up with a different geometric configuration. I just roll my eyes and say “how does she do it?” Well, I love the pattern and the colors even though the picture I see shows the gray more on the purple side. No matter because it’s still beautiful.
    Glad you enjoyed your weekend. You must be all exited getting ready for your niece’s wedding.

    • Thanks, Claire. Yes, the colours don’t always show up true in the photos. I’ve bought a new camera which I think is better, but I still have problems with some colours. My daughter and I are counting down the days till our holiday – we keep emailing each other with ‘only x days to go’ type of comments.

  17. Great pinwheel idea. Enjoy your holiday, Rose.

  18. Jean Ransome says:

    Hi Rose, I love this quilt, it’s so pretty with the colours you used. Another quilt for me to try out, and it looks very easy to do. Thank you Rose, you do give us plenty to think about and to try out .
    Have a good weekend.