Machine Quilting Sampler-Alternate Stripes

Alternative stripes quilting

Alternate stripes quilting

Alternate stripes quilting is my next choice for straight line quilting on my sampler.  For this design I subdivided the square into nine sections with two lines horizontally and two lines vertically.  Then as usual I stitched the outer edge of the square to stabilise the area.

Using alternate stripe quilting

Using alternate stripe quilting

How to do alternate stripes quilting

There’s no need to mark the lines for alternate stripes quilting – the lines are close enough together to allow you to use the width of the sewing foot as a guide.  Begin in any corner and sew about 1/2″ along the edge of the square, then turn and stitch across the width of the section.  Travel stitch 1/2″ along the edge of the section then turn and stitch back about 1/2″ from the first line.  Continue making lines 1/2″ apart until you have filled that section of the block.

Travel stitch around the corner of the next section to get your needle in place to begin sewing stripes in the next section.  These will be vertical lines, which is how you get the contrast for the alternate stripes quilting.  Keep moving from section to section, changing the direction of the lines within each section.

Uses for alternate stripe quilting

This is a great filler design.  There is no marking required (other than subdividing into sections), it can be achieved with either a darning foot, which I have used here, or with a walking foot if you prefer to use one.  Although I have quilted a square here, you could still use the design if you wanted to fill an area of a different shape – you would just have sections around the edge that were irregular shapes.

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Here’s a short video:

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