Longarm Quilting Progress

My longarm quilting progress - stylus quilted diamonds

My longarm quilting progress – stylus quilted diamonds

My longarm quilting progress is so satisfying!  Many of you have been kind enough to ask me how I am getting on with Minnie, my longarm quilting machine, so I have a few photos here of our joint efforts.

Stylus quilting

The first huge quilt that I have completed on Minnie was this one which is queen size.  It’s a reversible quilt so I needed an overall design that would fit with the design on both sides of the quilt.  At the top of the block you can just see the scallops that I alternated with the diamonds.  For the diamonds I used the chevrons on my stylus pattern board once and then went back to the beginning of the row and quilted the same chevrons, but moved along by half a chevron so that the second chevrons combined with the first ones to make diamond shapes.

Stitch in the ditch quilting and flowers

Stitch in the ditch quilting and flowers

Stitch in the ditch quilting

I think I have already shown you the butterfly meadow quilt that I completed on Minnie using a combination of stitch in the ditch quilting with some flowers to fill in the gaps.

This one has already been sold, so let’s hope I can begin to claw back some of the costs of Minnie with some more quilt sales.

Free motionquilted flowers

Free motionquilted flowers

Longarm quilting progress – Free motion quilting

The quilt that I’m working on at the moment was intended to be entirely free motion quilted.  I marked diagonal lines within the squares to give me a guide and then quilted a flower in each of the larger squares.  You can see that my petals aren’t all the same size as each other, but overall I was pleased with how they looked.

Filler quilting

Filler quilting

For the filler quilting in the white parts of the quilt, I used simple loops.  Start with a small loop, then quilt back and forth a couple of times to add progressively bigger loops.  I find that this is an effective form of quilting that really is very easy to do.

The reason that I said this quilt was meant to be all free motion quilting is because I left some of the smaller squares unquilted, thinking that it would suit the design.  However, now I feel that they were slightly too large to leave unquilted and I’m thinking about what to do.  The idea that I’m tending towards is a French knot in the middle of these squares, but I hope I’ll be able to show you the completed quilt next week – along with some more of my longarm quilting progress.

Thanks for visiting my blog.

I hope to see you again soon.


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  1. Lovely quilts you make Rose! You are so lucky to have Minnie – enjoy. Love this pattern – once I finish the quilt am making I will try this one. Speaking about lavender reminds me of France – I dried my own and I can still smell it – will have to see if I can get some on line! What is the name of the lavender farm? Happy sewing. Ps :. Our exhibition went well.

    • Thanks, Dianne. I like drying my own lavender as well. The farm we went to is Shropshire Lavender. They shut to the public after today but sell lavender and products on their website: shropshirelavender.co.uk. Glad your exhibition went well.

  2. carole yoxall says:

    Hi Rose,Thanks for the update on the free motion quilting,it really looks good. I am hoping to copy some of the designs. As for Minnie and yourself what great things you are achieving.Love hearing about your progress,Have a lovely time in the lavender gathering this weekend,love carole x

    • Thanks, Carole. That’s what I’m hoping – that you and others can see a variety of simple designs that they can use all in one place. Don’t forget that you can’t see my stitching really close up!

  3. Hi Rose, ” Well done ” it all looks really very good and you have worked hard
    to get Minnie going.

  4. Cecilia Alcantar says:

    Rose, I’m so proud to see how well you seem to have taken ownership of Minnie. No doubt, you deserve Minnie with all her bells and whistles. The more you quilt with her, the better you’ll feel. We all like your fine tutorials when it comes to quilting, so continue doing & teaching. You have fun at the Lavender farm.
    Cecilia Alcantar

    • Thanks so much,Cecilia. Minnie’s great fun and now I look forward to going upstairs to work with her – there was a time when I had to drag myself upstairs to do battle with her!

  5. Brilliant Rose 🙂 You are doing so well with Minnie.

    My husband volunteered the idea that (if I get a frame) it could ‘live’ in the spare bedroom!!!!!!! He would have to clear his stuff out first of course but I feel ‘the day’ might be coming closer!!

    • Wow, Toni. That’s great news. Minnie lives in my daughter’s bedroom and I had to do a fair amount of clearing out before I could fit her in. I still have to crawl underneath to get from the front to the back. It certainly sounds as though your husband is coming round to the idea.


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