Greek Cross Quilt Block With EQ7

Greek cross quilt block

Greek cross quilt block

I chose the Greek Cross quilt block for my first EQ7 block.  I’ve decided that it’s time that I dragged myself into the twenty first century and started using EQ7.  If you haven’t come across it before, EQ7 stands for Electric Quilt 7 and it’s a quilt design computer programme.  You can use it for both blocks and complete quilts.  I’ve actually owned mine for a while but haven’t managed to get the hang of it.  Whenever I thought that I would give it a try, I found myself with a selection of quilt blocks and a quilt outline – but no obvious way of combining the two!  Or the programme just ignored me completely when I tried to design anything.   It became one of those ‘when I’ve got time …’ things.

Now, to my enormous relief, the EQ7 blog is doing a sew along with instructions suitable for a moron like me.  So yesterday I printed off the first lesson, followed the instructions and came up with a quilt block to sew.  Actually it’s the Greek Cross quilt block which is one of the simplest going so I could have made it without any software, but that’s not the point!  I’ve made it here as a 9″ block.

Cutting requirements for the Greek Cross quilt block

3.7/8″ squares:  two each in red and yellow

3.1/2″ square:  one blue

3.1/2″ by 2″ rectangles:  two blue and two yellow

Greek cross quilt block layout

Greek cross quilt block layout

Making the Greek Cross quilt block

Make half square triangles with the 3.7/8″ squares.  Place a red and a yellow square with right sides together and mark a line along the diagonal.  Sew a 1/4″ seam either side of the marked line and cut along the line to produce two half square triangles.

Lay the squares out as shown.  There is a half square triangle unit in each corner with the red on the outside, a blue square in the middle and the blue and yellow rectangles are placed on each edge of the central square with the yellow on the outside.

Sew the squares across each row

Sew the squares across each row

Sew all the pairs of rectangles together first.  You can then sew the patchwork squares together across each row and then sew the rows to each other to complete the Greek cross quilt block.

Once I had completed this block I went back on EQ7 to design another quilt.  I still had to read the instructions, but at least now I realise where I was going wrong before.

If you want to follow along, here’s the link:

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  1. Very pretty colors!

  2. Thanks for sewing along with us Rose! Your block looks wonderful!
    Jenny @ EQ