Hays Corner Quilt Block

Hays corner quilt block

Hays corner quilt block

I’m sure that the Hays Corner quilt block has an interesting reason for its name, but I haven’t been able to find it out.  I think it’s a pretty and unusual quilt block anyway and I’ve made it here as a 12″ block.

Cutting requirements

2.1/2″ squares:  six medium blue, four light blue and eighteen dark blue

4.7/8″ squares:  one each in white and dark blue

Make half square triangle units

Make half square triangle units

Making the half square triangles

Make two half square triangle units with the two 4.7/8″ squares.  Place them with right sides together and mark a line along the diagonal.  Sew a seam 1/4″ either side of the marked line and cut along the line.  This produces two half square triangle units which are 4.1/2″ squares.

Make the hays corner quilt block

Hays corner quilt block layout

Hays corner quilt block layout

Lay the squares out in six rows of six.  That’s counting each 4.1/2″ square as four squares equivalent.  Place the medium blue squares along one complete diagonal.  Add the light blue squares each side of the two medium blue corners to form two four patch units.  The half square triangle units are placed so that the two white tips meet in the middle of the block and the dark blue squares fill up all the remaining squares.

The squares can be sewn together right across rows one and six. For the remaining rows, the small squares need to be sewn together in pairs of rows first.  This makes them the same size as the half square triangle squares.  Then you can sew the squares together across these rows.  Finally sew the rows to each other to complete the hays corner quilt block.  I don’t have any photos of the intermediate steps for you because I managed to mess up the placement on the bottom right corner.  I didn’t realise that I had done it until I looked at the completed block so all the photos that I had taken were showing the incorrect placement.  That’ll teach me to think about something else while I’m sewing!

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