Sixteen patch quilt pattern

Sixteen patch quilt

Sixteen patch quilt

I’m sure that you are familiar with that old favourite the nine patch quilt block:  well the sixteen patch quilt block is the same but made with sixteen squares instead of nine.  For this quilt pattern I have used a standard sixteen patch quilt block and another with an extra frame around it to make a star shape.  The point is that the two blocks are different sizes, but it is perfectly possible to use them within the same quilt.  I touched on this briefly in the tee shirt quilt, but that was done by varying the size of the sashing while this is a more planned design.

The quilt uses sixteen patch quilt blocks and there are sixteen quilt blocks.  It would actually look quite nice with that blue column on the right repeated on the left, but I had set my heart on having sixteen of everything.  I have used 1/2 yard of the white fabric in the sixteen patch units, 1 yard each of the blue and the cream used in the star blocks and the borders, 2.1/2″ strip cut across the width of each of four coloured fabrics and an additional 1/2 yard of pink fabric for the second border.  The quilt measures 48″ square finished size.

Fabric requirements

2.1/2″ squares:  forty eight cream

2.7/8″ squares sixteen cream, sixteen blue

2.1/2″ strips cut across the width of fabric:  five pink for the border, four white, one each of four coloured fabrics

1.1/2″ strips cut across the width of fabric:  eight cream

12.1/2″ by 8.1/2″ rectangles:  eight blue

Making the sixteen patch blocks

Sew two strips together

Sew two strips together

Sew each strip of the four coloured fabrics to a white strip.  Press the seam allowance towards the coloured fabric and cut the strip at 2.1/2″ intervals.  This gives you a rectangle made of two 2.1/2″ squares.

Sixteen patch quilt block layout

Sixteen patch quilt block layout

Lay out eight of these strips in four rows of two strips each.  Lay them so that the white and coloured squares alternate across each row and down each column.  Sew the two strips together across each row and then sew the rows together to complete the sixteen patch quilt block.  Make eight of these.


Making the star blocks

Make half square triangles

Make half square triangles

Make half square triangles with all the 2.7/8″ squares.  Lay a blue and a cream square with right sides together and mark a line along the diagonal.  Sew a 1/4″ seam either side of the marked line and cut along the line to produce two half square triangle units.  Press the seam allowance towards the blue triangle and trim the corners of the squares where the triangle tips stick out.

Frames for the star quilt block

Frames for the star quilt block

Place two half square triangles with two cream squares between them. Place another two half square triangles with two cream squares betwen them and a cream square on each end.  Sew these patches together across the row.  Make eight of each strip.

Check the photo to see which way to place the triangles – they are the same in both rows and the blue appears to slope towards the middle.

How to make the star quilt block

How to make the star quilt block

Two different quilt blocks

Two different quilt blocks

Sew one of the small rows to the top and bottom of four of the sixteen patch quilt blocks.  Sew one of the large rows to each side of the same quilt blocks.  That will give you the star shaped quilt blocks.  You now have four basic sixteen patch quilt blocks which are 8.1/2″ square and four star quilt blocks which are 12.1/2″ square.

Assembling the quilt

Two different sized rows

Two different sized rows

Sew together two star blocks with two blue rectangles.  You will need to place the blue rectangles with the 8.1/2″ length horizontal and the 12.1/2″ length vertical.  Repeat with the other two star blocks.

Sew together two of the sixteen patch quilt blocks with two blue rectangles.  This time you will need the blue rectangles to have the 12.1/2″ length horizontal and the 8.1/2″ length vertical.  Repeat with the remaining two blocks.

You now have two rows of blocks which are 12.1/2″ high and two rows which are 8.1/2″ high, but they are all the same width.  Lay them out so that the first and third rows begin with a star block and the second and fourth rows start with a blue rectangle followed by a sixteen patch quilt block.  Sew the rows to each other.

Quilt borders

First quilt border

First quilt border

I have used three borders for this quilt.  The first border is make using 1.1/2″ strips of the same cream fabric that I used for the half square triangles.  You will need two lengths of 40.1/2″ for the top and bottom of the quilt and two lengths of 42.1/2″ for the sides.

Second quilt border

Second quilt border

For the second border I have used 2.1/2″ strips of the same pink fabric that I used in the quilt blocks.  You will need two lengths of 42.1/2″ for the top and bottom of the quilt and two lengths of 46.1/2″ for the sides.


Third quilt border

Third quilt border

Finally for the third quilt border I have returned to the 1.1/2″ cream strips used in the first border.  You will need two lengths of 46.1/2″ for the top and bottom and two lengths of 48.1/2″ for the sides.

That completes the sixteen patch quilt top.  It is now ready for layering, quilting and binding.  Full details of these steps can be found in the beginner quilting section.

Here’s the video:

Thank you so much for all the delightful quilt name suggestions that you sent me last week.  I was right – you are all far more imaginative than I am!


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  1. Many thanks for another fabulous quilt Rose!
    Greetings from a hot and sultry Cape Town ( 35 degrees in the shade) My thoughts are with you all up North…I really feel for you and am shocked by the images that I see on Sky Tv etc
    warm wishes

    • Hi Susan. Oh I am jealous, as I look out of my window at another grey, dreary and wet day. We have been lucky here, though – it’s the areas further south that are having a terrible time.

  2. Great ideas, thank you for your informative video and for sharing your creativity.

  3. Love the pattern, your amaze me at all the quilts you come up with..

  4. Pat schmidt says:

    Dear Rose.
    I have only just joined, I love you your video’s. I have been putting off making a bed quilt for a long time. Now I feel I can get down to start
    making one. You make things look so easy. Thanks Pat.

  5. Thank you Rose for another lovely quilt. So sorry to hear about all the rain. You are having . Here in sunny hot Queensland. There are places desperate for rain the farmers are loosing their cattle. It’s very bad then in America huge snow storms. The weather is definately changing. Meanwhile God willing we can quilt .

    • Hi Irena. It feels wrong for me to complain about the rain when there are so many people really suffering with extreme weather.

  6. Sandra Barnett says:

    love the quilt. You hit another home run.
    How is the weather where you are? Hope you are not in the part of England that is flooding. We have about afoot or more of snow and are supposed to get more tonight. I hope not; enough is enough
    Can’t get to sewing . My workroom is in the basement and even with a little heater it is too cold.
    Stay warm and dry, Spring has to come someday.

    • Hi Sandra. We have been lucky here in Ludlow – rain but no flooding. How awful for you to have to stay indoors but not be able to sew!

  7. Anita Broadhead says:

    Dear Rose, This quilt is beautiful. You have cheered me up in spite of the rain.
    Thank you so much for sharing your inspiration with us. I don’t know how you keep coming up with the fabulous ideas but please don’t stop!

    • Thanks, Anita. Glad you like the quilt. Keep quilting and you can forget about the rain! It took me seven hours to get back from London earlier this week (normally three hours), so I’m perfectly happy to stay indoors and quilt.

  8. Hi Rose,

    Is it possible to show how to make the Japanese puzzle quilt?

    Greetings from Ria

  9. Hi Rose,
    You never run out of ideas. I watch and say “how does she do it?” But you do and it’s great watching you putting everything together. The quilt is lovely and would brighten up any room. Thanks for sharing your ideas. Your videos are always fun to watch.

  10. Debra Friendly (Canada) says:

    Hi Rose – Another interesting pattern to keep in mind. What is the finished size? You usually give that near the beginning but I didn’t see it. By my calculation, I think it is 44 inch square.

  11. Rhoda Meeney says:

    Dear Rose,
    Another lovely quilt. To add to my will do quilts,r
    As you say weather is getting to be really serious ,poor people no homes no electric just cannot imagine how desperate some of them must be and still no end to it, we are getting another battering up here today and worse to come so the. Weather man said, thank goodness for our lovely hobbies
    Kind regards Rhoda

    • Hi Rhoda. We’ve been so lucky here in Ludlow – nasty weather but nothing like the devastation in the rest of the country. As you say, good time to curl up indoors and sew!

  12. Kathy Rice says:

    Nice quilt. Thank you so much for your wonderful directions. You are the “cat’s meow”!