Royal quilt – Free Pattern

Royal quilt pattern

Royal quilt pattern

I know that I have used an uninteresting name for this quilt pattern, but inspiration deserted me.  Do please let me know if you can think of a more exiciting name for it.  If you look closely you’ll see that it’s made from a few very simple blocks.  The colours are very different from my normal choices, but purple and gold do give a wonderfully rich look to a quilt.  When I began to design this quilt, I decided that I wanted a pinwheel in the middle with some sort of barn raising type design around it.  I laid out the squares and then went away and thought about it.  Gradually throughout yesterday I tinkered with the placement of the quilt blocks until I ended up with a completely different design – but one that I like a lot!

The quilt measures 58″ square and I have used 1.3/4 yards of the purple and 2 yards of the gold.  I’ve used a lot of strip piecing to speed things up.

Cutting requirements for the royal quilt

6.7/8″ squares:  twelve each in purple and gold

6.1/2″ squares:  eight each in purple and gold

2.1/2″ strips:  twelve strips of both fabrics cut across the width of fabric, plus an additional six strips of gold for the border.

Making the half square triangles

Make half square triangles

Make half square triangles

Use the 6.7/8″ squares to make half square triangles.  Place one purple and one gold square with right sides together and mark a line along the diagonal.  Sew a seam 1/4″ either side of the marked line and cut along the line.  This produces two half square triangles.  You will need twenty four half square triangle units (made from twelve purple and twelve gold squares).

Making the nine patch units

Sew three strips together

Sew three strips together

These units are much quicker to make if you use some strip piecing.  Sew together 2.1/2″ strips in one panel of purple, gold, purple  and another panel of gold, purple, gold.  Press the seam allowances all the same way on each panel – it will make it more easy to nest them when you sew strips together.

Cut at 2.1/2″ intervals so that you have strips 2.1/2″ wide by 6.1/2″ long.

Make nine patch quilt blocks

Make nine patch quilt blocks

Each nine patch unit can be made with one strip of gold/purple/gold and two strips of purple/gold/purple.  Sew the three strips to each other to complete one nine patch quilt block.  You will need twenty eight nine patch blocks so cut fifty six of the purple/gold/purple strips and twenty eight of the gold/purple/gold strips.

Make stripey quilt blocks

Make stripey quilt blocks

Using the light/dark/light panels only, cut at 6.1/2″ intervals to make 6.1/2″ square stripey quilt blocks.  You will need twelve of these.

Along with the plain 6.1/2″ squares in both purple and gold, you now have all the blocks made ready to begin making the quilt.


Assembling the royal quilt top – first 3 rows

This quilt design is symmetrical in all directions which makes it more easy to put together:  once you have laid out all the quilt blocks, you can keep checking one side against the other to make sure that you have everything in the right place and facing in the right direction.

First three rows of the royal quilt

First three rows of the royal quilt

The first row has a purple square at each end and in the middle.  On each side of the middle square there are a half square triangle, a stripey block and a nine patch unit.

The second row has a half square triangle at each end and a nine patch block in the middle.  On either side of the central square are a plain gold square, a nine patch unit and a half square triangle.

The third row has a stripey square at each end with the stripe placed vertically and a plain gold square in the middle.  On either side of the central square are two nine patch units and a half square triangle.

Rows 4 to 8

Rows four to six of the quilt

Rows four to six of the quilt

Make the fourth row with a nine patch at each end and a vertical stripe in the middle.  On either side place a nine patch unit and two half square triangles.  The two half square triangles are placed to form a diamond shape.

Row five is the central row of the quilt.  It has a purple square at each end and a nine patch in the middle.  On either side there are a nine patch, a plain gold square and a stripey block with the stripe horizontal.

Row six is where the quilt pattern begins to repeat itself, so it is made with the same blocks as row four, but with the triangles placed differently.

Final three rows of the quilt

Final three rows of the quilt

Row seven uses the same blocks as row three.  Row eight uses the same blocks as those used in row two and the ninth row has the same blocks as the first row.  In each case the triangles are angled so that the design draws in towards the middle.

Sew all the blocks together across each row and then sew the rows to each other.

Royal quilt border

Royal quilt border

For the border I have just used a simple gold 2.1/2″ strip.  You will need two lengths of 54.1/2″ for the top and bottom of the quilt and two lengths of 58.1/2″ for the sides.  The royal quilt is now ready for layering, quilting and binding.  Full details of these steps can be found in the beginner quilting section.

Here’s the video:

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  1. Thank you for all your valuable instruction. I am new in patchwork I have not made anything yet just bought a sewing machine and the rest of the utensils (cutting board, ruler, cutter…) and above all many beautiful set of fabrics. Now I have to get started with something simple. Your works are such beautiful inspiration. Thank you very much.

  2. CarylAnne says:

    Great job Rose. I agree with your readers. Cathedral hit me at first glance. I love the purple as it is the color of the resurrection at Easter. So with that I would vote for the pattern to be called Easter’s Cathedral window. I love all your toots. And these wonderful bright bold colors play especially well together.

  3. Hi Rose,
    I agree with another post about the busy look of your quilt. Gold is a powerful colour to work with!
    My first thought ,a bit cheeky, was Bishop’s Bedspread! All those crosses do give it a clerical feel.
    When are your winter clouds coming south…lots more fire danger days this week in Melbourne. Aircon on, sewing machine out!

    • Thanks, Carol. Love the idea of Bishop’s Bedspread! I wish that we could send you some of our rain and you could send us some of your heat. If only life were that simple!

  4. Hi Rose – I have been giving this quilt name a bit of thought, in between the Winter Olympics, and because of the shape in the centre think it suggests to me “Jewel of the Cathedral”. Obviously your name suits you best but just a suggestion.
    Now back to being brave with the scissors.

  5. It is a really lovely design, I tend to agree with Nancy, in that eye seems to roam all over, never settles. Having said that I think the fabric itself is lovely. I enjoy seeing what you post and save them for a ‘rainy’ day to have a go at…I would love to send some of our wet weather over to Bonnie….we here in Qld have just gotten over Cyclone Dylan and the tail end of Edna…still rather hot and ‘sticky’ here in the tropical north. Keep up the good work Rose.

    • Thanks, Julie. I hope your weather improves – we have been hit by a conveyor belt of storms, but luckily they haven’t been of cyclone strength.

  6. Thank you this is both regal and beautiful. Love it

  7. Bonnie Jenkins says:

    Hello Rose,

    Another beautiful quilt. The materials you have used give the quilt a silky look. You must be so pleased with it.
    I have been looking at your machine quilting ideas and your home made templates. They are brilliant and have inspired me to have a go.
    It is very hot here in South Australia, 42C today. We would love some of your cold weather.
    Thank you so much for sharing all your wonderful ideas.
    Bonnie Jenkins

    • Thanks, Bonnie. Yes, I am pleased with the way the quilt has turned out. Sometimes my quilts don’t turn out the way I want and sometimes they do. Your heat sounds blissful to me, but I’m sure that I would wilt if it was that hot here. I keep meaning to add a whole lot more to the machine quilting section, but time keeps running away with me.

  8. karen baker says:

    Hi Rose, I like the layout of this quilt. You could also call it amathist as well. Really like looking at the ideas you come with.

    • Thanks, Karen. That’s a great idea for a name – I hadn’t thought of precious stones but of course that goes well with gold.

  9. Sandra Barnett says:

    Hello Rose,
    Another hit for you. Love the colors as purple is my favorite.
    Thought bas you were explaining that the name could be Knight’s Armor, but having read the comments, I think I like Pathway to Easter or English Royalty better.
    Our days have been very cold and snowy. This morning it was -9. We have had about 10″ of snow on Last Wednesday. Glad your weather is a little better.
    Hope you enjoy your trip to Wales and the Quilt show. I’m sure you will get some new ideas.
    Keep well stay warm.

    • Hi Sandra. Knight’s Armour is another good name. Many thanks. I feel embarrassed at mentioning the rain in Ludlow after seeing how extreme your weather is. Yes, thanks the trip to Wales was a lovely break.

  10. Hi Rose,

    I love this quilt pattern so much! The colors are lovely and rich looking! I think your name for the quilt is appropriate and good! I would like to make this quilt in similar colors in a larger size…to fit a full size bed with some hang-over. Can you help me out on this? I would be so appreciative!

    • Thanks, Fran. Glad you like it. I think that the simplest way to make the quilt larger would be with several rounds of borders. If you added a border made of the nine patch units, for example, you would be adding 12″ to the length and the width of the quilt. You could then add borders to the sides only to make the quilt wider but not longer. Hope that helps.

  11. Zona Bentley says:

    Hello Rose,
    I love the Gold and Purple colours and this is one I will make.So I will be looking for the perfect materials when I am shopping. I think what you did by calling it Royal Quilt was an inspiration as it opens the way for each quilter to name her own quilt using Royal in it. For me it will be fun, the colour Gold means Perfection and Purple is of course Royal so maybe I will name mine ” Royal Perfection”
    I love it . Thank you Rose.

  12. Joy of Quilting says:

    I liked the name Royal although some of the others were good too. The centre of the quilt reminded me of the orb used during coronations – there’s the theme again, royal and cathedral

  13. Oh goodness no, don’t change it! The name is perfect. I can just see a king or queen walking down to be “crowned” and this flowing down in a long train down their back. Your American friend. Bonnie

  14. Hi Rose,This is beautiful,I love the colours and the design is wonderful. I think it so elegant,this is a “must do”So pleased you enjoyed your day in Wales.Thank you so much for your weekly design,I look forward to it so much,
    Kind Regards Carole

  15. Susan the farm quilter says:

    Loving this quilt! I would call the The Royal Runaround, based on the layout of the pattern. Thank you for the pattern!!

  16. Jackie Calvert says:

    I love this quilt, I was going to make a celtic design next, but I don’t think I will now, I feel a “Royal Quilt” coming on. I actually like all the names suggested, but the colours are definitely regal, so personally I would stick with the “Royal”. I really appreciate your designs, thank you so much.

    • Thanks, Jackie. There’s always time to add both to your ‘to do’ list! So many quilts to make, so little time …

  17. Lynda England says:

    Good evening Rose, …… I like your new design and colour combination, particularly the gold striated fabric you have used. It gives it movement and balance….love it!…. Enjoy your visit to the Quiltfest!

  18. Hi Rose
    That quilt is lovely. I am going to keep that pattern and try it one day. I like your name, but I like the church idea also. How about STAINED GLASS WINDOW

  19. Hello Rose,
    Just love your quilt the colours are fantastic together.
    A suggestion for a name how about Jewel in the Crown.

    • Thanks, Susan. That’s a name I like. I think I’ll have to make some more royal type quilts to use up all these lovely names that you are giving me.

  20. Elizabeth says:

    Love the pattern love the name. Beautiful quilt. THANK YOU.

  21. I Love this one Rose, might have to make it

  22. This is a beautiful quilt. I LOVE the (very regal) purple/gold combination. The quilt looks like it would be very difficult to make when you see it finished but quite easy when you show the step by step instructions. Enjoy your trip to Wales.

    • Thanks, Claire. Glad you like it. As so often, it’s simple when you break it down into small steps. Yes, thanks, I’ve had a lovely day out in the sunshine.

  23. Donna from Kansas U.S.A. says:

    Hi. I think this quilt shows English tradition and history. Why not consider changing the name of the quilt to “English Royalty”. It is very pretty and I can’t wait to make one.
    Thanks Rose for producing and sharing such unique and interesting quilts.

  24. Noreen McKechnie says:

    I love the colours. The quilt makes me think of church vestments or stained glass. Maybe you could call it Cardinals Colours, though I think cardinals wear red.
    No longer a church goer but I could see this being used in spring services.
    I love your quilts and wait to see each pattern.

    • Thanks, Noreen. That’s a lovely name as well. The colours have definitely given out the feeling of churches to many of you.

  25. Hi Rose,
    What a delightful quilt. Yes, I would call it The Royal Quilt. It’s really lovely in the rich Gold and Purple and Church looking. I will have a go at this when I get back from Derby. Another easy quilt to do, well done Rose.
    Hope you enjoyed your day at the Quilt Exhibition in Llangollen, I did when I went there 3 years a go. Have a good weekend. Jean

    • Thanks, Jean. Glad you like it. Llangollen was lovely – so nice to have a day of sunshine to get out and about. Some really pretty quilts as well. Have a great time in Derby.

  26. Nancy Newman says:

    Love your colors for this quilt. Happens to be our school colors. Go LSU. PLEASE DON’t take my comments as criticism. Comments are just something for you to think about. Gold fabric has such strong striations (lines) and lines are going in all directions. The eye has no where to rest. Looking at the whole quilt, the eye seems to want to jump around all over the quilt. Having said that, you are doing a fine job with quilt lessons.

  27. My daughter attends Albion College in Albion, Michigan. Their colors are purple and gold. The school mascot is the Briton. Sounds like a good name: Albion!

  28. Cecilia Alcantar says:

    Gorgeous elegance using purple & gold fabrics. The immediate eye catching detail compliments the entire quilt in a soothing fashion. Not too fussy & just right.
    Thanks Rose.

  29. Hello Rose – I always look at your quilts as they give me inspiration! I think the quilt today looks so regal anyway, so therefore naming it the Royal Quilt seems absolutely apt! The colours you have chosen are perfect and look quite luxurious.

  30. Must say I completely agree with janny, this quilt has an air of churchiness about it, it looks stunning, my first thought was how lovely it would look in a church at Easter! A beautifully majestic quilt xx

    • Thanks, Jill. Yes, I can see the church/cathedral aspect of it now – it didn’t occur to me while I was making it!

  31. christine says:

    Hi Rose,
    I have never done any patchwork but being retired am looking for a hobby and find your work not only beautiful but inspiring. I do not know if I will have the patience or ability to do what you do but would really like to give it a go and would appreciate it if you would give me a couple of tips where to begin. Many thanks. Christine

  32. WOW. Rose, this pattern and the colours make it almost Cathedral like. Very rich. I am very envious of your ability to continue to come up with new and beautiful patterns time and time again. Please keep on delighting and inspiring me (and I am sure many others).

    • Aw thanks, Janny. That’s really kind of you. I actually had a great time moving the blocks around each time I walked past the layout – like making a jigsaw several times over!

      • I am full of admiration. Just cutting material scares me. I know as I make things in fused glass and draw and paint and make collages, but cloth really worries me. I trained as a potter originally so this is a silly phobia. I have lots of bits and pieces of cloth and want to do something with them but worry about cutting them. Keep telling myself “must be brave”.

        • Janny, I can’t believe you! I would be terrified of working with glass. What’s the worst that can happen if you cut some fabric wrong? You might have a wonky edge or you might end up with a square smaller than you intended – nothing major.

    • Love the patern and the colours are fantastic. Enjoy all your patterns .

    • Good morning Rose,
      Beautiful quilt colors, especially with Easter coming up.
      How about “Pathway to Easter” for a title.

      Enjoy learning from you. Yes, I am a new bee.