Machine Quilting the Hawaiian Quilt

Machine quilting the Hawaiian quilt

Machine quilting the Hawaiian quilt

When I showed you the pattern for the Hawaiian quilt, I promised that I would show you how I finished it and I have at last managed to complete the quilt.  Usually I would have used a light quilting thread so that it would show up better for you to see, but I thought that it would ruin this quilt.  I have used red thread on the applique pieces and a neutral colour for the rest of the block, with a neutral colour in the bobbin for all the quilting.

Machine quilting the applique blocks

Free motion quilting the spokes

Free motion quilting the spokes

I used free motion machine quilting all over.  I began in the middle of each applique and stitched lines up and down the middle of each spoke.  Then I quilted down the side of each spoke.  Depending on the size of the sections sticking out along each spoke, I either quilted something like a small spiral or just a couple of lines of stitching following the outline.  It is easiest to quilt one half of the spoke first and then the other half, returning to the middle of the block before moving on to the next spoke.  As you know, I prefer to begin in the middle and then work outwards with all the quilting, but in this case because of the different coloured threads I machine quilted all the applique first and then changed the thread to complete the blocks.

Echo quilting outside the applique

Echo quilting

Echo quilting

There was enough room to quilt two lines of echo quilting around each applique shape.  That took me nearly to the seam, so it more or less filled up each block.  For this I used my darning foot again with a change of thread to a neutral colour.


Diamond quilting the border

Mark 2" lines

Mark 2″ lines


I wanted something different for the quilt border, so I quilted diamond shapes all round.  This needs marking, so that the diamonds finish neatly at the corners.  I marked lines at 2″ intervals all round the cream border.  Notice that I have basted all round the edge of the quilt.  This helps to keep the edges flat.

Zigzag between the marked lines

Zigzag betwen the marked lines

Complete the second zigzag

Complete the second zigzag

Sew all round the quilt forming zigzags from the top of one line to the bottom of the next line.  You can see in the photo how it works at the corners.  When you have a complete zigzag all round the quilt, continue sewing with the alternate zigzag, going from the bottom of a line that is already stitched to the top of the line next to it.  This fills in the remaining half of each diamond.  I quite like this as a border quilting design – it always seems to give a nice frame to the quilt.  When you have completed the diamonds, trim the excess wadding and backing and bind the quilt.

Here’s the video:


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  1. Sandra Barnett says:

    Love the pattern and the colors. The video did not come through but your directions are right on.
    Hope you have a great weekend. Snow is finally starting to melt. Maybe Spring will come someday
    Keep coming up with your good ideas. Thank you.

    • Thanks, Sandra. Sorry if the video isn’t working for you. Seems to be okay at my end. Yes, our weather is also slowly improving as well. Spring can’t come soon enough for me.