Owen Jones Quilt – Free Pattern

Owen Jones quilt

The Owen Jones quilt is perhaps wrongly named because I've designed this quilt very very loosely on an Owen Jones pattern design.  You can see what Wikipedia says about him: Owen Jones (15 February 1809 – 19 April 1874) was an English-born Welsh … [Continue reading]

Coxcomb Quilt Block Pattern

Coxcomb quilt block

I've made the Coxcomb quilt block in traditional colours although I can't help feeling that it should be made in red rather than green for realism.  It's shown here as a 16" square and is made entirely from half square triangle units in two different … [Continue reading]

Temple Court Quilt – Free Pattern

Temple court quilt

For the Temple Court quilt I have used a very simple alternate block in the middle of the quilt and I think it has made a quilt that has a medallion look to it.  Although the Temple Court block is a stunner, it can be made with only squares and half … [Continue reading]

Indian Hatchet Quilt Block Pattern

Indian hatchet quilt block

The Indian Hatchet quilt block is a gorgeous four patch block but just requires a little concentration when you're laying out the half square triangles.  Or keep your seam ripper handy - I needed mine a couple of times!  I've made it here as a 16" … [Continue reading]

Tea Basket Quilt Pattern

Tea basket quilt

I've used a simplified version of the tea basket quilt block together with a simple diamond in a square block to make this quilt.  I've also added some blue to the block - you know how I like my blues! The quilt measures 54" square and I have used … [Continue reading]

Star and Chains Quilt Block Pattern

Star and chains quilt block

The star and chains quilt block is a total delight and is easily made with just squares and half square triangles.  It is also known as rolling star and ring around the star, which are both very appropriate names for it.  I've made it here as a 16" … [Continue reading]

V&A Museum Floor Tile Quilt Pattern

V&A floor tile quilt

I have based the V&A museum floor tile quilt on the corners of a floor tile design in the museum.  There are many beautiful things to see in the museum, but I can't help looking down at my feet wherever I go because there is so much inspiration … [Continue reading]

Quilt As You Go In Sections

Quilt as you go in sections

I made a quilt as you go in sections quilt just before Christmas.  I was in a hurry - because obviously I wasn't organised enough to begin the quilt in October as I should have done.  The quilt design itself was really simple - squares of curtain … [Continue reading]

Delectable Mountain Quilt Block Pattern

Delectable mountain quilt block

Once again, I chose to make the Delectable Mountain quilt block because I like its name!  It's also a very pretty block and easy to make if you don't mind making half square triangle units.  I've made it here as a 16" square finished size. Cutting … [Continue reading]

Cactus Pot Quilt – Easy Free Pattern

Cactus pot quilt

I've made the cactus pot quilt using two different colours for the block and some large white squares.  I feel that this gives a great feeling of space and freshness. All the blocks are 12" square finished size.  The quilt measures 78" square and … [Continue reading]