Flying Dutchman Quilt Block Pattern

Flying Dutchman quilt block

The Flying Dutchman quilt block is an easy quilt block.  Whenever I use yellow fabric I always wonder I don't use it more often as it's such a bright and happy looking colour.  It's classified as a four patch and I have made it here as a 12" … [Continue reading]

Havana Cathedral Quilt – Free Pattern

Havana Cathedral quilt

The Havana Cathedral quilt is based on a gorgeous stained glass window that I saw in the Cathedral when I was in Cuba recently.  I had intended to make a wall hanging, but somehow I've ended up with a queen size quilt pattern!  Each block is easy to … [Continue reading]

Clown Quilt Block – Free Pattern

Clown quilt block

The clown quilt block portrays the pink and white type of design that I remember clowns wearing in my childhood.  These days they seem to wear bright jacket and trousers outfits, but this quilt block brought back some happy memories for me. This … [Continue reading]

Bright Jewel Quilt – Free Pattern

Bright jewel quilt

I've made the Bright Jewel quilt using my variation on the quilt block of that name, together with an alternative block using more red to create that red diamond frame around the middle. The quilt measures 49" square and I have used 1 yard of red, … [Continue reading]

Cobwebs Quilt Block Pattern

Cobwebs quilt block

The Cobwebs quilt block is an unusual but easy to make quilt block.  I've made it here as a 9" square finished size.  Although I've used brown and yellow only here, this block would also be a useful one for using up scrap fabrics. Cutting … [Continue reading]

Nine Patch Plaid Quilt Block Pattern

Nine patch plaid quilt block

The nine patch plaid quilt block is an extremely easy block.  It would work for a jelly roll quilt and it has also given me an idea for a quilt to match some curtains that I'm making.  I've made it here as an 18" square finished size and there's not … [Continue reading]

Silver Lanes Quilt – Free Pattern

Silver Lanes quilt

The Silver Lanes quilt block has such a lovely layout that I didn't feel that it needed an alternate block.  I've made this quilt using just nine blocks which are all 18" square finished size.  Each block contains purple, white and three shades of … [Continue reading]

Darting Birds Quilt Block Pattern

Darting Birds quilt block

The Darting Birds quilt block pattern is amazingly simple but makes a lovely quilt.  It just goes to show that quilt blocks don't have to be complicated to be pretty.  I've made it here as a 9" square finished size. Cutting requirements for the … [Continue reading]

Nosegay Quilt – Free Pattern

Nosegay quilt

The Nosegay quilt may look complicated, but each block is easy to make.  I was trying to capture the magic of early summer, nosegays at weddings and all that sort of thing. The quilt measures 64" square, using sixteen blocks which are 15" square … [Continue reading]

Beltane May Day Quilt Block Pattern

Beltane May Day quilt block

I designed the Beltane May Day quilt block as a celebration of today being the first day of May.  It's got heaps of symbolism - or you could just regard it as a colourful scrappy quilt block! I have made it as an 18" square finished size using … [Continue reading]