Monkey Wrench Star Quilt Pattern

Monkey Wrench star quilt pattern

For the Monkey Wrench star quilt pattern I have used only one block.  I have created the stars through variations in the colour.  Altogether I've used six blocks which are 16" square finished size and three borders.  I'm rather pleased with this … [Continue reading]

Double Arrow Quilt Block Pattern

Double Arrow quilt block

The double arrow quilt block comes to us from the Kansas City Star company a century ago.  You can of course see the double arrows with green tips in one direction and with white tips in the other direction. It's classified as a nine patch block … [Continue reading]

Peaceful Evening Quilt Block Pattern

Peaceful Evening quilt block

  The Peaceful Evening quilt block is a very simple block - it was the name that attracted me to it.  I did wonder whether to make it in the pinks and crimsons of a sunset, but then I decided to stick with the traditional shades of green. … [Continue reading]

Old Indian Trail Quilt – Free Pattern

Old Indian trail quilt

For the Old Indian Trail quilt I have used two different blocks - the block of the same name and a simple alternating squares block.  I think this is one of those blocks where you can see how it came by its name fairly easily.  I feel that this quilt … [Continue reading]

Re Upholstered Chair Seat With Piping

Re upholstered chair seat with piping

My re upholstered chair seat with piping is intended for a very old Parker Knoll chair that belonged to my parents.  The chair must be forty years old, but the frame is still completely solid.  A friend rubbed down the frame and polished it.  Now … [Continue reading]

Tippecanoe Quilt – Free Pattern

The Tippecanoe quilt is a little different from my usual in that you need  to use templates, but it is still a very easy quilt to make.  It seems that the tippecanoe quilt block is named for an 1811 battle in Indiana, America. I have made the … [Continue reading]

Swallow Quilt Block – Free Pattern

Swallow quilt block

I've made the Swallow quilt block as promised last week.  This time I have made it correctly!  I have made it as a 12" square.  It's very straightforward to make apart from the one corner that I made incorrectly last week when I made the hummingbird … [Continue reading]

Anniversary Dog Quilt – Free Pattern

Anniversary dog quilt

I've named the Anniversary Dog quilt after two totally different things.  The first is that the design comes from a wall in a restaurant that I went to in London last weekend.  I had been to watch the Anniversary Games held in the Olympic Stadium … [Continue reading]

Hummingbird Quilt Block Pattern

Hummingbird quilt block

The Hummingbird quilt block began life as a mistake.  Then I realised that I liked it as it was, so I kept going.  Originally I intended to write a pattern for the Swallows quilt block.  When I put the pieces together I realised that I had … [Continue reading]

Plaid Quilt – Free Pattern Beginner Quilting

Plaid quilt

The Plaid quilt block is somewhat unusual looking - it has dark blue strips on two sides only so looks a bit lop sided.  However it makes an interesting quilt because you can rotate the blocks and make quite a difference.  The curtains that I made … [Continue reading]