Square Up Quilt Block Pattern

Square up quilt block

The square up quilt block is a simple four patch block.  I've made it here as a 12" square finished size. Cutting requirements for the square up quilt block 3.7/8" squares:  two each in red and white, two each in red and yellow, one each in yellow … [Continue reading]

Pub Floor Tile Quilt Pattern

Pub floor tile quilt

The design for the pub floor tile quilt pattern comes to you, of course, from the floor tiles in a pub that I visited recently.  They served a lovely red wine, so obviously it was a tough job researching this design to show you! The quilt … [Continue reading]

Electric Fan Quilt Block Pattern

Electric fan quilt block

The electric fan quilt block is perhaps not appropriate for the time of year - but we can always dream and pretend that the weather is hot enough to warrant an electric fan!  It's a four patch block and I have made it here as a 12" square. Cutting … [Continue reading]

Jacobs Ladder Diamond Quilt

Jacobs ladder diamond quilt

I've made the Jacobs Ladder Diamond quilt using a variation of the Jacobs Ladder quilt block, but I've used rotations of the block to give the diamond design and I've put a red square in the middle to tie in with the red border. The quilt measures … [Continue reading]

Easy Do Quilt Block Pattern

Easy Do quilt block

Easy Do quilt block - now there's a name to warm the heart! It actually is a very easy block to make and I've made it here as a 20" square. You wouldn't need too many of them to make a quilt. Cutting requirements for the easy do quilt block 2.1/2" … [Continue reading]

Times Remembered Quilt Pattern

Times remembered quilt

I chose the Times Remembered quilt block for this quilt because that's what I always find myself doing at the start of a new year - taking a glance back at the previous year.  Whether or not you do the same, I hope that you thoroughly enjoyed your … [Continue reading]

Red Hat Quilt – Free Pattern

Red hat quilt

This red hat quilt pattern was a request.  The members of the Red Hat Society wear red hats with purple outfits, so I decided to use both red and purple hats in the quilt.  I was asked for a very simple quilt pattern, so I designed the most simple … [Continue reading]

Rocky Road to Dublin Quilt Block

Rocky road to Dublin quilt block

The Rocky Road to Dublin quilt block is my first offering of 2017.  I wish you a very Happy New Year.  This is a nine patch block that I have made as an 18" square. Cutting requirements for the Rocky Road to Dublin quilt block 3.1/2" squares:  … [Continue reading]

Cats and Mice Quilt Block Pattern

Cats and mice quilt block

I have made the Cats and Mice quilt block absolutely enormous for two very good reasons.  The first reason is that I hope that it makes the instructions more clear and the second is that it can now be a central medallion for a quick Linus quilt.  I … [Continue reading]

Kansas Beauty Star Quilt Pattern

Kansas Beauty star quilt

The Kansas Beauty Star quilt is based on the Kansas Beauty quilt block, but I have used three different colour variations to form a star design on the quilt. I have used nine 16" square finished size blocks. The quilt measures 52" square and I … [Continue reading]