Flamingo Quilt Pattern – Tropicana Fabrics

Flamingo quilt

For the Flamingo quilt pattern I have used fabrics from a lovely new range called Tropicana by Fabric Freedom.  I have based the block on the golden gate quilt block, using twelve 18" blocks sewn together in four rows of three. The rectangular … [Continue reading]

Friendship Chain Quilt Block Pattern

Friendship chain quilt block

I've made the Friendship Chain quilt block as a 12" square finished size.  The block makes up easily - pretty in its own right and also useful as an autograph quilt block.  Use the diamonds in the middle of each block for signatures. The block is … [Continue reading]

Wine Tote Bag Pattern – Tutorial

Wine tote bag

This wine tote bag has been made following a request, but it is something that I had thought about making before now.  I wanted to create a bag that would carry two bottles of wine without any risk of them clanking together and I think that I have … [Continue reading]

Thrifty Quilt Block Pattern and Tutorial

Thrifty quilt block

The Thrifty quilt block is incredibly easy to make, but I rather like the three dimensional effect.  To me it looks as though there is a large pink square behind the brown squares.  It's a traditional nine patch block that is attributed to the Kansas … [Continue reading]

Broken Star Quilt – Free Pattern

Broken star quilt

I've used the Broken Star quilt block together with trumpet cornerstones to make this pretty quilt.  It measures 42" square and I've used 1.1/4 yards of white fabric, 1 yard each of yellow and brown together with 1/2 yard of orange. I've used … [Continue reading]

Porto Rico Quilt Block Pattern

Porto Rico quilt block

I've changed the colours slightly to make my own version of the Porto Rico quilt block.  Red, white and blue blocks are always very cheerful looking and I think that this one is a particularly happy looking block.  The finished size is 16" … [Continue reading]

Peg Bag Pattern – Free Bag Tutorial

Peg bag pattern

This peg bag pattern is easy to make and I feel that it is another project for those who wish to craft for charity or Christmas stalls.  Or to make for yourself, of course!  It can be used as a peg bag for hanging out your washing or it can be hung … [Continue reading]

Making Pillowcases – Sewing Projects

Making pillowcases

Making pillowcases is incredibly quick and simple to do.  I don't suppose that this project took me more than an hour.  It's a great way to make pillowcases to tone in with your bedroom or to give as a gift.  Made in a plain fabric with some … [Continue reading]

Moreton Hall Quilt Pattern – Stained Glass

Moreton Hall quilt

The Moreton Hall quilt pattern is based on the outer walls of Little Moreton Hall.  When I showed you a photo after I had visited the hall, several quilters commented on what a lovely quilt it would make - and they were absolutely right! I … [Continue reading]

Jackson Star Quilt Block Pattern

Jackson star quilt block

The Jackson star quilt block is a beauty.  I've made it in blues because I like blues, although it is more traditionally made in greens.  It's classified as an eight patch block and I have made it here as a 24" square finished size. Cutting … [Continue reading]