Hummingbird Quilt Block Pattern

Hummingbird quilt block

The Hummingbird quilt block began life as a mistake.  Then I realised that I liked it as it was, so I kept going.  Originally I intended to write a pattern for the Swallows quilt block.  When I put the pieces together I realised that I had … [Continue reading]

Plaid Quilt – Free Pattern Beginner Quilting

Plaid quilt

The Plaid quilt block is somewhat unusual looking - it has dark blue strips on two sides only so looks a bit lop sided.  However it makes an interesting quilt because you can rotate the blocks and make quite a difference.  The curtains that I made … [Continue reading]

Twilight Quilt Block – Free Pattern

Twilight quilt block

For the Twilight quilt block I have chosen the sort of muted colours that appear at twilight.  Unfortunately the purple and dark blue don't look as different in the photos as they do in real life.  It's a four patch block and I've made it here as a … [Continue reading]

Trip Around the World Quilt Pattern

Trip around the world quilt

My Trip Around the World quilt is a very simple rectangular quilt.  I have made one before but I've had several queries on the pattern recently so I decided that the instructions obviously weren't as clear as they should be.  I hope that this quilt … [Continue reading]

Alaska Quilt Block – Free Pattern

Alaska quilt block

The Alaska quilt block is quite a large one, but it has some interesting features.  I looked at it and decided that it would be easiest to make four quarters and then sew them together.  Wrong!!  I did that and found that the central area came out … [Continue reading]

Aunt Sukeys Choice Quilt Pattern

Aunt Sukeys choice quilt

I've made the Aunt Sukeys Choice quilt using two colour variations of that quilt block and a simple block of squares in the middle of the quilt.  It's a rectangular quilt, measuring 60" by 96", using fifteen blocks which are all 18" square finished … [Continue reading]

Victoria Square Quilt Block Pattern

Victoria Square quilt block

The Victoria Square quilt block pattern is a stunner - it reminds me of green parks and pinwheel whirls.  There is a Victoria Square in Birmingham, but it's more statues and steps rather than greenery.  The block is classified as a nine patch and I … [Continue reading]

Tulip Tile Medallion Quilt Pattern

Tulip tile medallion quilt

I've used the Tulip Tile quilt block to make a medallion in the middle of this pretty summery quilt pattern.  The quilt measures 48" square and I have used 1 yard each of white and green fabrics with 3/4 yard of pink, 1/2 yard of batik and 1/4 yard … [Continue reading]

Rocky Mountain Puzzle Quilt Block Pattern

Rocky mountain puzzle quilt block

The Rocky Mountain Puzzle quilt block pattern reminds me of several blocks such as the Jacobs Ladder block, but I do like the white square in the middle.  You could use it to add a little colour to the block if you wanted to make it for a scrappy … [Continue reading]

Log Cabin Cross Quilt Pattern

Log cabin cross quilt

In the log cabin cross quilt I have used log cabin blocks along with stripey blocks which are made using the same fabrics in the same widths.  Just to mix things up a little, I've used different widths of logs.  I have also shaded one colour from … [Continue reading]