Venice Quilt Inspirations – Floor Tiles

Venice quilt inspirations

Venice quilt inspirations are everywhere!  I have long wanted to visit Venice, and last week my dream finally came true.  Oh what a beautiful city it is. I was only there for a few days, but I walked myself into the ground in that time.  The guide … [Continue reading]

Chisholm Trail Quilt Block Pattern

Chisholm Trail quilt block

The Chisholm Trail quilt block is a really simple block that makes up nicely in red, blue and white.  It's classified as a four patch block and I've made it here as a 12" square finished size. Cutting requirements for the Chisholm Trail quilt … [Continue reading]

Grandmothers Choice Quilt Pattern

Grandmothers choice quilt

For the Grandmothers Choice quilt I have used two different blocks to create a quilt that could be suitably masculine in some colour choices or delightfully feminine in different colour choices.  The quilt is rectangular and is rather large at 64" by … [Continue reading]

Double Star Quilt Block Pattern

Double star quilt block

The double star quilt block is surprisingly easy to make - only two colours and it's made from squares, rectangles and half square triangles only.  It is a big block, though.  I have made it here as a 30" square finished size, but you could make it … [Continue reading]

Ombre Quilt – Free Pattern

Ombre quilt

The Ombre quilt block is more generally made in colours shading from light to dark, but I've chosen to use a strong red within the block to bring out more contrasts. I have used only one block throughout the quilt, but I love the way that both … [Continue reading]

Starry Path Quilt Block Pattern

Starry path quilt block

The Starry Path quilt block should be simple to make - it's made entirely with squares, rectangles and half square triangles.  However I ended up unpicking several times because it's terribly easy to place the half square triangles … [Continue reading]

Towers of Camelot Quilt – Free Pattern

Towers of Camelot quilt

The Towers of Camelot quilt block is also known as Air Castles.  It's the quarter square triangles that form that make you think of turrets and castles.  There are three techniques needed for each block, but once you have made these the quilt block … [Continue reading]

Jacks Delight Quilt Block Pattern

Jacks delight quilt block

The Jacks Delight quilt block is made using a diagonal setting but as usual it isn't too difficult if you take it in small stages.  I've made it here as an 18" square finished size. Cutting requirements for the Jacks Delight quilt block 5.3/8" … [Continue reading]

Easter Cross Quilt – Free Pattern

Easter Cross quilt

I've made the Easter Cross quilt with a cross in each quilt block and also a cross within the overall design.  The block is my own design and you may be pleased to know that it is made with only squares and rectangles.  I haven't used a single … [Continue reading]

Arrant Red Birds Quilt Block Pattern

Arrant red birds quilt block

The Arrant Red Birds quilt block is another misnomer.  Once again I have made it in the traditional colours of blues and white, although I feel that logically it should be made in reds and white.  I've made it as a 16" square finished size. In … [Continue reading]